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  1. I agree with those. Nemisis best 😧 CG is and was always boring as PvP map.
  2. Stop Turtle more arround an make it more shitty then it ever was. Got those times for years, and then change over change cos of DST. So it dosnt matter what time u choose, people always have problem with. With those times (down) mostly all where OK over all the years. Only a few had Problems. And now everyone turtle arround with getting problem to go. Playerbase has changed a Bit. (New ppl ; old ones back) Week ones 3AM (Servertime) Weekend ones 15:00 PM (Servertime) NB has the same Problem as AK. Early ones is fully messed up with FK ( 5medics Yesterday vs 0 in RG).
  3. The Boss ones, & LV 40 Uni mechs
  4. @Daddy@Vivi the mechs that drop from Giants Evergreen (49 one) are NT and waste of space in my bag since i cant destroy them tho! Candy Boxes going in the Quest Tab not in the Normal bag.
  5. IGN: Vyte My wish would be the Costume Diner Derby for SW , i love it ❤️ and I didn't got a single one from boxes and nobody else trade/ sold it. :v
  6. Even when this takes more time, can we get Questlines to Complete? Like Merholt , Babiron and co have to recive maybe items we need/help for new Cap or Skill Points? Kinda boring to level only for Points.
  7. AK Rewards still giving Panacea. Bandaid Facepaint for DE is Blue all other classes are Pink? ( Patch Notes shows Blue ones tho) & Again pls add packs 10x , 50x Hexwave,Juwel Box to Banana Crafter..
  8. i can't read it anymore It's always about sw sw sw. It's damn it waiting for what will come. and stop kindergarten and personal attacks. -___-
  9. PLEASE BRING UP THE Diner Derby Dress! :C I know its only available through event system and you need event point for it. BUT we dont had any event and chances that give points for it, over 1 year now the last 1 happend . >.< please please please please add it even when its more then 249 VGN BOX T-T
  10. 😱 😂 hi i'm Pan, You can ask me anytime if some pic broke and you want to see them :e
  11. Fix urka again. He already up when AK Starts.
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