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  1. Altar - Ronin Kimono (Legendary) ✔️ - Mysterious Faux Pipe (Legendary) ✔️ - Toy Cigarette (Legendary) ✔️ - Elite Monocle (Legendary) ✔️ - Demon Drake Wings (Legendary) ✔️ - Evernight Zodiac Star Stone ✔️ - Sweetheart Pink Dye ✔️ - Lace White Dye ✔️ Mystery Box - Masamune (Silver) Wherever it's intended to go (cause I don't know) - Mecha Dragon Punch (Legendary) (the red and black one) - Black Steel Airship (Legendary) ✔️ - Infernal Dragon Warrior (Legendary) - Shadow Dragon (Legendary)
  2. Nobody's fussed over it yet, so I might as well fuss over it myself. Announced to be open, but not open. The Wednesday and Sunday Elysian Island are broken. It is announced to be open, never actually opens, then later announced to be closed again. As far as I've been able to keep track, it doesn't open at any other time in the day either. This makes getting any kind of Elysian Devil Soul more of a hassle as instead of 4 days it should be open there's only 2 days it actually is, and the announcement just confuses and/or frustrates everyone. Mondays and Fridays work fine btw.
  3. As it currently is, the friends list system has some glaring privacy issues. A malicious actor could make an alt, add someone while they are offline or AFK so they won't see the system message saying someone added them, wait for them to log on, and proceed to stalk, spy on or harass them. The victim wouldn't be able to do much since they're unaware of the alt's existence, much less their name, and therefore can't block it. And even if they block it, the malicious actor can simply do it again with another alt. I've had it happen to me, and some of my friends had it happen to them. Together with them I'd like to suggest a few options... Have adding someone become a one-sided request with the option to auto-deny, and the possibility to view who has you added to their list (to block strangers who already had you added). and the possibility to send a ticket to remove your a character's name from other people's friends list. Have being friends be something that has to be a mutual request with option to auto-deny, much like duels or trade offers. This would likely mean some extra work to redo the whole system though... Perhaps less of an issue, but something a number of people may like to see implemented anyway, is to have Show Equipment become a request as well. I regularly see people sitting around in Aven wearing nothing except maybe a Monster Stone, which I assume to be so people wouldn't copy their equipment setup. This would make people free to rock their equipment anywhere and anytime without worry of it being copied. Thank you for your time~
  4. EDIT: I did it wrong the first time and am too late to correct myself.
  5. Some people *cough* have alts to hoard collection tools to either sell or use later, but there's no good way to see how many of each you have at a glance, other than neatly organizing your inventory. Even then, it just becomes messy again as soon as you use the tools and the mats start taking up slots meant for the tools. I recall being told that it'd be difficult to make things with durability stack in the inventory itself, what about on the hotbar? Stackable items already display the total number you have on hotbar, even if you have over 10 stacks (you'd have to size up your UI at that point though). So how about something similar for collection tools? I realize this might end up very low on the priority list, or be too difficult or even impossible to implement, given that doing that would likely have weapons and armor be treated the same way... but I wanted to propose the idea anyway.
  6. Legendary version of Yo Ho Hat ✔️
  7. I've been mentioning it in peer for a couple of weeks (and a couple of patches) now and though I've told by Doudou you/they/whoever should be are aware, I'd rather just make a forum post about it, just to be sure. It's a pretty minor issue, but Old School Rain + Swamp Studies will not give you or your party members the 15% Move SPD bonus mentioned in the tooltip. Welp, that's about it, bye.
