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  1. Hello 😘 I am here for a request if it can be possible i would like you to put back some of this things ❤👍 Costumes: Lightning Halo (Legendary) ✔️02/17/22
  2. IGN: Happyness Reason: This Cestus gonna make me look good ❤️😁 Thats is My Wish ❤️ Item: Winter's Curse Cestus Legendary (Black) x2
  3. Hello 😘 I am here for a request if it can be possible i would like you to put back some of this things ❤👍 Weapons: Visionary Light Shield ✔️12/09/21 Frostcale Bow ✔️12/09/21 Visionary Light Shield All Colors ✔️12/09/21 Pets: Sakura Blossom Yuuki ✔️12/16/21 Kanagawa Wave Yuuki ✔️12/16/21 Sweet Matcha Yuuki ✔️12/16/21 Robust Snowy Kueta ✔️11/18/21 Magic Snowy Kueta ✔️11/18/21 Magic Silken Sheru ✔️01/06/22 Robust Silken Sheru ✔️01/06/22 Robust Golden Bell Lele✔️12/30/21 Magic Golden Bell Lele✔️12/30/21 Robust Candy Rabbit Rita ✔️01/06/22 Magic Candy Rabbit Rita ✔️01/06/22 Magic White Star Muse ✔️12/23/21 Robust White Star Muse ✔️12/23/21 Joyful Sakuya-Hime ✔️11/25/21 Anxious Sakuya-Hime ✔️11/25/21 Gloomy Sakuya-Hime ✔️11/25/21 Costumes: Mysterious Spiral Blush ✔️12/31/21 Mysterious Rosy Blush ✔️12/31/21 Mysterious Floral Updo✔️01/10/22 Mysterious Toy Fish ✔️01/06/22 Mysterious Gentleman Kimono ✔️11/19/21 Hallowed Radiants Wings Hairdo ✔️12/09/21 Mysterious Cheshire Hat ✔️12/02/21 Mysterious Bodaciuous Wig ✔️12/23/21 Mysterious Cheeky bunny's hat ✔️01/17/22 Mysterious Wings Headwear ✔️01/17/22 Mysterious English Mustache ✔️12/16/21 Mysterious Fox Mask ✔️01/17/22 Mysterious Dragon Tattoo ✔️01/14/22 Mysterious Winged Goddes Wig ✔️12/16/21 Mysterious Winged Angel Wig ✔️12/16/21 Altars Rocks: Bluemind Sheep Luna Rock ✔️12/31/21 Goldfleece Sheep Luna Rock ✔️01/10/22 Pinkcandy Sheep Luna Rock ✔️01/06/22 Forest Folk Star Stone ✔️12/31/21 Jamberry Jazz Star Stone ✔️12/20/21 Beryl Blue Star Stone ✔️12/31/21 Golden Luna Rock✔️01/07/22 Frost Dragon Star Stone ✔️01/06/22 Forest Dragon Star Stone ✔️01/14/22 Flaming Dragon Star Stone ✔️01/10/22 Amethyst Love Luna Rock ✔️12/20/21 White Love Luna Rock ✔️12/31/21 Jade Sprite Star Gem ✔️01/07/22 Azure Sprite Star gem ✔️01/13/22 Amethyst Star Luna Rock ✔️11/22/21 Golden Star Luna Rock ✔️11/19/21 Blue Bubble Luna Rock ✔️11/18/21 Blues Idol Star Star Stone ✔️11/22/21 Poprock Idol Star Stone ✔️11/29/21 Sassy Idol Stat Stone ✔️11/18/21 Violet Starlight Luna Rock ✔️11/29/21 Golden Starlight Luna Rock ✔️12/02/21 Halcyon Dream Star Stone ✔️11/19/21 Verdigris Aquadancer Luna Rock ✔️12/02/21 Purpure Aquadancer Luna Rock ✔️12/02/21 Scarlet Aquadancer Luna Rock ✔️12/09/21 Golden Aquadancer Luna Rock ✔️11/26/21 Ocean's Rosy Dream Star Stone ✔️11/26/21 Ocean's Malachite Dream Star Stone ✔️12/02/21 Ocean's Sunlit Dream Star Stone ✔️12/02/21 Ocean's Cerulean Dream Star Stone ✔️11/25/21 Hearthflare Shield Luna Rock ✔️12/09/21 Solarflame Shield Luna Rock ✔️11/25/21 Mounts: Usagi (Jade,Sakura) Legendary ✔️12/16/21
