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  1. Shining Wing Bow ( mystery box ) thank you ❤️
  2. I would like to know if the loot rate of the compos 105 will be reviewed? because considering the quantity requested for the enchanting crafts and considering the current droop rate... I wonder if your goal is not to scare away the players? sorry for my english ...
  3. Hello, while searching my image archives I found the first maps of the very first territory wars and I wondered if there was not a possibility to reuse them in the current game. Either as a PVP map or as an event map or other. For the moment I'm just looking for ideas that could give good moments of fun and nostalgia for the older ones. Any other ideas are welcome.
  4. Granma Tiwaka ? Merry Christmas ??
  5. Making successes on EE is not very difficult, especially the basic ones that count for the legendary successes. This becomes less obvious for the craft of DNj golds items because some compounds are really rare to get... BUT it is still possible, the proof I have finished them all ( all and I am not the only one:) just be patient and persevering... By oversimplifying things, players become lazy and easily drop a game as soon as they have to move their buttocks ( the AFK in Aven does not bring anything^^). The fact of being able to buy the items by pack in the Pe shop... ok I admit it may be possible since some items are already possible... but for the glory items do not abuse... you have your plans you count how many items you need and buy in bulk ( Jordan has already explained it)... voila:) Ps For players who think that success is useless and who prefer to cry because they make themselves OS by a more BL... well that's their problem! It is up to them to know if they want to finish their character correctly or not and if they suffer from acute laziness - a pity for them. We are on a private server, the extreme facilitation of basic tasks, reminding EE veteran players of the nostalgia of the game, cannot ensure a viable longevity for the server.
  6. Hello, having been Gs on the official server for 3 years, I confirm that there is no need to have the GS Tag to help the community. On Vendetta I help as much as I can and even with my English more than bad I can make myself understood and honestly and between us I get some satisfaction from having been able to help a player in need. I hope that in your new IG life you will find your "happiness". Have a good trip:)