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  1. I wud KILL (myself farming) for some nice re-colors of the Talos Generator (shield) costumes, and even the Mecha Dragon Punch to being more than just 1 red 1 blue.
  2. Thanks to GS Beast Titan *cough*, I mean warbeast for hosting todays Hide and Seek! +15 Social Credit (jk) Yes this is a shitpost, but its also genuine.
  3. Currently its just...awkward..., u get the Viroona line at 93, but u need to Shaxia Rep to level 94 + 4 more hand ins, to smoothly cruise from 94-95 in Viroona. Can something be done about, at least, 93 onwards? they alrdy need to do 90/91-93, and then 93-94 + 4x, and then 105-106 again, can we smooth out the 93-95 transition?
  4. I do miss Boss Summons, even just once a month, once every few hours during that day so ppl from different timezones can join in, wud be nice.
  5. Ik theres Weed versions of CP charm boosts, but kinda wish there was a Potion equivalent of it, mainly the Alchemist Powder line, and throw in a little Crystal Ball use. The other 4 races regularly consume level 100 racial mats becuz thats the majority of the demand, but the hot items for frogs are mostly level 95 mats, I just thought perhaps Frogs alone needed an update instead of creating a v4 for everyone from scratch, since that seems to be even more work.
  6. Im not sure if its alrdy being worked on, but Frogs are stuck on 95 tools for the past few Years, while others have mostly been updated.
  7. On Guitar level 1-30, it says "Increase gheal by 1%", but every tier past that, 50, 65, 80, 90, all says "when equipped WITH guitar, increase gheal'. Mace doesnt really matter since ppl will 100% do it if they want to increase heal anyway, but its also confusing there. level 1-30 also says "increase gheal by 1%", level 50 doesnt mention gheal at all, on level 65 it says "increase healing by 2% again", for 80/90 its also simply "Increase healing by 2%". With the precedent of Guitar text being...ambiguous, Im not even sure if Mace Legendary achieve flatly boosts healing at all, since if it does, it takes effect even when Mace isnt equipped, such as Rapier or Guitar. Plz help clarify and/or fix text if possible, thank you.
  8. People complain Mdps is dead in PvE (its a fact stop trying to say its fine ty), but its perfectly ok in PvP, healers are needed everywhere, and Pdps is very much alive, only tanks are literally useless. The Aries neck can "when attacking 3% to debuff dmg dealt by 15%, lasts 5 seconds", Theres probably tons of ways to apply special debuffs/buffs unique to tank class gear so that ppl cant use it on dps classes (dmg dealt -10% passive), but still useful in a set for PvP, and individual pieces picked out for specific content in PvE, like the neck debuff cud be a huge help for certain CC bosses But right now CC is too new and we need to wait a bit before we adjust anything, gotta let ppl get the stuff first.
  9. Since I dont have anything really too creative/out of the way, I will simply work with the data provided on patch 80 and the loot table there. Specifically, TA main rewards are pots both types, Medal Bags, EP, HS, and CCM, with some chances of NPC boxes and Trophy BPs. Since Elysian still works fundamentally differently compared to TA, there wont be Trophy BPs, but instead a low chance of Elysian Souls, and then a bunch of other things same as the box once had. Imho, the loot table needs a simple trimming, with more things added to the "This Bucket contains ALL of the following", and less things in the "chance to contain one of the following". For example, for the Elysian Bizarre Bucket, there shud be Correspondingly, the Golden Bucket shud have better rewards or simply Eliminate lesser ones for a less cluttered table, albeit with some fail items inserted in as b4. The Rough idea is that rewards shud FEEL upgraded, and that Warstone shud be main reward here, unlike in TA where there are 3 main drops and they distribute kind of evenly. Im not going into the details for the Elysian Boss Treasure Chests and the Ranking Rewards, I provided the Bizarre/Golden Bucket comparison, the rest is up to you. Also, plz for the love of the Almighty, buff Elysian Soul rates, nobody except select individuals think "its fine", sometimes it doesnt matter whether the number is ok, it only matters if peoples' Perception of said number Being ok, in English, it means, the rates have to be good enuf for 95% of the server to think its Not Practically Impossible to obtain.