  8. Hey, guess what time it is! That's right! It's time to suggest a boatload of stuff in someone else's stead again! I didn't really put much effort into spellchecking or finding which outfits pair this time, hope y'all don't mind. Mysterious Courtier Gentry Suit (Legendary)✔️05/13/22 Mysterious Joyful Wedding Dress (Legendary) ✔️04/07/22 Mysterious Elegant Tuxedo (Legendary) ✔️04/07/22 Mysterious Woman's Adventure Cape (Legendary) ✔️04/14/22 Mysterious Shadow Hunter Garb (Legendary) ✔️04/21/22 Mysterious Black Ultramodern Armor Threads (Legendary)✔️05/13/22 Mysterious Black Ultramodern Armor Garb (Legendary)✔️05/13/22 Mysterious Blue Ultramodern Armor Threads (Legendary)✔️05/23/22 Mysterious Blue Ultramodern Armor Garb (Legendary)✔️05/23/22 Mysterious Blue Sailor Gal Skirt (Legendary) ✔️04/17/22 Mysterious Blue Seaworthy Uniform (Legendary) Mysterious Orange Banshee Costume (Legendary)✔️05/23/22 Mysterious Orange Demon Lord Robe (Legendary)✔️05/23/22 Mysterious Dark Witch's Thread (Legendary)✔️05/30/22 Mysterious Dark Wizard's Garb (Legendary)✔️05/30/22 Mysterious Pink Leopard Cloak (Legendary)✔️05/30/22 Mysterious Grey Leopard Cape (Legendary)✔️05/30/22 Mysterious Brown Leopard Cape (Legendary) ✔️06/06/22 Mysterious Comfy Pajamas (Legendary)✔️06/06/22 Mysterious Custom Pacifier (Legendary) ✔️05/16/22 Mysterious Classic Mini Top Hat (Legendary)✔️05/27/22 Mysterious Bejeweled Pendant (Legendary)✔️05/27/22 Mysterious Feather Crown (Legendary)✔️05/27/22 Mysterious Thousand Dollar Jolly Red Envelope (Legendary)✔️05/27/22 Mysterious Pirate Turban (Legendary)✔️05/13/22 Mysterious Potter Round Readers (Legendary)✔️05/26/22 Mysterious Rosette (Legendary) ✔️05/06/22 Handmade Red Bean Rice Cake Headdress (Legendary)✔️05/26/22 Custom Luck Clover (Legendary)✔️05/26/22 Mysterious Rose Headdress (Legendary)✔️05/26/22 Mysterious Mardi Gras Mask (Legendary) (black)✔️05/26/22 Mysterious Mardi Gras Mask (Legendary) (white) ✔️06/03/22 Grey Elf Ears (Legendary)✔️05/20/22 Brown Elf Ears (Legendary) ✔️05/13/22 Summer Grilled Squid (Legendary)✔️05/20/22 Peacock Feather Mask (Legendary) ✔️06/03/22 Alpaca Biscuit (Legendary)✔️05/13/22 Baby Northern Peeper (Legendary)✔️06/02/22 Delicate Ribbon Blossom Hairpin (Legendary) ✔️06/03/22 Mysterious Eyepatch (Legendary)✔️05/20/22 Mysterious Xmas Cap (Legendary) ✔️06/03/22 Mysterious Bunny Hat (Legendary) ✔️04/15/22 Mysterious Wings Headwear (Legendary)✔️06/02/22 Enigma Bell (Legendary)✔️05/19/22 Mysterious Pastry Chef's Toque (Legendary)✔️05/20/22 And a little something for myself since I'm at it Blue Cherry Blossom Hana ✔️05/06/22 Think of it like this, it's spring so we need cherry blossoms ;o
  9. Perhaps switching up the schedule a tad? Elysian Island happens either at 7-9pm during weekdays, and 10pm-12am during weekends, a timeframe of 5 hours. As much as some people might want to join Elysian, they may have to go way out of their way or be unable to because it might only happen when they're usually asleep or otherwise unavailable.
