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  1. i would like to see Banneret Corset in mistery box and Siberia, Bengal and Panda pet skin
  2. maybe Yuna from Mereholt https://imgur.com/a/VC2GIUE
  3. can you put in Qipao Costumes and Banneret Lingerie please?
  4. Chromia Sports Deluxe for Medic YoungHop
  5. Chromia Sports Deluxe for Medic YoungHop
  6. i would like to have the different Qipao color costumes for every class and their hats in the next mistery boxes
  7. oh and what could rly be usefull, if we could put tradeable AP items into the guildwarehouse! like locked costumes, the expansion spanners, narak relic, bikes, pet things
  8. Lets make new costumes :3 https://imgur.com/1DTaY2g Yuna from Mereholt
  9. would be nice to have Pink Sleipnir next boxes and the following Chromia Sports Deluxe Little Maid Alice in Wonderland Sultry Beauty
  10. would be nice if the different schoolgirl costumes will be available in the mistery boxes especially fiery, bloody, and playful version please!
  11. Arkana Cybersuits pleeeassee 🙏
  12. Hey could be maybe the Tropical Ponytail in next mistery boxes please
  13. would like to have the Arkana Cyber Suits in next Boxes please!
  14. Can you put the 2 versions of Metallic Phoenix bike in mistery boxes please Thanks
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