  10. This has been suggested and denied b4, but 1 of the points is very intriguing, and cud go into making Elysian Island worth doing again. The Current TA rework is widely accepted by the community as a good rework, despite all base Boss trophies farmable within a span less than 2 weeks, the side rewards/fluff are incredibly rewarding for ppl who do take time out of their routine to do it, not to mention the smart capping of Medals to make sure ppl cant just upgrade all 9 trophies in the span of a month. You still see ppl trying to find pts on almost every spawn, every single of the spawn days, its very much alive, just not overcrowded anymore. Im hoping Jordan cud find a way to push Elysian closer to the way TA operates, maybe even mirroring the spawn to be on Mon/Wes/Fri every 4 hrs, with the rates on Elysian Soul MASSIVELY buffed to be higher/equal to Angel Soul, and a new loot table that gives respectable side rewards, most prominently of which shud be Warstone.
  11. No matter how "fair" rates are, as long as it is not 100%, there will always be people who get shafted, isnt that the whole point of this thread? Telling these ppl "well gee, sucks for you, but Im not gonna change this" isnt going to make everything magically feel better to them, in fact the opposite. In the case of this Roulette, having all 3 DSR Mat box rotations removed is impossible and not a good idea, but cudnt the rarest drop of DSR mat x3 be removed/replaced? Becuz if that were to happen, it wud become impossible for ppl to land all 3 DSR mat boxes for an end Roulette, all you have to do is raise the rates of the more 2 common DSR mat raws, take extra % from "useful" items if you have to.
  12. So Ive been sitting on this idea for over a year now, and with the release of CC, I think its time. The Inspiration: The main benefits and reason for this idea even being cooked up is simple, bad RNG. Yes its an MMO, we need to spend some time grinding out content to actually obtain things, but sometimes...its like being trapped in a Mine without an Air Filter and Water, trying to dig your way out, with no end in sight, no light at the end of tunnel. The grind no longer feels rewarding, and more like a punishment. The Solution wud have to involve participation, which in English means killing the bosses enuf times, and most importantly Completely eliminate RNG after sufficient effort has been made. Add the HoO Upgrade system to this, and you get... 1. Pay currency thats NT and proof of completing the content, 110T Dragon Coins, DS Completion Badges (Souls are tradable via boxes), HoO Souls, Abyss Souls, CC Sparkles, etc. 2. Obtain Quest, kill Boss X times. The consideration for each will vary depending on how the bosses spawn, availability, usefulness, and difficulty. 3. Hand in, get desired item directly, no more RNG. Below I want outline some details and numbers for each piece of content. 110T: HoO: Abyss: DS: Doesnt need a Pity System CC: Unfortunately this content is too new to be hotfixed with a Pity System even tho prices of Formula Boxes are soaring at an alarming rate. The End Roulette when completing the dungeon is more often than not complete gutter trash, supported by the fact that u know, there was a literal post with screenshot of 3 DSR mat boxes by Renzo, just yesterday!? This whole thing requires another feedback thread.
  13. Dont you remember him "fixing" dod95 DoS mat boxes? ye that did absolutely nothing man, thats why Im suggesting an altrnative, I have 0 hope for the rates to ever be acceptable.
  14. I mean, Jordan never fixed the DoS mat rewards from DoD/GoP, and most importantly, he never fixed it for DS endscreen either, so its near impossible he will fix this. Edit: I seem to recall him "fixing" box rates for DoD95, but uh...as everyone has agreed on, its still absolute gutter trash, which proves my point that only removal can fix it. Out of all 3, CC/HoO/Abyss, CC has the best crafting system made so far (proportionate to how bad I think it is designed in gameplay), so as frustrating as those damn boxes are, I dont really see a need to change any of the loot in the roulette right now. This system of "Only needing to farm The dungeon u want, and ANY of the dungeon boss mats can contribute to completing 1 particular set", instead of mandatory doing everything like Abyss, is really good. Jordan shud make it that Bosses themselves Drop the Recipes or Mats like GoP once did, becuz like I said...there is no hope for fixing this box thing.
  15. If OP really wants an alternative, we cud look at how Aura Kingdom, Shaxia Fae Fields, and Trials in general implement "in-dungeon adjustments", such as AK giving massive debuffs, SFF giving speed boost, and Trials upping 1 stat while taking some away from another. The idea is to specifically target popular dungeons, like PoD, Mines, ST and give them movespeed/other buffs. While unnecessary, if Jordan finds this easy to implement without significant downsides, perhaps he wud consider it...?
