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  1. Ingame drops Costumes that dropping ingame are Unique - those have bonus stats on it and are in "yellow" Text. Req. Lv 1. Sweet Candy Stripper Classic Bunny Girl Tux Lv 60+ Red Qipao - Note: Those Costume's haveing also a Rare Version. Web Shop Costumes × Boxes for money Yes they have a Weekly change. Every Thursday with the Game's Maintenance. Can be found here: https://sb.vendettagn.com/shop.vgn Requests if you like to see any special costume can be made here: About the Mystery Boxes: Mystery Boxes contain rare and valuable items but also may contain common items. For a list of the common items you can view them on this forum page here: NOTE: Please remember a box may contain one of the common items instead of the grand prize! All Boxes show 100% win count 0/30 (mostly pet's and bikes) or 0/50 (Costumes). So if you go for any Box , you either get a common items or a grand prize (costume for any class). When you reached 50/50, the Box will reset, but the 51th box will be 100% a grand prize. Sometimes you get a lot costumes while open 50/50 - arround 5-7 but can also happen you get 0 till the 100% reached not sure if can say "depend on your luck". There are also Costumes in Gloria aka Consignment Sale Manager , under Consumables - Locked Items from other people selling, the prices are high but if you have gold its also a option to buy it. Costume Guide: Almost all costumes are here: (need an update too xd) Costumes ingame showing on my characters Costumes Part 1 Medic Costumes Part 2 Sentinel Costumes Part 3 Punisher Costumes Part 4 Whipper Kimono Special Sorry for the Text wall..^^ Pan - Rusty
  2. Archangel

    Ship [DG]

    We talking about Narak Spaceship right? If not ignore my post. If yes, Bahamut show's his reflect but sometimes it happend that u dont see it in his health bar like those 2 pic showing: in that case you can target yourself and target back to the boss. arround 50% HP he cast it the first Time - and continue it every 80-90k ~ depend on your DPS so dps slower at 50%. Its able to kill him even as SE atleast on lv 49. My alt is full rare gear + eva jws - pet lv 23 no chips.
  3. Asking for all or any special costume? Here is an exact list of what drops where. (Max Lv 65) Derelict Tunnel: Overrun Floor 2 Unique Bunny Ears Candy Stripper Cap (all classes) Bloody Commando & Desert Commando Cap for CB. Tartarus Temple Costumes: Classic - Bunnygirl - Tux ; Sweet Candy Stripper + Cap Tartarus Temple Weapon Skins PU - Heavy Musket V3 - Narak Invader Ballista V2 WH - Anchor Chain V3 - Narak Invader Scourge V2 ME - Tiny Cannon V3 - Narak Invader Aegis Cannon V2 SW - Tri-Hook V3 - Narak Invader Phantom Talons V2 SE - Flintlock Pistol V3 - Narak Invader Stiletto V2 DE - Captain's Sword V3 - Narak Invader Guillotine V2 CB - Pirate Weapon V3 - Narak Invader Gladius V2 Costumes Amara Bosses: 50 Shades of Black Gear + Cap (all Classes) (Dracaenae & Thypon) Bunny Ears (all Classes) Matrix V1 + V2 (CB only) Amara Bosses Weapon's & Al Kasava PU - Unique M8A1-mk2 (Rifle Girl) Ver2 WH - Unique Chain Rapier Ver.2 ME - Unique Artillery Syringe Ver.2 SW - Unique Bear Clawas Ver2 SE - Unique Ingram MAC - 400 Ver.2 DE - Unique Murasame-L- Ver.2 CB - Unique Xiphos Gladius Ver. Those also drop at Nuclear Bunker on Headsnatcher & Abaddon Turnpike Qipao + Qiapo Hat Camo Ver.3 CB - Military Wig , Regal Wig + Matrix V1
  4. This does not make sense to me. This Doungeon was made for items we need to craft major mech. It always had the "Assasine" that pull's you arround like a ping pong ball - and the Boss with his Buff's and Stun's. Enough Video help's and Threads are made since they brought it up. Quote from the patch notes: Each of these dungeons have a chance of dropping much needed items for major mechs! Hard mode of these dungeons is very difficult! Its recommended to ONLY attempt them if you're confident in your build and character. Take the risk, and be very well rewarded with valuable drops in this version of the dungeon! There are also 3 other dungeons for this Level Cap that can be walked. easy, quick, CHILL and drop same stuff except shards. So Why you want a Doungeon in "End CAP" to be a easy thing - with not a single "challenge" at all and be able to get everything freely without an effort players need a bit of competition too lol
  5. Well, it takes a bit time (2-3 days) , till you get an answer.
  6. https://www.vendettagn.com/support.vgn Log in with your game account (not forum) - select the game - select the "object" in your case would use "Account" Write your Problem in the Text field below and klick "Create Ticket".
  7. My absolute favorite team -> ME + PU = Burn anything down fast with their Buffs. Good for any PvE content as killing mobs,grind exp,daylies in lower tiers and especially in DG that are worth to play in Team mode. (Need good gear to avoid dying to fast). But You and your friend should play the class that you like the most and if you don't like it it's no fun, and it also depends on what you want to do in the game. Which level cap ; only pve or also pvp ; farm open ground ; Farm dungeons and so forth
  8. Hi, i post below for SB - but it's same steps for EE. 1. Go on the website of the game you want them on SB:https://sb.vendettagn.com/donate.vgn EE:https://ee.vendettagn.com/donate.vgn 2. Log in with your Account (not forum) 3. After you logged in the page look like this : Scroll down till you see the blue field from Pixel Game Card 4.Open the tab from Pixel Game Card - go into your Account Purchases, Choose the Card you want to spend. 5. Copy the Code!! Go back to Game you want to get the Points and paste it in the field. press "redeem Card" Takes up to 10 min till you reach the VGN Points! You can go on "Web Shop" to see if you got them: Then you can spend the points on the Web Shop - or ingame Shop.
  9. Welcome Back. There more Discord's from both sides, most using their own Guild Discord's.
  10. welcome Choose the side you like also possible to make 1 each side and stay the side u like more ^^ - population is kinda the same at the begin.
  11. Tell your ING and i mail some over.
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