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  1. Hello, It could be an option considered to diversify a little the certificates used. We could increase the level of certificates up to level 120 instead of 60 or else make certificates on awake classes. I don't think that certificates which give more stat would be interesting because we already have too many but the combinations of certificates on the normal classes are very interesting on some normal class so why not do the same thing on the awake class? Or we could simply make the basic certificate combination work for awake classes as well. Example: Warrior: Rapier Attack + Ta
  2. IGN: MeiTerumi Items: Ghost Horns (Legendary)
  3. Yes the rate is really better on aeria server :c IDK why the drop rate is so low on vendetta classic and vendetta awak :c
  4. GF>Eden I lot of player stop GF because official server is really bad (upgrade stuff +20 / Need hard CS / New class is really op and brainless) in fact it looks strangely like the official eternal Eden server. I think that a cap 50 or even 60 server has a very good chance of working if players and former players of GF hear about it.
  5. KageOnly

    Guild Tax

    Anyway the taxes will go down in some time when several guilds are lv6 because 1 guild alone cannot do all the building so they will need another guild and the taxes will drop to 10/20%. And SweetDream doesn't need people to come to their home, they just want no one to come
  6. KageOnly

    Guild Tax

    Yes, but the problem is if he lowers the tax, why should other guilds improve their guilds ? The other guilds will be forced to show their guilds too
  7. KageOnly

    Guild Tax

    Sorry but you are totally wrong people in guild farm RQ etc to build their guilds lv6 so it is normal that he does not let everyone benefit. I too am blocked because the tax is at 1000% but I do not complain because if I want to make my set lv60 I have to set up my guild lv6 too. While 3/4 of the waiter takes the cool sweet or closes the trials etc they closes their guild glory. Thanks to their tax they will have a monopoly on set gold lv60 so an advantage in pvp so they will be more likely to have territories therefore to have po etc
  8. Hello, I just wanted to know why the safety stone drop rate was so low that we drop only 3/4 stones in 999 alpaca bronze coins. On the Aeria server you can drop 20/30safety stone easy with 999 alpaca bronze coins which means that we can up the stuff without CS but just with farm repet quest.
  9. KageOnly


    Classic server = no mimic i think ????
  11. KageOnly


    Becaue you can slow xp and in the same time make achievement ?? and after build 1 nice stuff ?? it's a mmo the leveling it's 30% of the game ...
  12. KageOnly


    Stop vote for x8 you want up lv60 and all class lv60 into 2 days ?
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