  16. As much I share the sentiment of PvP shudnt be having impact on PvE, I do have to point out that the way Temple Angel Soul is not strictly PvP farmed. You see, it drops from Daily check list missions, which you can see inside TA. Those 4 are 1. kill 5 different players. (gives 1 chest) 2. get 25 kills on anyone. (gives 1 chest) 3. farm 250 points. (gives 1 chest) 4. Takedown 1 boss. (gives 2 chests) These daily chests are the only source of Angel Soul, u cant kill them from farming bosses, meaning, u have no actual incentive to get into conflict if ur main goal is only to farm the Soul. Number and 1 and 2 may seem bad yes, but friends, guild members, even alts count torward it, and they can enter TA as early as level 1, meaning if u get a Tandem/Multiseater mount, u can just log an alt and ferry them to their deaths. Number 3 is as simple as going to TA during times when bosses dont spawn, meaning completely different days, or after at least half an hour when u can be sure the majority of ppl left, farming the mobs during a time when other players are extremely unlikely to disturb is decently safe. For Number 4, the vast majority of the people on the server do not enjoy forming death squads and specifically targeting other players and trying to ruin others' day as much as they can, what conflict we have in TA is usually from the fact, that theres more than 1 pt farming it, which again, is ok becuz neither is going to waste time trying to murder each other, the bosses are the main loot after all. Despite 2 of the daily rewards locked behind PvP, TA is inherently PvE, becuz the main reward only comes from bosses, u can always choose to avoid pts/individuals u have no hope of fighting, and ppl are incentivized to fight over the bosses, but not to wantonly camp spawn spots and murder each other to satisfy their ego. For Elysian, ya thats a lost cause bye.
  17. The text isnt very helpful, BUT, you do have to be receiving the buff of the totem AND within the effect range for the "Totem Surge", for the game to identify said Totem which is buffing you, and then for your skill to buff the Totem itself, its very round-about and I have intentionally failed this interaction before to confirm it. If you re-enter the range of the Totem buff but the server tick has not given you the buff at the exact instant you cast Totem Surge, it will also fail. Its been like this since pretty much forever ago, ever since the rework, and its never really been a major issue, just gotta be mindful that such a thing exists.
  18. Then the Rates have to be increased Significantly, there's no other simple way to do this. However, since thats unlikely to happen, Elysian will just stay dead, it doesnt affect me anyway.
  19. Its way too hard for new players/characters to farm it, timezones on Elysian appearance, rates being crap, etc etc. We need the option of PvP Tokens usable to exchange for Elysian Devil Soul, something like 20 for White, 35 for Alpha, 50 for Prime will do. Or anything that gives a better option than the current system.
  20. Changing him to not having reflect and more HP sounds nice, cuz some of us can still blitz him down to 0 even BEFORE he casts ref. (like...2 characters) Rogers reward pool is a cluster f*ck tho, it has the main chest opening into> 1. Dye chests (FFS XLEGEND WHYYYYY REEEEEEE) 2. Treasure Maps (Ive heard some ppl say you can farm Enchant BPs from this, but uh...I cant test this becuz my rates s*ck absolute donkey, waiting for Angel or Soul for verification) 3. Aven Trial Weapon BPs, which are not exclusive to Roger chests and can be farmed, albeit painfully 4. Everyone's main goal and source of headache, Partial Enchant Chests Tbh 1-3 can be scrapped outright if Jordan is willing to reduce Blueprint costs for the Aven Trial Katana/GS bps, throw in a few generic rewards like EC frag x5/x8, 4EP x2/x3, chance to get 50 EP, and bundle it into a new item in mail. Having HF in the pool seems a tad bit overpowered.
  21. I think the bosses shud have the Immunity to Demonfire, BUT give max rewards to every participant even if it allows Alt cheesing. They shud also have less HP, no immunity to anything, remove the massives AoEs that kill people for no reason, AND Get an "Immune to dmg" buff every 25% of HP drop, for 20-25 seconds each, so ppl can actually participate without worrying about lag making them Miss Out like in previous years. Its been a trend lately that Event Bosses appearing just means "stay out of Aven and dont ever go near that sh*t", its kind of weird how something thats Meant to be Rewarding just feels Punishing.
  22. Out of the 6 Guild Town functions, only Altar and Alchemy Lab are Extremely easy to level, not to mention all gems only require Work Level 10 or below to craft, the other 4 (Farm, Mine, Magic Pool, Foundry) have been in dire need of buffs for a very long while.
  23. yes, absolutely in fact its encourage u make more accounts to gather racial mats, creat characters from different races, experiment with the racial market, its a big part of what makes the game run. many of the commodities are semi-mandatory for content, such as Glyphs, Mana potions, gem transformations, and trophy enchants, and just those 4 are alrdy from 4/5 races
  24. I DID suggest Jordan making specific "PvE Dmg Dealt increase" changes to magic class skills in general, or just throw it on the relevant armor sets, but hes alrdy said those are too difficult to implement.
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