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  1. IGN : Alpha Advanced Elysian Devil SOul Merry x m a s OwO)b
  2. adds battle mount without move speed only for visuals, or with buffs less move speed.
  3. but currently this will worsen the situation for new players
  4. idk if only increase HP in arena is enough, because u are burst in 1 cc, fear, knock have moments, if have hp tw u die the same because the damage is insane now, i say this in 3x3, because have classes that have total controll of area, knockdown of ilu is 1 example that can get all area of arena, and can get all of u party easy in knock and delete 1 or 2 in 3 secs and is hard remove cc with meta of broken shell, beyonde other class than burst in cc, templar, ranger, warlock.
  5. Is can possible add teddy bear, royal salt balt, baby powder for this cap? this is so cool and is only for appearence, i need to see my bodybuilder frog bro.
  6. paladin seal defense is cool, but have 1 skill, its difficult get the timming, have is there any way to change it?
  7. The redction m-dmg of this gems have increase if i use 2 gems same(-4% of reduction) ?
  8. Is there any possibility of having hp and mp gems with fusion in the arcane box? with other gems? (status gem, elemental or physical resistance)
  9. Contract my band for your hallowens's party IGN: Prime
  10. Hi, Prime here, its my grinch cosplay ✌️
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