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  1. The shoulder tattoo was actually a nod to the creator "mother"
  2. I made this a while back for the costume event but didn't finish it in time to submit it but maybe you can try and make it a costume.
  3. TheSquishy

    De Exp

    would it be possible to make a vending machine with basic item you can get from other vending machines and merchants that are paid for with EXP. make super basic items like HP and SP pots relative the lvl you want and big ticket items like replicubes more expensive. I was also wondering if we could have an unlimited exp donator like the one in the guild halls but with out any benefits if the vending machine thing cant be done.
  4. Alot of the unsold gear sitting in ah is from players who stopped playing weeks or months ago so it wouldn't benefit the economy as much as you would think. And you also have to consider what is and isn't possible as far as manipulating the server to accommodate the seasonal league you're suggesting
  5. What I suggest is so people can't use the boosting glitch and any extra resources they might have on their main or any alts in fairness
  6. Could also take the matter into your own hands and promote the game by telling friends posting videos on you tube or doing live streams instead of passing the buck to the GSs/GMs who have better stuff to do that would benefit the play-ability of the game.. just saying.
  7. Only way I can see this working is if they put in another server set to lv49 max and then merge the two servers after its done so you can claim any items and gold at the end.
  8. i just got the free unactivated version like 9 months ago
  9. or get widows 10 for free form Microsoft
  10. Make all the bikes in every color, rainbow bikes for everyone!!
  11. It was a good event and really fair Maybe make the starting point in the canyon to front by the beach so you have more options to hide then just along a forward path from the starting point Also maybe post a picture of where the stating point is going to be since DV has no map to show location all in all it was a good event
  12. from what i herd vivi doesn't have the balls for SP, the balls literally don't exist yet 😂
  13. like Che said your going to have to do thos quests anyway if you're a new player and most experienced players only do important quests such as ones that give you skill points or ones that let you into the next zone. Yeah new players wont know what random stats are but hey you cant do randoms till you get lv30 gear so you'll already have done the introduction quest by then. As far as jewels you don't need to be a genius to know "hey this is a jewel, oh hey this a jewel slot" and so ends the epic tutorial of the jewels part 1... to be continued. Hell the names of the techs are about all you need to know with a sprinkling of extra information once you interact with the NPC. This would help players both new and old .new players can ask in area "hey how do i use random stats/ jewel tech, oh by the way can you help me figure this out" and old players wouldn't have to go to merholt just to use the items they got and have to port all the way back and forth. And since and Drasilmarsh and CX-1 both drop rank 2 blueprints and R1 jewels so nublits are going to be asking about jewels before they even make it to merholt.
  14. So do you think we can get random stats and jewel techs in enocia now with the new lv60 DG?
  15. Would mostly benefit lingerie jewel since you cant make R2 and end up with stacks of rare jewels you cant use or sell for much.
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