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  1. 1% or 10000000000000000% it will kill me anyways
  2. Iarrissa (first letter is a capital i) Gloria costume (PU)
  3. Behold the best Scarlet blade picture of the entire game we all love and cherish. This is the picture that has second to no competition. =D Iarrissa RG
  4. Hey everyone, Posted an update!!! Revamped stuff like the graphs, narrowed down the times. Also i added a FK one whoop whoop but still lack in numbers. and update on the 3 bunkers topic being answered
  5. @Beau Just drop argueing with Venom this isnt the purpose of the topic, no point fueling that fire here. Its not helping any of us.
  6. @Fαith Thank you it was alot more helpfull (no sarcasm). However id make it so it costs less effort for FK to make it. Somewhere a good in between for both factions . Sure i play RG but any FK is as mutch as player as a RG i dont do favoritism that is why i need/ask timers of each person specifically so i can do the same as im doing for RG. So if any FK can get me ahold of ppls specific playtimes and the timezone they mention the time in that would be really helpfull. Regardless thank you for a more cronstructive/postive feedback tough!
  7. @Venom Thank you for the very usefull replies that will help us balance it more. Next time do please hold it for another topic because that is not the reason for this topic.
  8. Ok, I will do the graph in that theme but that will be the final form of a graph cuz i cant/wont keep changing graph @GoddessSand Also the reason i have 25 hours seemingly is because of me knowing 23=>23:59:59(that i marked as 24 to make it easy) is often a turnpoint of ppl logging off and past 0:00 logging on so i wanted to show it but i get the confusion. I will make it better/cleaner/more understandable transitioned later today and add some more RG timers because YES ITS THE ONLY RESULTS I GET. Even some ppl went relogging after AK asking for FK to respond or help but as you see there are 0 replies. However if you are willing to help perhaps as a main FK you can ask other FK to help with giving their preferred times to play because that is most helpfull right now.
  9. @Che Dont worry the data contains time ppl are willing to play so that has been taken care of :).
  10. Your walking behind the facts i updated that already before you even typed. I cant make a FK one because they dont give me any data to work with. All i get is they globaly live in zone X and Y but that does not help the case because it is nothing specific to work with and im not going to fantasize data to make one. That does not help the case.
  11. I did ask everyone their times of playing not the zones they are in(only to convert) . So that was taken care off
  12. Ok i updated the post (i posted the changes down below in comments so everyone can see what happend). Also i did talk to some Brazilians and other Americans living for example in a GMT-8 timezone saying it would be fine. Not all ofcourse but most of them seemed to be fine with it. Asians however is a bit trickier to find but the ones i talked to seemed accepting but like i said its trickier because i dont know many Asians. Giving it as it is, im also just human i also have limits to my capability.
