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  1. I Hope the Bubble u in will explode.. with a fat wooohoo wont matter If you put ur butt in the middle to get the attention. With or without you DramaBlade iz dead. Close this topic... thanks.
  2. 不不不不不不不不不不不不不 good joke..
  3. Well Made the best out of it If you have no other toons or wont no other to farm with. ^^ and with that pop pvp that happen its still support enough i could but lazy also the pots drops alot
  4. 打Runnin with that build since months. Shortes way Not Clean full.
  5. Damn massacar. don't try to compare that to that that is nonsense 蛤仁 I was comment in the Feedback for TT after Patch, cos first reales of it, sucked you couldnt run that thing. Then changes came now its rly a poop for all classes , i know that because i have every class at 65.. But Seems i have to Upload to farm with medic..TT or other. Even with 105 points you can get a good build done for both situations same time . If you rly wanna go for it pm..& all the other stuff. Daddy gave medics already a Lot more "DPS" with these skills, in the end we should not forget its based "Healer". Back in Aeria you had a shit from this dmg you can reach now. An option what a Lot people do that playing medic they made a dps toon, i know its hard to level , Gear and all this shot, but it can be worth it. If you need stuff and want that. Btw to get Team for TT is on both sides the same a rare Situation. Y'llgonna comment without ever touched medic as MAIN char playing pvp/ pve. So im gonna blend you out. <.< medics will ever be seen from 90% as heal me bitch or you suck.
  6. No Problems in Farmin it. My build works pve and pvp no need to reset. Mobs got lowerd HP in TT while ago to make easier kind of pop now. Just time need more then other class. RP Farm is 30 min solo so i dunno? pick the dots, offenes buff , stack crit atk/rate an easy going
  7. Dont like anyone. All this "Anime" suff... RIP
  8. It was and will ever be like that.
  9. It Spawn different adds , you need to kill them before they reach the Boss and can give him a buff. He also get a buff where U Miss hits, best Option is to use your ATK Buffs and try Mech.
  10. Sadly, this part of the DG is bugged since Aeria. You have low chance to get a portal to reach the Bloody Chamber part. to complete the Zealot's Pass Quest, normaly it complete if u drive in this room of the DG Did u relogged? Sometimes its bugged. i check by myself to see where it was
  11. Welcome to Scarlet Blade If help is needed, dont be shy - just ask! Hope you get the Game working to enjoy the Game!
  12. Medics have 2 DEF Buff now with a lot more Stats. Shadow Projection is the Buff where all DEF Stats come together for you and other members near. (max 6ppl) (Back in Aeria it was the Eva Buff) 1/14 points. Enchanted Foil is another DEF buff only for urself, Nobody else will get the "Bubble" buff. (Cant remember the stats it has back in Aeria) 1/11 Points The Last line in Skills is about Buffs for urself only, they all stackble with partybuffs. To use these, you also need the party buffs (except Eradicate) example: 5 Points in Shadow Projection = 4 Points in Enchanted Foil MORE INFO
  13. I laugh about ur comment only ^^ its not that you as half/half player not Like it. And "build" a bigger Hospital , wow seems you forget the thing that people Log where to most people are. Even when we add more they Switch and double it again. Im tired of hearing this Shit. Go and be medic vs this bullshit, you be done after few days. No Worth pvp with this stupid way.
  14. PVP! and no, not Hospital "PVP". Nobody needs this sheet.
  15. You can also shout " WTS > AP (the Number of AP u wanna sell) atm, a lot want to buy AP items they would PM you what they want. If you want to put items on Gloria - its up to you for what u gonna sell them, most sell AP 1:1 so 1 Gold = 1 AP, but u also can sell items higher like 1k or 2k more then AP price - they still get sold. Skill Resets - Graft Tool - Pet Chips - Narak Blood - Narak Skin - Backback - Warehousecodes. are the items that get sold fast.
  16. both possible. But mostly Mobs,
  17. Do you mean social skills? Like sad,angry ect? They can be found at Vending Machine. Next to Deliah Lounge NPC in Mereholt.
  18. Medics dont need 2 hrs to Cap, i dont know any medic needing this time i have only Auto Attack skilled & when i go for Iit its done in 30-35 min. Even in pt with @Beau WE need arround 30-40min. Just because of the new Rules you want other things added to CAP FAST to not do a dann thing, Both sides has alot medics arround , i see few of them capping with a guildmate. Also WHs arround. Not everyone Like you care about RP must be done. Most of Players are good with the Rank to use Major 55.
  19. FK or RG? Gimme ur IGN i will send you some. - they are always a Item that drop, you can direct buy them only on Gloria from other Players or Shout If some sell or mail you.
  20. @Vivi whats When ppl log with another pc, 1 is FK 1 is RG and kill each other to cap rp whats with that? still see people do that
  21. If If really matter, then you Block it damn late after over 4 years. And still people are Logged with 2 pcs at same time so nothing has changed, for those who dont have it You just Piss and punish everyone. And Not the people who doing it. Just 1 Person abusing every single shit He can, and then to threaten someone lows on shout wow. We reach the Level of this. If you want Players taken it serious Stop being so fuking SOFT. That dual logging just made the Game more empty then before. A Lot Stop care about everything. Only Option to get RP is Farming mops, no Rally good pvp happen, outside from NB/AK even in the BGS Numbers sucks. It has become to PVE game, and only the loot count so people Play where loot is. Going Low lvl is the same. LV 55 guys hide on Mini Bunker in Ai against people between 39-49. What a great pvp 不 .WH got nerfs over nerfs, and now even in tank set they are going down fast. Too much playin on Skills, and the result is what we have now. MORE DEBUFFS, MORE MORE. So medics ending up with 2 lines in debuffs But Well All classes are OP, If you know how to use them and to build them. It takes much effort and time till you reach it. In the end tbh the move was just a kick in ur own Butt.
  22. Well its Not only Wings. :]]