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  1. OOOF. Since they shut down there stuff to pay with paypal and co i buy VGN over Mint. There a lot sites u can buy those Cards with Paypal , Paysafe Card, Bank and so on. I picked cos i have good experience with them from other games i play. As an an example Here u can Buy them with Paypal. You get a code that u enter in Pixel Came Card (Mint Card) & then u get ur VGN. They also accept a lot of Banks & other stuff Just register that's it ,no need to send pic's or what ever. Its more cumbersome than before but it workz. Or wait till PCG sort their stuff like Vivi said in one Post " We're currently working with Paymentwall to offer new Payment Options and hopefully bring back ones we have had removed recently. We kindly ask for everyone's patience whilst we are in the process of doing so. "
  2. @Daddy possible to change the animation from WH skill - Etenral Suffering? idk i lag sometime and seems so long.
  3. And already all of us smacked u arround. U boring. 🙄🙄🙄 Btw get back to the topic or close this damn post
  4. Medics also can farm DG since patch, its just if u want to take it, coz it still more time to offer farming then a DPS class Not appropriate to say something like that lol. anyways, you have Option open to try all classes out to finde one u "like" to play, I liked to play SE/ WH at 39 Cap.
  5. 😫true Why i need eva buff to get bubble?Q_Q
  6. "Halloween events will be started for both games during next week's maintenance". 🤔 Later today. ~ If they not they making a post. 《:
  7. @cowboys12 got ya <_< i know u want too, everyone is welcome to play with pennywise ❤️
  8. I forgot you^^ yea u also a option lol
  9. Welcome to SB I think @Filomena haveing space for you? Just ask Im from FK side. Good Gamein!
  10. Then good luck and have fun with the game! U also welcome to play Scarlet Blade 😎
  11. Oi oi ! Willkomm ! What game u decide to join?
  12. Camp Asmo on FK? 😂 Lose cos Zerg , Lose cos Zerg .. oh wait we get maybe 1 or 0 a day 😂 and then Crap so no ancient spanners🤣
  13. And not strange that u one of the ppl that can still atk while u get stunned? Wohooo. Bugs are everywhere 🤫 happend a lot in most games. And often enough it happend when whippers arround. Sometimes it show pull failed but then 5 sec later booooom u got pulled cos its not failed. Also when medics arround they can still cleans the hook and sinker, and any other devuffs if they dont self got a hit. Lets wait drink tea and then we all will see what changes we get. 🤔 If you dont know, if lag or hack just remine urself you can record bgs or something to check it later again. Can help u sometimes too.
  14. Nice! Welcome back If need help or anything else let me know IGN Kalisti