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  1. Shining Wing Bow ( mystery box ) thank you ❤️
  2. I would like to know if the loot rate of the compos 105 will be reviewed? because considering the quantity requested for the enchanting crafts and considering the current droop rate... I wonder if your goal is not to scare away the players? sorry for my english ...
  3. Granma Tiwaka ? Merry Christmas ??
  4. Hello, having been Gs on the official server for 3 years, I confirm that there is no need to have the GS Tag to help the community. On Vendetta I help as much as I can and even with my English more than bad I can make myself understood and honestly and between us I get some satisfaction from having been able to help a player in need. I hope that in your new IG life you will find your "happiness". Have a good trip:)
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