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  1. Why SE item? Tiny Cannon Ver3. Artillery Syringe v2 When the Artillery Syringe v2 was (RARE) then it work.
  2. When u mean the Unique Wepaon Skins, then you cant craft them since both having diffrent Stats on it.
  3. 1. how to use armor? Magic, Rare and Unique. Open your Inventory (Key I) - and right klick on the Weapon to put it on.' If you cant find it in your Bag open your Charakter (Key C) Magic Weapon can be used at Level 10. Rare Weapons can be used at Level 20. Unique Weapons can be used from Level 30. Unique Weapon + Gear is the best Gear in Game it start at Level 30 and goes till Level 65. 2. How to enchant armor To Enhancment your Gear you go to "Enhancement Technician Catherine" Can be found in any Base of the Game. For the Upgrade you need Crimson Stardust (Red) Lv 1-3 Crimson Stardust Silver Lv 4-6 Crimson Stardust Shard Lv 7-10 Crimson Stardust Gem RED IS NEEDED FOR WEAPON GREEN IS NEEDED FOR AMOR/GEAR Emerald Stardust (Green) Lv 1-3 Emerald Stardust Silver Lv 4-6 Emerald Stardust Shard Lv 7-10 Emerald Stardust Gem Example how this would look like with Magic Gear: TO UPGRADE ANY KIND OF GEAR IT HAS TO BE IDENTIFIED! 3. why you need a Rare Laser This Game use two types of Scanners: Rare Laser Scanner Can be used only on Items that are Rare. It identify the Item and show the "stats" it has. Unique Laser Scanner Can be used only on Items that are Unique. It identify the Item and show the "stats" it has. You may sometimes find equipments that are unidentified . What you need to do with these unidentified equipments is to go "Certification Tech Daisy" to get them identified. Can be found in any Base of the Game. Example with Unique Gear: Unidentified Equipment Certify Move the Item and the Scanner in the Slots. Press Certify & Your Item has been Certified. TO UPGRADE ANY KIND OF GEAR IT HAS TO BE IDENTIFIED!
  4. well i think it will broke the whole system of exp for everyone. 😆
  5. Wait so they have away to de-exp a character by creating an exp booster so high that it makes a player's exp go negative. They make an exp booster to like 1000 times the 5000% gains and poof you just de-exp your character then right? Seems so 🤷‍♀️🤣
  6. No its SB Math and all they can do to not break it.. There was a post about it 3 years ago , im lazy to search for it, but the boosters are fine ^^^^
  7. ALL exp boosts have been increased to x5 their original value.so its a 5000% booster now. only the description is wrong.
  8. Its recommended that these files are not downloaded from DLL sites unless you are 100% sure they are not infected or could not compromise your computer. Download them at your own risk. Place the atl100.dll file in the Windows system directory (C:\Windows\System32/64). Restart your computer and it should be fixed.
  9. https://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/topic/15049-scarlet-blade-cannot-find-atl100dll-please-reinstall-this-application/#comment-78066
  10. it could have happened a long time ago said by herself and GS also but NO other things more important or they forgot what ever. give it another year or more till any of the things we suggested or so happen. people just give it up. completly.
  11. we all waiting on this for 2 years alrdy. 🤣
  12. put it in this thread :
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