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  1. Actually u do have the right to get mad at me for saying stuff like that, so props to you for not showing it. As for another, very simple idea I just thought about. Is to give a large portion of the require coins, RIGHT at the start of the Anniversary quest. For example, if 30 coins are required for an Anniversary cosmetic reward, which all happen to be NT, and mostly do NOT affect the market, then slap on a 20 coins reward, and make it once per account, not just level 100-105. It incentivizes people to actually go do the event, since "its only 10 coins left". The lucky ones will finish it quick and try to get another reward, the ppl who r not so lucky...well hopefully they at least get the 10th coin on the literal last day of the event, making them participate the entire duration.
  2. I wud like to see more of these GoP/HoO/Abyss style single completion quests, instead of the daily quests that arguably serve no function whatsoever. The thing about these daily quests, is that their rates are so bad (as agreed upon by the majority of the community), that its almost the same as sitting in Aven all day long and only doing Event boss instead.
  3. The Quests this year are a whopping 5 runs for each daily dungeon, for 1 daily GREEN box, which most likely gives nothing, while the 100T/110T daily is more forgiving. 35 Nagas no coins, barely any anniversary foods, tons of fireworks and a few 4T pots. I will no longer harcore participate in this kind of event, and many in the community feel this way as well. The only reason some ppl log on is to check out "what's new", and most simply disappear after finding out about this years system. If the anniversary boss and quests were removed, I doubt most ppl wud even care or notice, the ones that bother to stay online are here to chat and roll Diamond Altar. And the last thing that absolutely irks me. Why is the Vendetta upgrade stone, an item that's "only 2k AP", a very underwhelming reward for 40 coins, put into the main quest of the anniversary, while the other boxes cost merely 30 and give items that easily go up to double the worth of the Upgrade Stone?
  4. They are willfully ignorant. In my first post I specifically mentioned using Asura to solo, yet that was brushed aside, instead I get pegged with insults inferring that Im a noob who sits in Aven all day long. They just project what they think is a noob onto other ppl who disagree with them. I think we are done here, they just point to "random exhibit A/B/C/D" as "evidence" that "everything is fine". Not a single detail was discussed, not any of the bullet points. At the end of the day, only the GMs get a say in this, I will only take their verdict.
  5. Here are a few things that dont just break 100T forever, they are meant to be implemented only by choosing 1: 1. Make 5p give 2x coins instead of 1x. 2. Give the same HP/Movespeed buff from 10p to 5p 3. Give the buff in 10p extra "crit dmg reduction -15%" so when pts properly take dmg reduction and other precautions, they are less punished by RNG crits. 4. Reduce cost of Awaken Weapons by 15-25% coin count, such as Dagger going down to 60 instead of 80.
  6. oh dont worry, most of the community agrees that 100T needs to change, they simply stop using forums because every time someone asks for change thats somewhat reasonable, they get beaten to a pulp and thrown into the gutter. Even Judgement, he just comes on to report exploits/bugs now.
  7. You straight up insulting me by calling me a noob Aven main... is ironic. And are you serious? new players often cry about ccm ALL THE TIME, they ask for help in almost everything too, ccm is one of the few things they can farm on their own but its still a tedious process that doesnt reward a lot, the only reason they stopped asking for "Utopian ccm pt" in peer is, as I said, the tradability of 115 gear. Sure, I make fun of people who cant clear SFF and/or Angor on their own, but asking for help in peer for 100T/110T, is in fact very common, and a legitimate thing to request help for, as long as they are trying to work with the pt. Also, why wud new players try to clear 95/100 when all they need to do is shill out 50-60k? This is why I adamantly opposed making 115 gear tradable, instead of their drivers, at least 110 gold gear isnt straight up complete and ready-made endgame gear, they still have to work to awaken it. "just take Garden for example" You are forgetting that most guilds are in fact NOT Garden, NOT as large as Garden, and in fact dont have as many endgame PvE players as Garden, so your point is moot. You even said yourself that you didnt finish 100T awaken weapons because it is too daunting and time consuming of a task, yet now that anyone proposes to make it easier, you instantly press the "No" button, did you ever think about why? Doesnt it benefit u as well? We literally didnt even start discussing details of changes and its alrdy being vetod. How is any of this really different from 110T changes?
