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  1. The access violation error can be ignore but if the game won't launch its either you have to re-verify your game to make sure you have the full patch or you need to add Launcher.exe/_Launcher.exe/Patcher.exe to your anti-virus / window defender exceptions or the whole folder. Placing files in your antivirus exception may differ on which one you are using, you can always look for a tutorial in google or youtube its very easy to follow.
  2. Please don't necro old threads like this. Closed.
  3. You need to add Launcher.exe/_Launcher.exe/Patcher.exe to your anti-virus exceptions or the whole folder.
  4. if you can't download Eden Eternal Vendetta try using a different browser or copy paste this link http://cdn.vendettagn.com/vgn/EEV_Install_v1.rar
  5. first you have to send a ticket through the support section in the website https://www.vendettagn.com/support.vgn to recover your character password after recovering the password that is when you will be able to delete the "old character".
  6. You need to add the Eden Eternal Vendetta folder to your Anti-Virus exceptions, then re verify it.
  7. Have you checked your spam or junk mail? If yes and nothing in there try to register again after midnight UTC because your attempted registration will clear itself out at midnight. Also what email provider are you using, did you try using yahoo or gmail?
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