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  1. Crystal altar Mysterious Wedding Suit (Prime) ✔️10/06/20 Mysterious Wedding Veil (Prime) ✔️10/06/20 Thanks
  2. Crystal Altar Prime version: body - wedding veil (f) ✔️10/06/20 body - black tie wedding suit (m) ✔️10/06/20 body- exorcist robe (m) ✔️09/19/20 face - ninjutsu scroll ✔️09/22/20 back- white miraculous gourd ✔️09/22/20 head - halo ✔️09/22/20 Mystery box Ghostblade ren ✔️09/17/20 Thanks
  3. Hi, can we add prime version of these body costumes to crystal altar and pet Ghostblade ren for mystery box. Thanks https://imgur.com/a/mWbe0CJ
  4. Hi there, is it possible to add this item? https://imgur.com/YGH9ZoL
  5. Emerald Reaper Luna Rock please ✔️01/04/20
  6. Hi Guys, Has anyone had the same issue as below?Been trying to get EE vendetta to run on my Win7 laptop but I can't seem to fix it. I used to play EE official on this laptop and it worked fine. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks Note: I've also read the fix posted by Goddess but the issue still persist even after using the "patcher" file instead of _launcher/launcher.