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  1. Costumes Part 1 Costumes Part 2 Costumes Part 3 Costumes Part 4 Kimonos
  2. I answerd that a while ago, not sure if you saw / tried it. If ya want a video about it, just let me know.
  3. Incase you Talking about the Abyssal Tempel Lv +39 Make sure you kill Bloodthirsy Butcher inside, it give the first & second Boss a Buff if not killed. They marked with an X in the Mxp below. Make also sure that there is no healing Mob with you at the Boss Asura spawn after you DPS it a bit Abyssal Minios - you can run to 1 of them and DPS it down to 1k HP and stop till Asura gets this Debuff - then you can DPS it down easy.
  4. You can also have a look into my Costume Videos.
  5. yeah most do that. Costumes in Gloria are from 200g - 25kg in AH. Some make diffrent in Price for Classes some are more some less.
  6. Santa's Blushing Helper (Pink) Santa's Cheerful Helper (Red) Santa's Alabaster Helper (White)
  7. Choice: H2 IGN: RαυεWıτch Faction: Royal Guard
  8. Its recommended that these files are not downloaded from DLL sites unless you are 100% sure they are not infected or could not compromise your computer. Download them at your own risk. Place the atl100.dll file in the Windows system directory (C:\Windows\System32/64). Restart your computer and it should be fixed.
  9. Release Chromia Sports Deluxe please.
  10. Her last answer from 3 weeks ago about a Halloween Event was " Perhaps, I'm not too sure. In the middle of a patch so depends when that is fully sorted"
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