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  1. since nobody is using them i can't tell rather to buff, nerf, add more, or remove them so in this case make them not take guild funds to purchase maybe?
  2. are we going to do anything with those siege machine bps in tw because i have not once seen anybody use them
  3. coming from my time helping new players get up there it isn't just gear that they have a problem with. for instances i helped this person do their shaxia quest to get the reps and 12 lvls later they were still weak because they didn't know the 2nd bar of exp on quest rewards was class exp
  4. there isn't a respawn timer you have reset the dungeon by right clicking your character portrait in the top left corner and clicking reset dungeon
  5. fun fact about petra: the pool behind her hurts her as well so after bp'ing her use some knockback to destroy her
  6. tbh i feel like the cast times added to ed done more harm to it than the ref removal but still usable if you build some cast speed
  7. this isn't for the fact he hard to kill but because my guildy is farming his minions on the same channel as me and it's making me lag
  8. while yes the starter gear now makes it alot easier to survive things i just hope this person got their hp bonus classes lvled
  9. yeah you do need book quest fame for awakening but for gear
  10. from all my time rolling optical sensors i have quite literally rolled some type of billboard atleast 10 times in a row. this wouldn't be a problem if they had a use besides disrupting people gathering racial materials or locking down camp stealers. i'm also wondering why there's so many types of them
  11. the first change for with warstones and ccm would be a bad idea since it would mostly just inflate ecs from warstones even with the nerf to asmo. the change with commissions sounds good just hope there will be a collect all button since there is more. the 3rd change wouldn't do much for trophy achievements since trial stuff isn't counted for achievements other than the points in monthly ranking
  12. multiple clients are allowed but in order to do the alt pt you have to use a separate account
  13. try re-downloading it and if that fails try a different extract program like 7-zip
  14. the download happens when you use the patcher, but the patcher is only around 5 mb btw what extracting program are you using?
  15. i think those only affect character exp from monster kills misty