  13. @GoddessSand --First: " What this really needs is a line graph that has the time on the x axis and the quantity of people on the y axis. That would really see what times are best for AK and NB. But I feel like this is very incomplete data." At the bottom it shows the amount of ppl online with above the table of the hour. Its not that hard i even colored it according to the amount of ppl. But ill graph it later on if that makes it easier. --Second: "The suggested times will continue to just exclude people in other areas. You have AK at 13~15 GMT, which is 6am to 8am MST time on Saturday would continue to exclude American players because people want to sleep. Then you have NB at 21~23 at 4pm~6pm my time so people are either at work or just coming home for half the people in America." I did ask ppl all over the world or tried to, you "Americian exclusion" is not (entirely) right. I am aware for some American this isnt the best but they will at least have a weekend bunker they can join followed by PvP aswell as i did ask ppl like Zincite,Renegade, Empress, Wolf, Burns ect and they mostly seemed fine (can join both Bunker or at least NK) but ill try contact them ASAP and check how they still feel about it. Like i said this is a suggestion so its open for discussion (Got one person earlier who wanted their times adjusted so need to update it anyways but it woudnt cause a shift really and i assume more ppl will have second taughts seeing what the idea is as i know some ppl didnt really get what i intended to do). --Third: "What time(s) would you give for a 2nd or 3rd AK and NB?" I asked in the topic if they can do that or not, i prefer to stay to the facts and not make a fantasy about a third bunker when we dont know if its possible this needs to be answered by the GS/GM first if its even possible because then you could indeed spread stuff more making it easier for everyone but saying we have 3 times and not even sure we can even have 3 bunkers is kinda dumb xD. If its possible yes then it would open alot more but they need to clarify it more for us firstly. Also i did read your topic like for example GreatEsse his reply but then you go the question again can they do it? We dont know thats why i asked it and try to figure it out what the options are with the timers and amount of bunkers; what is hardcoded and what not because we are hitting in the dark as they say here. So ill make work of an extra graph with your request and check with ppl when im online later possibly/hopefully getting more feedback and change the list accordingly. @Everyone Please let me know what you think and more times would help to make it even more Accurate! Im sorry if i sounded offensive, that was not my intension just trying to give a driffrent view aswell. I know what i posted myself is flawed in some ways aswell, its far from where i would like it to be (personally would like to have more data to work with) but it does give direction and reasoning why things are being done. In some way im trying to stop the well "its person A/B its fault." Im trying to give us as players an option to actually decide because its us having to play the NB/AK. And that is why i want everyones cooperation so we can fix it as a playerbase and we(Players) can tell them(GS/GM) why we want something and they have a place to turn to that is helpfull instead of the 5000topics that give lots of wildfire info and doesnt help. I will be honest as a whole community we can make it better not as a few individuals but then we need to work toghter and show as a team FK and RG alike instead of pointing fingers thats why i started this to give it direction and hopefully the right one.
  14. Quality of Life recommandation: Buffs: Nowadays if you target a person to see what buffs they have you got a limited amount of Buffs you can see wich is a huge problem so here is what happens. If you look for example at a fully buffed Sw'er with hypos ect. You will see the following=> Hypos*4, pethack, chromian buffs,blessing and we are roughly done showing at that point so no important buff can be seen at all in fact that are all useless XD. I know the reply will but you can see it on the char. Thats not always true! I can buff mass misery and you wont see it and also in mass pvp things are messy so its a good way to see who gots what then search and look at the person tending to walk up close. Tab Targeting: Tab targeting atm is kinda a joke atm. I often try to tab target i get tabbed to the enemie at the other side of them mob instead or in front of me. It would be handy if tabbing would go towards the person closest to your mouse/char or the middle of your screen. PRetty mutch narrow the range more down then it does not go haywire. Is there a possibility for that?
