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  1. Take a look in this one. Sometimes its a small thing that fix it. Many players using a VPN. If not i Tag one of your SB GS @Norleras here that could probly help with such issue.
  2. Win 10 -> To fix the “atl100.dll missing” error, put the file in the application / game installation folder. Alternatively, you can also place the atl100.dll file in the Windows system directory (C:\Windows\System32/64). ATL100.DLL Missing/Unable to Find Its recommended that these files are not downloaded from DLL sites unless you are 100% sure they are not infected or could not compromise your computer. Download them at your own risk. Note: 1 or more of these solutions may help. Not all of them may have to be done Try re-installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package here. If you have 64-bit operating system, check the box for both the x64 and x84 options. Make sure it's not in your recycling bin, if it is, restore it Run an antivirus scan of your system. This checks if a virus is blocking its path Un-install and re-install SBV Check to make sure all drivers are up to date and all updates from Windows are installed. In most Window's update (before Windows 8), they will include a replacement and updated ATL100.DLL file
  3. Server still has same location in France? Asking because servertime says 3:17 but my time is 5:17 france has same timezone as germany 🤔
  4. Yes. For most part of the rg people that PVP, they at work or sleep since a lot of them have +6hr (o more) to your server time ^^.
  5. @Vivican you add challenger solo tho?
  6. Level 10 - changing the Guild Icon (Mark) Rank 10 - Unlock Storage (Extra 3) the last Extra (4) wont open, it never did. & Guildhall get small change tho😅
  7. Bored. Disinterested. Crying in the corner. 🤷‍♀️
  8. I cant remember how many daily quest the game give down there but for gold: Step 1: Farm Bitterstone Core dungeon. Cos of the Bug inside Note: You can apply this technique to any of the other dungeons, just prefer this one as you can loot the final boss the fastest and it wont give to much EXP. What you'll get (Note: Prices vary) Gold - Each run will about 5g in solo and 10g in team (excluding sg 6 & 7s which sell for 1g each) Stardust - Use to make +7 naraks (~180g each) and +8 naraks (~300geach) Narak Relics - 100~150g each Blueprints - 200 ~ 400+ gold each Gamma Gear -> (gamma suits, bangles and helmets, 7 ~ 10g (or more depending on stats ) Always certify gamma gears & when you get ones with very good stats enhance & sell +8 for ~ 400g each o more depend whats in AH. But +7 - +8 Items are mostly used as Narak's and get sold fast! Jewel Replicubes -> have decent chance of becoming a uni "Rare Rank 1:" jewel...some sell for up to 1000g - 3500g each or more ! However, some are not worth the risk opening because they are worth way more in replicube form then when opened. most worthy atm: RED: Crit ATK, ACC , CH ACC Green: EVA, CRIT-VOID, HP Port Out with Mereholt/Enocia Transmitters (alternate between the two) Repeat! Hope this can help a lil. If need more help just hit me up - Data adjusted - original post by Gabby "How to make 2000g a day in Scarlet Blade Vendetta!" -
  9. lol, was about to say he didnt died lol just had to reopen the side http://limeox.info/app/scarlet/
  10. Archangel

    NB AI

    I understand that. There where a time while i still was FK that they had more lol but hard to hold this numbers up it always was a struggle lol
  11. Archangel

    NB AI

    well, i upload any NB on my YTChannel ,when join, and im not AFK anywhere nerver did. There people afk in both sides anyways. Either play, leave it or stay outside. Im tired of Zerging you guys, but also bored to get Zerged by you when would show up. So basicly we just kill who's there even when its boring and zerg for you. I personally dont make an Alt or FC any of my Characters back to FK tbh,just because you are less people there. A few who went over and try to help but instead of accepted, rather shit on it and made drama out of it. So they dont do it anymore. There is always a reason why a lot peopel dont play, or have Quit. In some days we see bunch of FK and get wrepped in paper. Its been a while now, that others, included me have made the suggestion , to push the guards at entrance Tunnel like they are in Amara so no side has the chance to go inside and camp camp camp. but on the other side the problem will be : FK leading - Hide in the Tunnel - RG lose. RG leading - Hide in Tunnel - FK Lose Same goes for AI when not killed. Also you can AFK inside then, nobody would notice. so if they disappear, FK/RG camp even more in there? still the same but more worse Maybe take out the respawn mobs arround AI when they got killed because for low,not geared players they can hurt af. Even for maxed Player. But hey, It's always the same here, as soon as one faction always wins, the other howls, arguing and pissing off, log off, dont show up what ever. We should all honestly pull ourselves together, after all, this is a game of faction vs faction. The player numbers are not like they were back then. But honestly give a question to yourself why you still playing the game.
  12. Archangel

    NB AI

    so its remove all guards, bosses & mobs and fight o afk?
  13. Faction RG IGN: Pαn When your Pc sends you signals: He's done and i'm like " i dont care i want play" Yes it broke 1 day after this vs When you love being a Medic with HP from DE :< PS: if enough participate, I will add an AP Item of choice, for the post i like to most i wanna see your weird,beautiful stuff!
  14. which game you refer to?
  15. You can learn all skills you see there. Just not all needed for a good working build They can reset with a Skill reset code anytime. Some of them are maxed like 3/6 points, depent on the character Level. Max level is 65 and with all Quest, Puzzle and Levels u will have 105 Skill Points to use. I think this site can help you in a few other questions. It shows all Skills with stats, and classes, all point Quests,Puzzels, And also how many Skill points each Level Cap has from 29,39,49,59 to 65. https://limeox.info/app/scarlet
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