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  1. tbh even if we to implement more m-dps friendly mechanics to boss fights conju wouldn't be a good class due to it being a cc machine and it's cc doesn't affect bosses
  2. please don't necro post
  3. it does but at the same time do you want rng cc moment like warrior bear? and coming from my time healing with like 6 other healers/supports, a bp, and an ares it will finds it's way to you through 2 class stun immunities
  4. today i'm going to attempt to rank all the certificates based on how useful i think they are. i will be naming these by stats not names, and i'm not listing copies even though it might make them better since cert combos because in reality i don't want to list +10% eva 4 times. S: -8% dmg taken, -20% crit dmg taken, 4% on hit to receive 10% dmg reduction for 5 seconds, 4% chance when hit to inflict attacker with mundane for 3 seconds, 4% to stun something for 3seconds A:+10% p-atk, +10% m-atk, +10% hp, +10% cast spd, +10% ms, 10% on skill hit restore 10% mp B: +10% p-crit r8, +10% m-crit r8, +20% p-crit dmg,+20% m-crit dmg, 2% double hit, 10% on hit to receive 10% atk for 10 seconds, +5 elemental res C:+10% eva, +10% acc, +25% str, +5% block, +15% lck, 15% wis, m-crits give 10% cast spd for 4 seconds stacking 3 times D:+5 physical res, -5% mp cost,+15% atk spd, +8% malice, -8% malice, +15% agi, +25% int F:40% of parries will heal 1k-2k hp, +7% parry, +10% def no touch:+10% mp
  5. try right clicking then click copy link address and then paste it into the url bar edit: i forgot to mention to right click the download button
  6. that's what i'm guessing because if the bear's fear goes off at the wrong moment boss will have immunity to it when the fear does need to happen
  7. so does group provoke that's why they have a glyph that makes it generate alot more malice when used
  8. for lvl8 gem crafting you just buy the blue prints from guild towns and craft them in an alchemy pool and enchanted gem is a lvl60 racial craft from the frogs
  9. tbh from my time farming partial enchants 1 thing stuck out to me the most, same level partial enchant chest not in the same back pack space. i can see if it was like oh i got 5 partial chestI here, 8 partial chestVI here, and 3 partial chestII here, but nope i got 3+ rows of partial chest trying to get lvl1-2 partials. can we make them stack like potions before we open them?
  10. 1. for rat/frog bk racials zumi is +5% parry and +5 elemental res and aunarun is +10% atk spd 2. wait that's still a thing? 3. copy paste kp i'm guessing 4. this i'm curious about as well due to the other greatsword having more viability since holyblade is both mdps and pdps
  11. tbh 100t was easy once you realize you have to start bosses with a cc, and then cc them at around 20% hp so that they don't do their own cc spam or quintuple hit skills *stares at blade, isolda, dug, and marquis saad*, but i feel the main problem about 95t and 100t is nobody bothers asking for help because it's older content so they doubt people would help them leaving them near gearless for when they join up in 110t
  12. yea turn my fx down to 0 to see people to heal with placed aoe healing and now i got to deal with this crap smh
  13. if it does work for all sweet jeebuz +15% dmg to thunder storm on an already heavy hitting class
  14. smh judgy now i'm going to have to double ta trophy on top of the tk combo on zerker b4 the fix
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