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  1. More like a corpse, but we keep kicking it to move. You'll find some of us still around.
  2. Fairy Of Love , Tarnished Love / Tainted Love Teddy , Miss Valentina pretty please. xxx : 3 🧡💚
  3. 50 Shades Of Red / Red Commando / Qipao Versions ❤️
  4. Lota Costume / School Girls Costumes ❤️
  5. Dinner Derby! maybe some pet skins. Kama Sutra Cooldown/Special 11/Bashful Bloomers
  6. We had someone take 8k damage literally after they respawned, because of debuff.. 😂
  7. One of my biggest issues is seeing someone with a tank build melting like complete butter in a matter of one second. I feel like you have all these lines of debuffs, and then someone like ME who can cleanse like, lets say, 5 at time, depending on a build. Maybe, MAYBE some debuffs won't hit you sometimes, and still. It becomes an issue when you can't avoid something or get out of the situation. There is no outplay when it comes to this, it's just standing and waiting for your death. Then getting back up, going to the the fight, getting hit by 10+ debuffs more, and waiting for your death again. We have debuffs stick even after DEATH when you respawn.
  8. I think we all know main problem in the game's balance at the moment. I think there is something VERY wrong when you get two to three lines of debuffs at once, and there are many, I think, who'll agree with this case and that something needs to be done. I'd just suggest removing some of the debuffs in general, knowing it's just so horribly imbalanced right now. I have never seen in ANY game an issue like this. I know that DE's are way over the top in power now, I know that PU's overpowered, I know that ME's are a walking hospital, but can we please fix this, and all the other issues might not seem as horrible anymore. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
  9. Welcome to the game. : ) Some players lurk around in low levels, but I say make the best out of your time. Don't rush anything and learn things. If you're on RG side, feel free to message SneakyHeal, I'll help ya with what I can! And have fun!
  10. OH, and another thing. Stop completely dismissing lower caps in game. Don't ONLY make endgame fun. This game is unique to me, at least, because when I joined it I was happy that you can stay in one cap or another, and still have stuff to do. Stop ONLY FOCUSING on 65. Make other parts of game as enjoyable and as fun and challenging. Because now going through these caps is horrible torture and whoever joins anew will probably vomit and not even think about endgame. Let everyone have fun at every cap with new additions to each or at least slight improvements.
  11. Also, another small suggestion. Because of already breaking down economics in game (jewels becoming extra cheap, uniq cosumes worth pretty much nothing), find new things to sell or new additions that are actually rare and a bit harder to get. Lets say, mechanical shards are the ONLY ones tradable/sellable. Make metal scraps sellable as well. We need new things to buy/sell, and as everything is so cheapish, that could just add you a bit of a bonus in game. : )
  12. WOAH WAIT, LOOT SPREAD IS ACTUALLY GREAT IDEA. I feel like if you mush drops in one place, other places are not as farmable and interesting. Lets say you could get one thing from bgs (making people sign up for them) and one thing in dungeons, and another from bosses. People would actually actively do things around.
  13. 1st I think we need to stop FKs and RGs from duo logging ever. We need GSs watching these events because you have 10 people standing afk, then you have half of these people waiting to see which side is winning, so they go afk on one side and then log another alt on winning side. And you got nobody to control that. People run several accounts at once, snitch on every side, duo log in and stand afk and so on. NBs and AKs became so so unenjoyable because of it. 2nd as someone said here, BGs like Turnpike, Janus, etc, are practically useless. Drops there are meaningless so people don't sign up and it's like a 0 quality thing at this point. I feel like if drops were more exciting, for every lvl cap, we'd have WAY more fun pvp experiences and people actually signing up for BGs hoping to get things. 3rd 100k RP is fine, but as someone said as well, maybe increase RP gain from mobs a lil bit. Although character wise a lot of stuff is imbalanced, game is not AS bad, but some things, if looked at with more care, would make players feel way more comfortable playing and actually staying after Covid ends. Ty for hard work GSs and GMs : )
  14. There is no use having a solid argument with Annie. She believes what she says, and everyone else is wrong in her eyes no matter what. So we can all agree to disagree.
  15. You're treating GMs like dogs now. They were asked to make cap 200k. It was too much so they were asked to decrease it. Now you're asking them to increase it in enormous amounts. Which is stupid, first of all. Second of all, throw a bone at least if you're treating them like dogs? You're being very unreasonable. RP cap is fine. Have not seen anyone but you complaining. But that's just my two cents. Peace.