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  1. And not strange that u one of the ppl that can still atk while u get stunned? Wohooo. Bugs are everywhere 🤫 happend a lot in most games. And often enough it happend when whippers arround. Sometimes it show pull failed but then 5 sec later booooom u got pulled cos its not failed. Also when medics arround they can still cleans the hook and sinker, and any other devuffs if they dont self got a hit. Lets wait drink tea and then we all will see what changes we get. 🤔 If you dont know, if lag or hack just remine urself you can record bgs or something to check it later again. Can help u sometimes too.
  2. Nice! Welcome back If need help or anything else let me know IGN Kalisti
  3. The other one was about 14 vs 10. Rise to 17 because they sucked 🤔 but went back to 14. And we lost the 1 Whipper we had and ended with 63 to 59 score. Jajaja. 🤫 Lets rock the AK, i will try join
  4. 2 or 3 more? So 15+++ vs 5? 🤔
  5. Yes yes true💣 join join join
  6. Well, i got that. And also had my word fight with them about lol. But these two are not arround this much anymore. And only to push on them nah. Rg side is more than two people, a way more. From like 100% like 15% join? Whats with all the Guilds on RG, dead when it go about normal BG? 🤔 Totaly lost in Zergs toughts <_<
  7. Jajaja, and everyone listen to this? i roll on the floor <_<🤔 Hardcore! I see more then enough lowbie join on both sides, idc if lower or not should be fine with that atleast u have people that want fight. 🤔
  8. Eh no ?! Thats not what i mean. Jesus.. Join a BG if u want PVP. But nonbody doing it and just want mass PVP Amara NB AK whatever. Y'all forget about normal BG just complain AK/NB. 😒
  9. Just beacuse of FK wining the first NB , dosnt mean we can/want win the second one too and not everyday. And as Viper said, FK getting bored fast if we only Win again and again. Same happend to RG now. Numbers are close enough or even in the first one. Other one is normal that RG has some more or it is even too like yesterday. (Or what ever cos i dont join this often anymore). It is just the side with the most Whippers win the game. If RG get bunch, FK try to balance it and switch to WH. Can only speak fpr myself cos i do it sometimes also and log Medic out and go Whipper. But seems half of both factions having a Whipper maxed lol. About AK , well this will ever be like this, we had times we also won the ones at weekend with hard work and lot luck. The ones at week for my time it is from 4-5pm in the morning, i sleep lol, but sadly it was the one that FK won most time cos less RG. And now its changed. ^^ But tbh. AK and NB are 2 of the biggest BG. - Most of you forget that we also having BG's every Hour. Also these can be having good pvp, if u guys would join, dont forget that those BG's even numbers. And 1vs1 is lame as fuck. Often enough i join with my medic and hey, all i met is the same guy every single BG lol. Stop being lazy and dont care if u want pvp then also join them. Dont talking everytime about mass PvP map.
  10. +1 _______________________ May You get your FC - and then? you play for like 1 Month? and are done? cos of less players, or of gettinge banged hard again and again by RG?! lol It never fix anything.Not in the past and not now. If people stop playing cos the game IS STUCK (also based on PVE side: Raids, DG & their Drop's, ect) then also a FC wont change that. & The Guys who want that FC so hard, mhhh you entertain us cos exactly you are those that join all these "zergs and want more". (does not affect everyone, but most.)
  11. Welcome in the salty wolrd of SB ~ lol Nova said all i guess, if nees help pm me here. or ingame name; Manowar - im leader from PVPLegends. 🎀
  12. Just Asmo does , sometimes 😛