  10. Would it then be possible to get the names of the dyes used on the white/alpha I mentioned in my first post? My largest issue is honestly not knowing which exact dyes are used on any given costume by just looking at it (refer to image below), and the color swatches don't appear when hovering over the item in archive. If I knew with certainty I could get the dyes to make a prime or legendary look exactly like the white/alpha palettes, I wouldn't mind grinding out the gold. <White Ash Clothing Color> on <Mysterious Lavish Swordsman Garb (Legendary)>, note how none of the parts have the same brightness
  11. Since I know of at least one example of guild leaders not being able to use up merchant contracts fast enough before being sent new contracts and merchant chests by guild members (and certain guild members cough cough having to hold onto those), I've started wondering why they weren't stackable. Pretty quickly some reasons came to mind: would you be able to use multiple contracts at once? Would the timer stack? Would you be able to take contracts off the stack once you put the merchant in town? A heck of a lot of coding issues, basically. Instead of that, how about making it possible to put NPC contracts in the arcane box to put them into a (tradeable?) stackable box that you can later open to use the contract? It'd be pretty much the same system that's already used for the 110T armor awakening stones. I'm pretty sure it would free up inventory/warehouse slots and keep merchant contracts from being discarded or put in AH for a literal 4 silver. Already got one fan of the idea
  12. I could say something about the 1000AP primes in Item Mall but, on the off-chance Jordan does show interest, I don't wanna be shot down because of that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I just thought it might be convenient for people who want to have a certain outfit but don't wanna lay down 10k or more per legendary plus dyes, especially if they don't care about stats. It doesn't always have to be about "being necessary to make something useful".
  13. There's a particular outfit that caught my eye earlier today, but found that the color scheme I found it in is only alpha and white tier, while the prime has completely different colors. I don't want to bother getting the prime or legendary and the dyes to make them the same colors, I don't care about the stats and don't have the gold to spare either. Isn't she cute in that <Gold Record Pop Star Gown> hint hint nudge nudge? So I'd like to suggest a way to get white or alpha outfits. And I have about three ideas on how it could be done. 1. Something similar to Gem Altar A system where you'd buy an item from an NPC for about 10-50g a piece, and use it to roll on an altar that rotates every once in a while (maybe once per week instead of thrice?) and includes white and alpha outfits, either random or player-suggested. This does however require some upkeep, as the altar would need to be changed, not to mention it'd be a new altar. So that's where my other two ideas come in. 2. Something similar to Alpaca Coins Or perhaps a straight up new tier of them. You could throw in a platinum tier and have the capsules drop some regular white or alpha outfits instead of Lost City ones. Though I'm aware of the amount of alpha and white outfits there are, and sticking all of those in a single capsule might be a bit much, and making multiple capsules might turn out to be confusing. Perhaps my last idea might be the easiest to implement long-term..? 3. EP Capsules You know how the Fashion tab of the Loyalty Shop is literally empty? Why not stick some capsules in there? You could stick all versions of a single outfit (for example, all maids outfits, perhaps butler too if not separated by gender) up to prime rarity, and charge about 20-60EP for a capsule. That way people who want a specific outfit, but don't have the gold for legendaries/dyes or don't care about the stats, could try their luck with the capsules. Thank you for your time. Reichhardt, AKA any of the dozen Hartleys you might've seen around If all three are impossible for whichever reasons, could I somehow pay gold to a GM or the system for the outfits? Would I have to send a ticket?
