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  1. awakened > normal classes Current players have priority the only way is to open another server lf bash want lts all :3
  2. The problem with normal tw is it was fine before we literally just wanted illu nerfed or changed which was voted on even ,but instead he changed where we had to regear for a tw where we could only use the 80 gear for a lot of people it doesn't feel worth wasting resources on gear that only works in one aera that's why Arena gear wasnt used as much other then by tryhards. go lnfectado suggestlon
  3. guys votlng for "No" and are playlng other are Player suport "aloha" 🤣
  4. some ppl here are playing the game or they abandoned him because of the gm are useless for thee game Adm and not. reset server cannot be option only lf can make another server
  5. I think that if new server release would be good to establish level limits for example times: 7 months 65 then raise limit to 75 to play another 7 months and then to 80 another 5 months and there are already more than 1 year where people will play and make profits. If people play one or the other server will generate profits, it is only necessary to see the work that may or may not be executed as well as the server and PlayEden did not die. and I think Jordan could improve it: 3
  6. Go gulde lsnt the correct way here
  7. those who play vgn and the other private are not the same could guarantee that they are 30-60 and the numbers can up but the gm of the server ls ..... not able for flx some bugs XDD :3
  8. naa lf u cant finish Hard Mode u lost the tittle XD
  9. hello "-Free Fortification +10 ( @Jordan have metioned it on 48 patch feedback, +11 to +14 doesn't take too much gold)" not good ldea l Dlsagree bcs u can get lt wlth easy worQ D:! "Add lv68,73,78 orange sets from Armor Box to Fame NPC-Add Elemental Gem Pouch which gives gem lv 1-4 (This for PoD)"Really yes pls and 1-3 PhysycGems "Add lv68,73,78 orange sets from Armor Box to Fame NPC" about thys he can put Gold set 78 ln the fame shop lsnt necessary craft lt "-Change malice reduction certificates:Smile II:10% chance of regen 1% MP when attacked. u can get lt from class "TM-HS" Hidden Aura II: 10% chance of regen 1% HP when attacked. u can get lt from classs "heals"Quiet Wrath II: atacks 5% chance of remove 1 negative status. same beefore u can get lt from class "adju-Hs-Glacyer" and removal potSilence Prayer II: 10% P heal. " good ldea others ldeas: other 10%mov speed or 5% get mov50%speed // 2% fear //10%Hp // 2% reduc "magyc-Phsyc Resystences" or any other Race Passlve :3
  10. for many it is more fun to play with an old cap you don't know if less people are going to play or more I only see old people on the other server and in eden vendetta those who are already playing Vote YES
  11. yeah can obtain $ and older players but not APwin
  12. Jordan will not do :'v he dont understand T T
  13. Hello all players. l am here for some suggestions about body costumes-weapons and head Sly kitty legendary-> can make a Tiger-Lion-Leopard-or some cats race Recoloring textures-fyles wltty kltty legendary->to some Bears or gorilla - really funny recoloryng-adding textures panda mask legendary -> to other animals "tigers-cat-or some other" Cap hairdo-> remove the hair so ugly Face Full O'Snout legendary-> to Cow version and wild pig Brutal Bear Paws legendary-> to Cat-Tiger-Lion other bear "polar-grizzly" versyon Halo legendary-> to black halo Now l go Talk about Pets : Add lvl5 STARS And LVL 5 Skills "can be usefull more ataq on pet" and new weapons obtained by a New Store "Arena coins-AP store or any other" ty for read :3