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  1. i wish i had this rng instead of 2-3 minutes of jumping for a guitar proc
  2. yeah conju is such an unhealthy class even if you got an item to morph you out of worm morph like alpaca gem it has another long cc, but even if you do survive the 3 sources of dot you can't catch them since they got capped ms even without mount. now for the healer thing it's quite simple people either try to deal with healers with a ton of cc or dmg but not both so if you cc them for like 2 minutes but have no dmg they'll just survive though shield blocks, and if you are focusing on dmg they will just heal as much as you do dmg since nobody is stopping them
  3. tbh the pvp exclusive pod buffs would be nice in regular tw but the main reason weekend pvp is usually dual or non existent is the lack of incentives and for tw case the reset on monday mornings
  4. what lvl are you compared to your friend? also shaxia reps are op since jordan added cp to them
  5. yes all set lvls are viable lvl70 awaken agi set for heavy lvl75 for light dps classes and lvl78 cloth for healers and 75 for mdps
  6. if i remember correctly none of the class summoned pets actually have dmg types
  7. well tbh the main reason battle mounts will never see the light of day is due to classes that morph themselves access their skills (druid/ares) or morph cc's like conju worm or those morph t's. tbh when i've done tw's the people that aren't playing the capping game and are actually fighting other players tend to use either the +10 elemental res or 7% dmg reduction on their fused 25% atk pet
  8. tbh a change i want to see on lw if we keeping up the dynamic with ed & lw combo is have their holy skills have some interactions like with dance blessing if someone uses poem of protection they also get 10% m-dmg reduction but idk if that would be too over bearing
  9. yeah rakshas bad as well but pls no thunder elemental treatment i don't want to be taking a 600k crit in strike dmg instead of thunder dmg on def seal paladin ._.
  10. yeah but this thing heals %hp after so many cast and doesn't have a cd totem surge on any dps above 100k atk provides 30k atk when the totem with it lives near them i don't mind the healing being that low when it's tied to buffs but when it has a somewhat high cd for something that's important for keeping people alive that isn't a full restore like soul chaser song (tbh my main complaint about the class is specifically this) tbh it has nice buffs for pvp since you're constantly moving and pvp teams being big enough to throw in ed but with how many people run double cale
  11. w8 karen sleep doesn't go through immunities like every other hoo boss? now try healing on lw against something that isn't a brick wall. i been trying to like lw but i also hate having to go all out on gearing this thing to be the side character of any other healer that just slapped on an orange 108 healing set and using lvl95 mace,rapier/shield combo
  12. out of all the healer classes i've played this is essentially the red headed step child. here is some of the reason why i think lw is terrible as a solo class all skills have a lower base heal than cure all healing skills have a 5 cd (if you're not counting the heal over time on the hp buff) has no aoe cleanse unless paired with an ed the buffs it provides usually get out classed is a 2h healer so it's actually the squishiest healer due to no access to blocking if they want to use their skills the only saving grace this thing has is soul chaser song and the pr
  13. it's quite user friendly on leveling and drops that aren't 110t worldboss stuff it's alot more active than aeria was especially after reset but that might be due to chat being for all 1-120 levels while the cash shop isn't really needed to progress quicker since base exp/cp r8 on here is at the cap of aeria there are still some items that premium currency is needed to get like legendary pets (tbh you can just buy it for a ton of gold though so np) depends on how late game it is because while things like 110t wb accessory and t drops are still dry drops in later things like a
  14. no to the hidden items even during pvp just due to the fact people will complain about a class being op even without the weapon type it boost like thunder ae running around using a shield, templar blade, it's huge aoe, and 1% hp at 5 cast to melt people without having to build much if any dmg
  15. w8 did it actually get removed cuz somedays it showed for me but sometimes it didn't
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