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  1. Well but this isnt ASB, everything got messed up :]
  2. Its all fine and not about u dont worry. +1 the example SW+WH its whole perm CC feeling u just go to die without using a danm thing. Without changes i lose intresst for ever.
  3. +1* last got zerged away lul o and btw 7 of us did Amara bosses indeed of NB 🤔😂
  4. @Vivi Canyou make my Costume (Dragon Queen) in White and Black insted of the Red parts?
  5. You open your Mail at this letter or press the key "U". Then it shows your inbox - read/write ~ move to write. Move the Items u want to send to your other character into the fields with the left mouse button. (Max 5 Items each Mail) Enter the name of your Character (the one who should get it) in the field "Recipient", and press the Button "Send".
  6. All classes have this visual bug with 55 mechs if you change the colour, or use Silver ones. SE = PU
  7. Yes. Or sell it on AH (Gloria) or to another NPC.
  8. I think that all will come with the Patch :v Not all costumes are only bodypaints. o.o
  9. Medics going to be next DE ? i mean hey i can use DE Mech 😂
  10. Fix fix fix Superhero ,😂😂
  11. @Daddy , @ViviNo clue about this costume (Fiery Schoolgirl SE), but i verfy files 5 times now and it's still black for me and other lol
  12. ye 1. Derelict tunnel overrun - O Hara. 2. Derelict Tunnel Overrun: 2nd floor overseer O'Hara.