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  1. Wäre geil..... 👀👀 although everyone sees it differently. ^ lost hope ^
  2. 😫true Why i need eva buff to get bubble?Q_Q
  3. "Halloween events will be started for both games during next week's maintenance". 🤔 Later today. ~ If they not they making a post. 《:
  4. @cowboys12 got ya <_< i know u want too, everyone is welcome to play with pennywise ❤️
  5. I forgot you^^ yea u also a option lol
  6. Welcome to SB I think @Filomena haveing space for you? Just ask Im from FK side. Good Gamein!
  7. Then good luck and have fun with the game! U also welcome to play Scarlet Blade 😎
  8. Oi oi ! Willkomm ! What game u decide to join?
  9. Camp Asmo on FK? 😂 Lose cos Zerg , Lose cos Zerg .. oh wait we get maybe 1 or 0 a day 😂 and then Crap so no ancient spanners🤣