  15. 09/02/2021 Edited the graph since i got replies on RG side (no FK replies sadly )and added 2 new graphs showing attends/hour Recalculated the best times changing Bunker opitmal timer with one hour. Old graph that is now changed in topic Changed time in conclusion: 20 till 22 GMT time to 19-21 GMT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 16/02/2021 Edited The Graph for weekdays(RG side)+Graph for weekends(RG side), made a new graph for FK and added a new one combining both. Cleaned up the graphs dropping the confusion of "why the 24th hour?" because i get it was a bit confusing. Slight change of the suggestion+ conclusion: For the weekends you can see that with some good will there is alot of activity around 14-16 GMT=>15-17 is more narrowed down to 14-15 GMT. Added an update on the questions down below: For the weekday AK. Cant the timer be changed or do they need to be like corresponding with the saturday one? Not sure how hardcoded it is. For Bunker. Same question and is it possible to make 3 out of them since lots of questions rised about that. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. Hey everyone, Well we all know that recent bunker changes caused alot of commotion surely at RG side so i took my time trying to figure out when everyone is playing and tried making a list out of it. I believe I have for RG most active playerbase timers like for Example: Katie,Filomena1-69(dont worry i counted only 1 time), Rosi, Evil,Renegade, max, Emily, yevon, marceline,MRburns, Bikini,Xtacee ect. (around 25-30 ppl) For FK side however i gotten sadly very few replies. I tried asking FK on forum,Discord and even ppl specially relogged to ask to FK to help so sadly i still have to few replies but its a start. Before any anger occurs keep in mind the following; 1) Im also european so its hard to in touch with ppl for example Asians because im sleeping then. 2) im RG, so my contact towards FK can sometimes be hard (Evil RG's they only want my RP!!! just kidding ) 3) Language barrier, I tried asking everyone but at times its also hard to understand. Now thats being said lets dive into the results(THESE ARE GMT TIMES! Servertime is atm GMT+1) RG: These are the average time for RG. I left out the names due to privacy of the ppl and so noone goes harrashing anyone (scrambled them up above to so nice try). FK: Left the names out again for the same reason as above but biggest remark here is there arent quite as few RG as FK like i got roughly 3 times the amount of RG then FK but its a start. How to read: Blue= times they can play Orange= means they will log around half of the hour so lets say it starts in the 16 block then that means the person will log on at 16:30ish Red= Barage time. Normally not on only if there is lots of ppl and they arent to exhausted Peach= They will be later on some days Bottom Colom= the amount of ppl that can be online at that given point most of the time Graphs showing attendants/hour for weekdays and weekends for RG, FK and RG and FK combined Weekdays: Weekends: Conclusion: This is currently mostly RG-sided because we have most results from them but slowly getting some FK replies but still its very little. As you can see during the week most players would be active around 19 till 21 GMT time=> 20-22 Servertime. For the weekends you can see that with some good will there is alot of activity around 14-15 GMT=>15-16 Servertime due to some ppl logging on and starting to log off depending on where the ppl left and around 19 till 21GMT =>20-22 Servertime you recieve another peak. Suggestions (slightly more balanced but still major RG sided) You can say AK times for saturday would be best around 15-16 Servertime. For Bunker I would say hold one around 20-22 Servertime since this is most suited for weekdays to. !!!UPDATE!!!! I asked Vivi about the possibility for changing timers like intervals so lets say a bunker every 8 hours. Its not really possible. These bunkers needs to stay with the 12hours interval so for example one at 1 am and the next one at 1pm there is not other option or they would start bugging. But what about stealing one from lower lvls(Baby Bunker)? She can possibly do that but then you mess up Baby Bunker + you still are stuck with the 12 hour interval or the current bunker so you dont gain alot besides screwing up Baby Bunker and I DOES NOT CHANGE THE INTERVAL just randomly add one in between. Since this applies to bunker i assume (did not ask) the same interval will mostly likely be needed for AK or it will bug aswell. Conclusion of the UPDATE: You can change the time but not the interval. @Vivi Please correct me if im wrong. Please let me know your taughts down below and if you have some time to add or wanting to switch yours depending current situation let me know here(down below or private message (stays private then)), on discord or in-game. Thanks for now and cya hopefully in game having a great time!
  17. Its Larrissa 😛 but y cats out the bag i guess. I have been trying to contact alot of ppl and ask for times that would suit them, like tabletables for example 8pm-11pm GMT in weekdays and 1pm-2am weekends GMT if i can have more ppl to answer or give me their best suited times i can add them to the list im making. So if anyone wants to be willing to help/give me their timetables that suits them best to play that would help alot. Also if any FK reads this please spread the word im having issues reaching you guys and i would love to get some feedback from FK side to because it needs to work for RG and FK because its for everyone, i dont want to make it 1sided both factions need to be able to join. So i need: 1) a time range 2) is it week/weekend? 3) your timezone so i can convert it. You can send me here, on disc or ingame. Keep in mind the more ppl replying the more impact/accurate i can make it so everyone matters.
