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  1. le the potatos spawn faster XD
  2. i just want the achivment points @Daddy What is about at least ancient R2?
  3. ADD ALL OF THEM (or at least the DG ones ) Jewel Boxes - Hexwaves already has told Oh and ADD Epoxy on TT Team Normal on everyboss, not only Simon
  4. Had a few said already but again XD LV 40 UNI Meche that drop from Giants Evergreen (Winter Event - 49 one) are still NT. Candyboxes still in Quest Bag not in the normal bag. Easter Bunny Ears (Yellow,Purple & co ) making a floating head. AK/NB Times - to 1 sided always TTC Team - Ancient Boxes still FFA & pls change the spawn point after leaving Acheron (lv59) - always pops out in the middle of Amara next to Gorgon l0l :B & under 59 u cant use the portal. Would suggest Barbiron since there is a NPC for it and Map is lv 39+. Cos this pla
  5. 5 years wew I picked out a few favo pictures ❤️ VIVI DO SPOILEEEEER Winter Event - Pretty + First size of Narak Infant Pet Skin - Easter Event - still my Favorit of all! We need this again! Egg's and Bunny's everywhere The best BG i ever had in here! Massakaaaa My designed costume was brought into the game ❤️ The best comes for last & for me these are the people I like to enjoy the game,but also outside of the game Forver , my lil hobbit Bro ❤️ The BDSM Group - Everyone Special in their own way !
  6. How about to remove it as Item that Drop. Only let buy in vgn Shop for 299 AP. Or better remove it from there too, so we wont be able to get any . Alone that you have to do something,where everyone always wants to be so grown up 😂😂
  7. Well, tbh it should have been there long ago, after everything. Unfortunately it just comes way too late. Thanks to all who do it to me, i know who u are
  8. You are Piggy 🐽🐷😂😂
  9. I'll always selling 1:1 dosnt matter for me If lot buy AP or not. Just depend if you can catch me while im online , since im less activ r few months now. Just look for ChemicaI / Decade Only on RG Side or PM here .
  10. 🐰💗Waitin for my fluffy friends to appear, it will be time soon! 🐇❤️ ING: ChemicaI - Faction: Royal Guards 🎀
  11. First Off all shut the fuck Up talking about me when im not even playing anymore. Im Leaving/left not cos i cant zerg. Idc about that i also stay when losing. I can Play when im FREE ive 2 kids 5 & 2 weeks old . Just because my toons are online, it dosnt mean its myself. Since 2 others can use it. open your mouth and just this comes out you so annoying, u left RG to stick deep in FK then get those players to send their times to larissa and not waste time here.
  12. I ❤️ u 


    1. SneakyHeal


      i lov u moooooar.

  13. Well.. intressting to see whats going 😂 but ok rly? adding another Bunker will make it like an "hourly BG" , and it shouldnt be like that. Normal it just should be once a day as it always was back in ---- . Even 2 are enough. ^^ I'm not this much surprised. Almost everything "people working or trying " will have the respondes of RG's, while the main people in FK just ignore it. You are not the first that try. Working together to have the best "fun" meep. Dosn't matter who was trying it, but thank you for try that again. Its a "come and Go whenever people want". People that complai
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