  14. Oh boy, are you ready for this? Making these suggestion in someone's stead, they told me to organize it this way. I don't actually know if what they've stuck in altar goes in altar and what they've stuck in boxes goes in boxes. ALTAR White Ash Clothing Color ✔️1/26/22 White Ash Headwear Color ✔️1/26/22 Dark Grey Clothing Color ✔️1/21/22 Dark Grey Headwear Color ✔️1/21/22 Pure Black Clothing Color ✔️1/26/22 Pure Black Headwear Color ✔️1/26/22 Mysterious Striped Yukata Garb (Legendary) ✔️02/17/22 Mysterious Striped Kimono (Legendary) ✔️02/17/22 Mysterious Cavalier Succat (Legendary) ✔️02/18/22 Mysterious Cavalier Dress (Legendary) ✔️02/18/22 Mysterious Alchemist Suit (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Alchemist Dress (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Aristocrat Apparel (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Aristocrat Dress (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Tigar Stripe Hoodie (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Tigar Stripe Day-Off Combo (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Swim Trunks (Legendary) ✔️ Mysterious Ruffle Two-Piece (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Summer Yukata Garb (Legendary) ✔️02/04/22 Mysterious Summer Kimono (Legendary) ✔️02/04/22 Mysterious Cowboy Suit (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Cowgirl Getup (Legendary)✔️ Hand-dyed Schoolboy Chic Ensemble (Legendary)✔️ Hand-dyed Schoolgirl Chic Ensemble (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Doctor Robe (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Nurse's Uniform (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Pastry Chef Ensemble (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Pastry Chef Threads (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Everyday Uniform (Legendary) ✔️02/14/22 Mysterious Everyday Uniform Dress (Legendary) ✔️02/14/22 Mysterious Magic Garb (Legendary) ✔️02/04/22 Mysterious Magic Princess Gown (Legendary) ✔️02/04/22 Mysterious Modern Elegance Suit (Legendary) ✔️02/14/22 Mysterious Whipped Cream Dream Dress (Legendary) ✔️02/14/22 Mysterious Mecha Pilot Suit (Legendary) ✔️03/11/22 Mysterious Female Mecha Pilot Suit (Legendary) ✔️03/11/22 Mysterious Gown (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Tailcoat (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Heavy Metal Rocker (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Heavy Metal Rockette (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Tennis Team Uniform (Legendary) ✔️03/2422 Mysterious Swim Team Uniform (Legendary) ✔️03/2422 Mysterious Candy Prince (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Candy Sweetheart (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Casual Yukata (Legendary) ✔️03/2422 Mysterious Resplendent Yukata (Legendary) ✔️03/2422 Whimsical Summer Stroll Suit (Legendary)✔️ Whimsical Sailorette Dress (Legendary)✔️ (Don't know which females go with these) Mysterious Ronin Chieftain Costume (Legendary) ✔️03/17/22 Mysterious Royal Guard Robe (Legendary) ✔️04/17/22 Mysterious Innocent Maid Headband (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Chaplin Mustache (Legendary)✔️ Mysterious Wizard's Top Hat (Legendary) ✔️3/3/22 Mysterious Bubble Lollipop (Legendary) ---------- (the green one) ✔️3/3/22 Mysterious Bitten Scroll of Ninjutsu (Legendary)✔️ Ghoulish Midnight Skull (Legendary) ✔️01/27/22 mystery box Ghoulish Silver Skull (Legendary) ✔️01/27/22 mystery box Ghoulish Skull (Legendary)✔️ Mischievous Silver Seal Pup (Legendary) ✔️01/27/22 gem altar Nightmare Bunny Ears (Legendary) ✔️03/11/22 Crimson Kitsu Ears Set (Legendary) ✔️03/11/22 Strawberry Fish-Shaped Cake (Legendary) ✔️03/18/22 Bubblegum Popsicle (Legendary) ✔️03/18/22 Banana Cream Pie Popsicle (Legendary) ✔️3/3/22 Moon Bunny (Legendary) ✔️03/10/22 Mysterious Cheshire Cat (Legendary) ✔️03/18/22 BOXES (can a GS update these for me I don't pay attention to boxes) Aurora Lance (all colors) ✔️01/20/22 Masamune (all colors including Murasame) ✔️01/27/22 Mysterious Cat Ear Beanie (Legendary) ✔️02/04/22 Mysterious Meow Ear Beanie (Legendary) ✔️02/04/22 Gentleman Rabbit Wig (Legendary) ✔️01/20/22 Lady Bunny Wig (Legendary) ✔️01/20/22 WHEREVER FITS (can never have enough of these for my alts) Shadow Kitty Ears (Prime) ✔️31 jan 22 Mysterious Desert Rose Dress (Prime) ✔️31 jan 22 And last but not least... VIP Pop Star Gown (prime one please) I kinda wanna delay this one if it's still possible ✔️02/18/22 I hate you. Orange dyes Orange ✔️24 jan 22 Sunlit Orange ✔️28 jan 22 White dyes White Ash ✔️26 jan 22 Lace White ✔️7 feb 22 Black but not pure black dyes Dark Grey ✔️21 jan 22
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