  8. I dont think "its fine lol, just get friends" is a valid defense for something even you think is dumb. I dont disagree with 95expe just becuz guild stones actually easier to farm doing 1 by 1 than as a group, but 100T is just straight up ridiculous considering how outdated its contents are. Even 95T, Jordan removed the TK buff from the World Bosses, and its still mandatory for tryhard players who want as much resistance as possible, not to mention the best BA farming weapon right now comes from 95T Graylin Forsinol. 95T/100T are supposed to be introductory trials for new players to run before they go to 110 and beyond, yet 100T is still nearly unanimously agreed upon by the community to be one of the most cancerous pieces of content currently available due to its unfair RNG. "just go with pt" is not a fair argument either, even geared ppl get one shot, which is how it got its notorious reputation. "95t is nice set yet nobody wants to use them" yes becuz 110 awaken armor and 115 TRADABLE armor exists, I truly wonder why nobody wants to spend ccm that is super hard for new players to get on outdated armor? U cud apply the same logic to weapons too, if 100T weapons are alrdy niche, and the dungeons u obtain them from is frustrating, then why wud anyone who wants to do it, commit to it?
  9. I agree with nerfing 100T dmg I cant find the motivation to carry a team into it, because most of the time I will just be doing it solo as Asura as usual, then why wud I invite ppl who might fuck up my run by resetting the bosses or other forms of not cooperating with the pt? The whole point of a pt is to do it faster, and since the community cant provide me with it, I dont do it.
  10. So do they apply on all stance changes, ex. does Fire Hydra buff apply to Nature/Ice/Thunder Hydra? Im assuming no, but I prefer having a concrete answer, plz and ty.
  11. At the end of the day, our player base was never big enuf to fully experiment with all 21/40 classes to properly balance them all. Until Jordan finds a way to grant classes specific "PvP dmg Dealt/Reduction" mechanics, some classes we will unfortunately have to shelve due to their inherent nature, as poorly designed by XLegend.
  12. Oh sorry, I meant that if you had 2m dmg at say, 100% dmg dealt, with Magnus/Sadness procs I see 4m somehow, when it shudve been 3m. Theres just seems to be some spaghetti coding left behind by XLegend that makes different procs do Y things, despite saying X.
  13. Oh it has no practical use, its just whenever I get the Def +10% buff from PoD, I always wonder what the hp/def scaling wud be, since def got +10% yet HP increased by only a few hundred, was pure curiousity. So Magnus/Sadness just get final priority in that they get calculated last? Ive noticed even on classes that stack high numbers of dmg dealt, the Magnus still makes it 2x somehow...(Axe exe 4T), even tho dmg dealt stat is supposed to be additive. Did XLeg just screw up the coding and basically made it do an extra 100% tru dmg, or I just misread the numbers?
  14. A. Does Asura holy skill "Suppressing Slam" work effectively, pushing 300% Pcrit dmg to 320% Pcrit? B. How does Hp/Def scaling work? is it based off ur base Hp without class bonus/gear? or is it calculated completely differently? C. Why does the Cerberus 98 Neck, -50% matk passive not apply to ALL matk bonus? D. BM Thounsand-Cranes "100% bonus dmg" and Kanabo "100% dmg dealt" combos, wats the difference here? or there is none and only text is different? is it indeed different, the Thousand Cranes changes every atk efficiency like Sadness/Magnus? E. Why are the BK Sword skill descriptions listed on the Mark skills, where as the Sword skills dont list the Empowered basic atk passive, why not just put the Empowered basic atk descriptions on the sword skills themselves and just remove the Sword skill descriptions from the Mark skills? (oh dear lord, look at the length of this thing...) http://prnt.sc/1bhqsp6 F. This one shud honestly get another thread but...how does the "Dmg Dealt/Taken/Reduc" actually work? is it...100% base effect, then you add numbers? is it stacked additively like res interctions, or multiplicatively?
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