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  1. @MrShadow Unfortunately me and almost all Grand Fantasia community does not agree with what you said. Everything that you described there would make a shitty server that nobody would play for long, that for sure would kill vendetta. Sorry to be rude but its the truth, if vendetta's wants to make a Grand Fantasia server they have to follow the community needs and wishes, LV 40 begging would be an early end of the game, no one likes LV 40 cap, the perfect LVL to start a GF server is (community words) LV 60. A 10x dgn cap would also make that a very bad server, if you want to prevent people from create/farming with alts, set a limit of 1/2 games open per IP. The only thing you said right was that the new classes needed to be out of the game. @Bash We already started a petition to show you guys our support, we reached over 1050 members today on our discord server (all these people would play a server made by you guys and loads of them would also donate a lot). Petition server https://discord.gg/peywp9p Private discord: Drownn#1404
  2. @Bash Hey! As you know we all want a new Grand Fantasia "classic" server, therefore we started a petition on discord to gather all the interested people that would play on a server made by Vendetta! The discord server for the petition was created a little over 3 days ago and we already surpass the 600 member mark! https://discord.gg/peywp9p This is the link for the petition server, In a couple days we will be more than a thousand members, and this is nothing compared to the whole Grand Fantasia community. Drownn#1404
  3. @Bash How can you not see a benefit on creating a GF server? There are thousands of people who love Grand Fantasia and would give everything to have a classic server just like the good old days, in those thousands of people, hundreds of them are pay2winners, for some odd reason GF players always tend to spend money on that game, that reason alone should be motive enough to make you at least consider launching a server. Besides all that money related stuff, we are a huge community, that server would probably be the bigger server you would ever have, it may not look like it, but the success on a well made GF server is 100% guaranteed. We all just want you to at least try and consider giving us such joy, we all love that game, but the current servers are just awfully pay2win, which means, a good server would bring all the players together, and would be super fun Well anyways, thanks for your attention and sorry if there are some spelling errors, I'm sleepy at the moment.