  4. I would like to know if you could implement an option to use silenced souls to exchange for Essence from Haven of Oblivion as well as those from Abyss can be done with Fragmented Abyssal Soul. 😃
  5. Hello how are you There is some way that they put the titles back to claim with the halloween coins please I would appreciate it very much ❤️ Tittles Request: A Ghost 👻 Zombie man💀 Pumpkin Head🧅
  6. Hello 😘 I am here for a request if it can be possible i would like you to put back some of this things ❤👍 Crystal Altar Eden - Bagde of Honor Pets: 🐱‍👓 - Magic Swordswoman Daisy ✔️12/02/21 - Robust Swordswoman Daisy ✔️12/02/21 - Robust Night Luna ✔️10/28/21 - Magic Night Luna ✔️10/28/21 - Magic Rocker Fiora ✔️11/18/21 - Robust Rocker Fiora ✔️11/18/21 - Magic Starlit Sky Alyssia ✔️12/09/21 - Robus Starlit Sky Alyssia ✔️12/09/21 - Magic Glorious Nalani ✔️12/09/21 - Robust Glorious Nalani ✔️12/09/21 -Robust Snow Bell Lele ✔️11/25/21 -Magic Snow Bell Lele ✔️11/25/21 - Robust Summer Ren ✔️12/16/21 - Magic Summer Ren ✔️12/16/21 Mounts:🐴 - Streamlined Sports Car ✔️12/09/21 - Flaming Red Sports Car ✔️12/09/21 - Ghost Rider ✔️10/28/21 - Malefits Spirit Wolf ✔️12/09/21 Back Legendary:👜 - Vengeful Seraph's Wings (All Colors) ✔️12/16/21 - Spirit of Cotton Candy Alpaca (All Colors) ✔️10/28/21 Costume Legendary:👗 - Mysterious Alpaca Wool Cloak (F) ✔️11/18/21 - Mysterious Miko Dress (F) ✔️11/12/21 Weapons Legendary:🗡 - Blazeblight Cestus (All Colors) ✔️11/11/21 - Sparkler (All Colors) ✔️11/25/21 - Cherry Blossom Dagger (All Colors) ✔️12/02/21
  7. Hello o/ I am here for a request if it can be possible I would like you to put back some costumes and some stones :3 Altar: - Red lotus Fire Star Stone ✔️10/25/21 - Grim Fire Star Stone ✔️10/22/21 - Amethys Love Luna Rock ✔️10/22/21 - Crimson Star Luna Rock ✔️10/21/21 - Blushing Bunny Backpack Legendary ✔️11/04/21 - Mysterious Tip of the Hat Fedora Legendary✔️11/26/21 - Mysterious Brown Bone Ornament Legendary ✔️11/18/21 Box: - Hello Kitty: Kimono (M) Legendary ✔️10/14/21 - Hello Kitty: Kimono (F) Legendary ✔️10/14/21 - Hello Kitty: English Suit (M) Legendary ✔️10/14/21 - Hello Kitty: English Suit (F) Legendary ✔️10/14/21 - Mysterious Bear EarSmuffs - Elis Legendary ✔️11/26/21 - Weapon: Sparkler Legendary (All Colors) ✔️11/25/21 - Onyx Sabreflamer Slasher Legendary ✔️10/14/21 - Sky Koi Pinwheel Legendary (All Colors) ✔️12/02/21 - Ghost Rider Legendary Mount ✔️10/28/21 I have a separate request if it could be possible to put the Ghost Horns in Mysterys Boxes, I feel that it is unfair that those of us who want the wig have to save a lifetime from the game to be able to get a cosmetic for the head... I just say you could make a lot of money if you just put them in the mysteries boxes.. Thanks
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