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  1. i agree with that even if i wasn't a big fan at first lol @Vivi thank you !
  2. Well Yeah, sometimes this happen. But for everyone, who reading the Patch Notes & also the Notes from Maintenance what cleary said "Please make sure to use all crafting items before this date". The Event should have end November 18th, Due to the issues that happened with the first week of the event, it got extending an additional week. So it already was 1 Week longer up, and 4 Weeks to grab your items should be fine lol.
  3. Candy Box still appear in Quest Bag and cant be used.
  4. Yep we definitely need you here. thank you for passing it on🤗 @Vivi please check everything again, because the hoard starts to not spawn.
  5. I'm slowly missing the creativity, motivation to bring something else for this game, and the work of the last events & there are simply no more excuses for that. Im done with all the excuses and hold out. We know it can be done better. Requests/Fixes Hoard Monsters HP & DEF is to much, PT without DPS struggle. The number of monsters is too few More Baskets should be added to Hoard Boss at 16:20 dont Spawn Crimson Spider mini boss 18:00 dont Spawn 24:00 (24:20) boss dont spawn. Change Pink Hex to Purple Hex on Hoard.
  6. Still, it was the biggest wrong decision ever. It's also getting ridiculous to constantly use it as an excuse, that it disabled because people do dual log on BG's. They people who did it, still keept doing it till a point they got banned. Its not necessary to punish the full playerbase. Taking one of the most things out that holds the game alive atleast a bit, no idea how you want to continue, if you taking constantly down the game experience from everyone. But well we can say what we want there will no change.
  7. These can also exchanged for items you may need or want. (Idk your Level/Faction so i put Pic's) Places to exchange those: 1. Ceargate -> In the Base - Silver Medal Vending Machine (Level 23-29) 2. Merholt next to Club Bouncer Jane (same spot in both factions - Level 22+) 3. In Babiron (same Spot both Factions - Level 30+) 4. In Deliah Lounge (first floor); Here are all Vending for all Medals -/ Levels. Level 25+ <<<<<< For FK For RG >>>>>> Items u can get on that Silver Medal Vending: Point Social Skills Ult Skills (Ulti)
  8. Welcome to Scarlet Blade May give a few more information that people can help more easily. Which class do you play?
  9. I get " Sorry, an unknown server error occurred when uploading this file. (Error code: -200)", if i want to change the cover photo.
  10. You will find the most of us at LV 60- 65 that is the cap at the moment. In the lower levels it may looks a bit empty, but a few players alts/new ones can be found there tho.
  11. ATL.DLL Missing/Unable to Find Note: 1 or more of these solutions may help. Not all of them may have to be done Try re-installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package here. If you have 64-bit operating system, check the box for both the x64 and x84 options. Make sure it's not in your recycling bin, if it is, restore it Run an antivirus scan of your system. This checks if a virus is blocking its path Un-install and re-install SBV Check to make sure all drivers are up to date and all updates from Windows are installed. In most Window's update (before Windows 8), they will include a replacement and updated ATL100.DLL file. How i fixed Mine >> Its recommended that these files are not downloaded from DLL sites unless you are 100% sure they are not infected or could not compromise your computer. Download them at your own risk! Win 10 -> To fix the “atl100.dll missing” error, put the file in the application / game installation folder. Alternatively, you can also place the atl100.dll file in the Windows system directory (C:\Windows\System32/64).
  12. Check Here https://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/topic/13007-atl100dll-not-found/
  13. It's something that Vivi have to Update its her Post But i can Help out with Medic All can be suggested for MysteryBox - in the link Kawai posted above (they only are RARE ITEM ) I missing the Tiny Canon & Tiny Canon 2 (what suits the pirat costume) , but here the other Tiny Canon, Narak Invader & Golden Artillery Syringe are available in-game: with stats they drop from bosses & DG or in Gloria. UNIQUE AND WITH STATS
  14. oh well, 1 of the hoarder is me i mail everything to my alt's , and dont check them much, also im the one who selling the 9 Hr Pet EXP with my banky's on AH
  15. They dropped on the last Halloween Event & Winter Event 2020.
  16. @DanDaaManYou dont lose EXP when u get killed by an Mob? As far as i know is the only Item that preventing you from losing EXP the Guardians Blessing (30d).
  17. I rly would help you for FREE but i dont have any FK - sorry Maybe use Shout and any of them is kind enough
  18. 👀 i live in Germany too, and i dont have any trouble with DC's so it should be k
  19. Go on SB.Vendetta Choose Donate or Web Shop - and log in to your account. The widget requires your Game Login, not forum ones. Most costumes are only available here with VGN (AP) you have to buy if u want/can. There are OLD ASB and NEW VSB Costumes all can be checked out here: Costume Guide Ingame you can found them at Gloria for Gold if somebody else have spend AP for the weekly Mystery Boxes. These change every Thursday after server maintenance. SB Mystery Boxes can be found here. Web Shop Suggestion for the Mystery Boxes SB can be made here : Suggestion Mystery Box How to Buy VGN (AP). Instructions: - Go to Pixel Game Card Website and login to their website. - If you are new to Pixel Game Card then register an account before logging in with Pixel Game Card. - Once you are logged in select the card value you wish to purchase. - Complete the purchase using the payment service selected. - Once you have gained you card via email/payment page you can use the widget on this page to add the VGN Points to your account - Donate - The widget requires your Game Login not your Pixel Game Card login. The List of the prices and the points you will gain per valued card: Remember, the Bonus VGN Points are EXTRA VGN Points additionally added eg $10 purchase will give you 5,250 VGN Points not 5,000. Hope it help u a bit
  20. well , welcome to the annoying mistake I also had a few times. 🤣 I went for the site dll files to fix mine, (Download them at your own risk) Win 10 -> To fix the “atl100.dll missing” error, put the file in the application / game installation folder. Alternatively, you can also place the atl100.dll file in the Windows system directory (C:\Windows\System32/64).
  21. Cheery Minsrel Pantaloons please never seen them in Boxes, normaly they only can get by trade sweets on halloween event :v
  22. @Daddy possible to change this rate, use Metal Scrap instead of Mechanical Shard to get Epoxy? the Scraps just sitting in Warehouse
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