  18. Candy Boxes. For me the candy boxes dropping from the bosses (or i believe its from them) are instead of going to my general bag into my quest bag making them unusable.
  19. Ill be mean then Ill add a new one so back to 3 haha Milk&cookies duration ???endless??? It doesnt show on the item and it is seemingly endless looking at my buff
  20. Xmas event bugs: 1) The lich quest you need 10 instead of 1 2) Everfrost mobs you can easly cluster 3) After completing the Everfrost quests the items remain in your bag (I like it makes me farm it once but doubt thats the idea xD)
  21. IGN: Iarrissa Xmas wish: Midnight Diva (SW) (Let the gamble begin xD)
  22. My point is we will mostly have to see because everyone has a diffrent memory about it to find out whats broken again because we are hitting sort of blindly. Doesnt mean some things are not true btw, everyone has a truth to their story but I want to say be cautious because some thing you found op back then might not be that good anymore in the current state of the game . lvling/gearscale and even the current pots/buffs and stuff will make a diffrence we arent aware of yet.
  23. I’ll be honest, right now it feels everyone is sort of jumping in front of the gun. Like if you’re talking about reverting then most of this stuff being said here will all be invalid as everyone has a different memory on how the game was back then. For example, one said CB is op another is CB was garbage to many points slaughter. One is like hey SW'er is broke then another is its weak af, another one again is saying they are cc cannons and that’s it. This coming all from ppl who actually played 54 cap for an extended amount of time. 1st Point making is everyone has a different memory and it’s hard to figure out what is right and what is wrong, I’m sure even Vivi isn’t 100% sure anymore how everything worked back then in on how ppl played built etc. Also feelingly I personally feel like that mech have a much bigger impact in pvp now as they used to be lately, like mechs where a buff while now they are roughly a permabuff/thing (making passives a lot stronger); meaning 2nd point this will also impact the gameplay a lot and changes the gameplay from back then so we will be even still playing on a different ground. Personally I would say is that we probably will have to revert back before we start making claims and work from there checking what is working and what is not anymore (ofc doesn’t mean changes before can’t be made). Just keep in mind we are a small community so testing is hard since they will even have less ppl to test (less ppl= less ideas+less skill difference= less possibilities and builds+ less different playstyles), before it gets thrown into the game so prepare to see some imbalance but if we work together as a community we can get it right. But that requires a cooperation from community AND development. That means community needs to give CONSTRUCTIVE criticism not just hey spell A is crap BUFF or class C IS OP NERF TO THE GROUND. Tell them why you think it and give a SOLUTION. In return that means that development would also have to listen to the community as ppl feel that is often not the case but if your giving proper criticism its easier for them to work with and they will much rather help as well then getting flamed upon. Keep in mind also they cannot take all our suggestions in account. Some are just better than others and sometimes our logics won’t be taught thru enough. They are also normal ppl with daily lives as us , put yourself in their feet for a moment coming here looking as a flame fiesta about all the things they do wrong, personally id get discouraged to if I was them, hell I already try to stay out of here because of it and I’m not even the one being targeted. My point being they revert things, lots of imbalance will happen WE ALL KNOW THAT but try to make it a new start here as well. Things will be broken and others be weak, say it but give it in a CONSTRUCTIVE way and why you believe it. IN RETURN the development will need listen to the taughts of the community. If not well you see how the messy it is right now almost everyone is ready to draw knifes here at each other’s throats, it’s not healthy so I’m asking both sides calm down and try to revert their minds back to and give it a fresh open mind as hard as that will be but staying bittered isn’t helping. Also a suggestion is that there would be a discussion topic for every class on the forum when reverts happen (that is pinned) so ppl can leave their taught about the class there besides having these 2000000nerf this class or buff that class topics. It would already clean up this messy forum up a lot. Sidenote: I’m aware I didn’t talk about the lvl scales and stuff because personally I think that comes naturally and it’s a gamble for everyone how that will look.
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