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  1. @Vivi whats When ppl log with another pc, 1 is FK 1 is RG and kill each other to cap rp whats with that? still see people do that 🤔🤔
  2. If If really matter, then you Block it damn late after over 4 years. And still people are Logged with 2 pcs at same time so nothing has changed, for those who dont have it You just Piss and punish everyone. And Not the people who doing it. Just 1 Person abusing every single shit He can, and then to threaten someone lows on shout wow. We reach the Level of this. If you want Players taken it serious Stop being so fuking SOFT. That dual logging just made the Game more empty then before. A Lot Stop care about everything. Only Option to get RP is Farming mops, no Rally good pvp happen, outside from NB/AK even in the BGS Numbers sucks. It has become to PVE game, and only the loot count so people Play where loot is. Going Low lvl is the same. LV 55 guys hide on Mini Bunker in Ai against people between 39-49. What a great pvp 🤣 .WH got nerfs over nerfs, and now even in tank set they are going down fast. Too much playin on Skills, and the result is what we have now. MORE DEBUFFS, MORE MORE. So medics ending up with 2 lines in debuffs 👌 But Well All classes are OP, If you know how to use them and to build them. It takes much effort and time till you reach it. In the end tbh the move was just a kick in ur own Butt. 👌
  3. Well its Not only Wings. :]]
  4. Archangel


    When i read all that you guys get panic when anyone say anything about your SW's ... Ouhhh no dont touch SW... Touch any other class... Blabla..
  5. Archangel


    Nabs its Plasma, Atomic & DoT reduction :v
  6. Well it got suggested ans asked a lot times and the answer -> those will never be put in game, only the 30day options
  7. I know they can fight even Low Numbers i started as FK here .. and the bullshit now is just sad and shame lol
  8. We could have all the pvp ... Or no pvp... Or or or ✓ ( old days as FK main Player ) ( vs Now as RG Main. ) 👀👀 Up and Downs in both Sides. Since ages. 😒 In the end it Just suck for all, to go in the Winner Side, indeed of pick a fight to have at least "some small fun" in the 20 min Nb Adding medic over medic is no pvp too. Something fk Love to ignore.
  9. Jesus this getting Out of Control? Lol Stop feeling personal attacked and stop "Fight" guys, Bash already gave an reply about and Luna also. ~.~
  10. Well was Just wondering coz the Crono only dropped in Events but when its a Pack of Scanner then its okay with the price i know Skill reset and Booster are ap items but think would help to level players.
  11. ME - Well medics got a large buff in Skills. Ofc you can run DG's - PvE with them too but you will need a lot time to finish, good gear and all this stuff to get Most DPS as possible. Good thing here you can heal urself so you wont die. ( If skilled). Dont forget at all its focus as healer class and takes you lot effort.