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  1. Wth... Didn't I say this wasn't a character guide??! Of course everyone has own opinion and there is more than one way to build anything successfully. GIT OUTTA HERE! ya pesky lil rascals!
  2. What to do? Now that you have chosen what difficulty you want to play, here is what you do next Follow quests until you reach level 10, at level 10 you can collect three 1000% exp boosters from Idel in enocia base, you can collect these boosters daily. I suggest you stay below level 30 for at least a week and collect these boosters everyday, as you will need them to level up later. - Follow your main quests to level 20 - If you are complete newbie, DO NOT POWER level your character! Why? Because all your quests will pile up on you, you will need some gears to kill mobs higher up, you wont be able to go into the dungeons and do anything, not to mention battlegrounds, the guards there will turn you into swiss cheese the second you walk into their sight. Only power level your character if you have the resources to get at least +8 gears or if you are in a strong guild that will back you up! When you get to level 20, you will be able to use rare grade gears (blue) which are better than magic grade gears (green) you will want to get a rare weapon appropriate for your class, the NPC Gloria is your best friend in this. When you click on Gloria, if you look at the bottom left of screen you will see filters you can select your class and level to search for a rare grade (blue) weapon. Unique grade gears (yellow) are only available for lvl 30 and up Once you have gotten your hands on your new rare Gamma weapon, if you see no stats when you mouse over it, then it is uncertified, purchase a rare scanner from item merchant NPC Cheryl, find the certification tech. (also NPC) and use the scanner to certify your brand new weapon. (you can do this for any gear you need) Now you need to enhance your weapon, find the enhancement tech Catherine, use crimson slivers, shards and gem to enhance your weapon to +7. You should be able to kill the relevant things you need to kill till lvl 30 (you can enhance up to +8, or +9 but being a newbie you will not have the gold to take the chances that it requires, however, do not attempt to enhance to +10 without safeguard unless you have a ton of gold and gems to waste) In your lvl 20’s you have two dungeons that are worth running: drasil marsh and bitterstone core, you need to run these dungeons over and over, collect gems and jewel replicubes. There is a mystery in the bitterstone core dungeon. Ask players about it (I am risking my job for you newbie, but you know what? You’re worth it) Make some gold Buy magic grade beta phantom kneeguards and use the gems you farm from dungeons to enhance beta phantom kneeguards to +7. Sell it in Gloria auction house for at least 70gold or at max 99gold (players use +7 gears as a form of narak to increase success rate of higher level enhancement) Keep selling +7 gears in the auction house until you have at 4000+ gold, that should be enough to buy a pet, some people sell pets overpriced, some sell them for 4000 gold, that is the cheapest you will get a pet from a stranger. Pets are important and it’s the first thing you should try to get. They can give you up to 8000 HP when pet lvl is level 40. Also you can buy pet chips to increase your stats If you spend some money and buy VGN points then making gold is way easier, you can sell pet chips, cyberskin backpacks, warehouse codes, pets. Do not buy things like lingerie unsealer and unique scanners with VGN/AP points. Those items are easily obtained in game and will not sell for much gold. LVL 40 At level 40 you will get some more free gears from Idel, unlike the gears you get from idel before, these gears can be enhanced they will help you out a lot until you reach lvl 50, At level 40 you will want to focus on farming some rank points in nemesis, you also want to focus on getting as many valor medals as possible from the mystical chests found at artifacts of fury, speed, authority and luck These rank points can be obtained from killing NPC agents of the opposing faction, there are many locations where you can do this, example, right outside the nemesis base. You can only farm 50,000 rank points per day, you will need them to unlock your ultimate skills and purchase earrings from the vending machines. This is the end of the guide, by this lvl. You are not a newbie anymore!
  3. Okay Newbie. I know you wanna get back to the game so I will make this short as possible. 1.Difficulty Settings Nobody will tell you this right off the bat but Scarlet Blade actually has a difficulty settings and its the second thing you set when you play this game for the first time. How difficult or hard this game is depends on the class you play. so here is the breakdown. Easy: Whipper - Whipper is an excellent class and has utility for every situation. good in fights, good in dungeons, has good dance for the club, got the hourglass shaped body- oh man. If you are being overwhelmed. raise your shields and go into mech! You're a reckless whipper! Don't apologize for it CyberBlade - Another excellent class that has utility for many situations, great in fights, great in dungeons - best thing about Cyberblade: they can heal themself! Still metabolism, this is a newbie's best friend! Shadow Walker - Not exactly as easy as the two above, but still easy enough! Why? She has high damage and she can sneak around mobs in dungeons and just kill the main boss, reduced farming time!, and if you meet an enemy player that you cannot beat head on, you can disappear mid fight! ghost walk! and run away, you scaredy cat! Moderate Difficulty Punisher - This is your glass cannon character, she can dish it but she cant take it! That being said the punisher is a tactical character and requires skills to play properly. In PvP you cannot just run into the enemy and spam attacks like a whipper. Play her like you would play rainbow Six! She requires some amount of work to be great. but once you master the punisher you will be able to kill anyone and anything with relative ease. Sentinel - Kind of like glass cannon, has low hp, she requires some work to be great, that means enhance your gears, in PvP, run all over the place to survive use your slow attacks to keep distance from enemy. sentinel has good damage, the only passive you should take is damage increase passive. NEVER take hp passive, you cannot fix your hp with it. its not worth it. Hard Defender - She has a big sword, she has big boobs, her HP is huge and under the right circumstances, she can do big damage! She's so hot, she constantly fans herself! Defender is hard because most of her buff and and debuff are mediocre PvP wise. Her major buffs have a serious debuff, if shes not careful, she can actually kill herself, with her own frenzy ability! unlike other classes her mech skills have no secondary effect that is useful in PvP, except one. 1 second stun! hurrah!. on top of having average damage outside of suicide skill frenzy. most of her good attacks are single target! amazing! Big sword that only hits one monster even tho you are surrounded by 14 of them. That means she will take forever to clear a dungeon by herself kill all them mobs one by one! - that is why defender is hard! that doesn't mean you should give up. if you love your defender, then play it to lvl 59, at max lvl, a defender is godlike in duels and you become scary with your suicide skill, it will hurt enemies more than it hurts you. Max frenzy, max healing chakra, combo healing chakra with iron skin to come back from brink of death! Very Hard Medic - The healer class, medic is by far the hardest class to play, due to low damage output, you will take a longer time to complete quests and clear dungeons. In PVP, enemy players will target you first because most of the time, the only way to win battles is to take out the medic. I have never really played medic myself, only briefly but trust me when I tell you. it will not be easy. However, medics are one of the most important classes having a medic on your team makes life a lot easier, if you like to be the healer then go for it! I advise that you make an alternate character that has good damage output. if you intend to farm dungeons, its doable on medic yes, just will take a while. Now that you have basic idea of whats in store for you... Choose your Destiny! Skill points Before you go and ruin your character build by dumping points all willy nilly into basic skills. do some research on your class to see that makes sense when it comes to spending skill points!. this is by no means a character guide!
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