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  1. No one said you're obligated to open a Grand Fantasia server for the gf community. We thought it would be a good idea for you guys to invest in this because we know that it would be beneficial to Vendetta (If its being run right). There's even a discord that support this happening. Of course people appreciate your time and effort towards Eden. Even if it's causing you to live off of pain medication. As a developer; putting your own interests ahead of the interests of the community is looked down upon, I get that you enjoy EE and whatnot but to the community; it seems as if you're not listening to us and just jumped ahead and opened something that you feel passionate about. That's part of the reason why Twin Saga failed and classic EE is following the same path. You all opened private servers hoping for there to be some sort of take-off and haven't seen the profit from your own endeavors. Once again, you're not obligated to open a grand fantasia server. But it just feels like a slap in the face towards some people who was asking for this for years. I understand when people said that grand fantasia needs more work than EE but if you as developers don't take that leap of faith and hire more people to help you expand your brand and potentially get some of the stress off of you, Bash and Vivi; you will continue to keep on having the same issues over and over again. Bash and Vivi took a leap of faith when they hired you to become a developer, why can they not do the same for others. It's easier said than done I know but its something that is needed for things to grow. That's just how it works. No one wants to see vendetta fall; we want to help you grow because of how much effort you guys put towards Eden. And we believe that opening a grand fantasia server will aid in that. Please don't take me ranting as me coming for you guys, its just my opinion on how things are going looking from the outside in. I fully agree with you when you said that things like this should not be rushed. I 100% agree with you; hence why people have been patiently waiting. Especially with only 3 game developers currently available. Whether you decide to open a grand fantasia server or not is completely up to you. But again, for some people in the community; it feels as if the developers shot us down after we asked for this for years and did whatever they wanted to do.
  2. So it took 9 months to give in to a classic server but people have been asking for a gf server for almost half a decade... We asked for this even before swia came out it just feels like a slap to the face Besides Jordan already said that "I don't get anything extra out of working on Classic as its a 100% passion project by me." So obviously there's bias towards opening a classic ee server than a gf server that the community have been asking for ever since twin saga died.
  3. The new class is too broke. It dominates gf like how gm dominated ee when awaken classes first came out ?
  4. Sakura


    Are these suppose to be get well memes?
  5. Wtf pumpkin ice cream is a thing? And I like ice cream sandwiches
  6. hi, if u know anything about gf then number 4,5,6 and 8 you would already know the answer to that But u don't have to worry about us anymore we don't mind waiting to see what happens in the future
  7. I don't want it to seem as if I'm (or we) are pushing them to host a gf server. We see the topic differently. I just want us to be on the same page to avoid any confusion No hard feelings <3
  8. Like I said, I know that 9 months passed, but the reasoning on why the server is a no go keeps on changing. One moment its one reason and the next moment it's a completely different reason. A clarification would be nice. But I'll say it again. I know Bash said vendetta cannot host a server right now. If you decided to not dev anymore that's cool, but at least tell us that and not say we have no one to dev for the server. I personally have no hard feelings about u not being able to dev for the server if it happens, but again, at least tell us that. This is why it's becoming very confusing. If it don't make sense to us then ofc ppl would read back to try to understand. If that's your way of interpreting "picking at everything bash is saying" in a negative way then I apologize.
  9. Sigh the story keeps switching on why vendetta cant host. I thought we solved the dev issue long ago. We get it, they cannot host a server right now. But it doesn't change the fact that the story keeps changing. I know it's been 9 months since this post, but we thought Jordan was going to dev. Then at the end, bash said no because of the launch of Swia. Technically idgaf about Aeria server it was doomed to fail anyway lets be real. We took that and believed that's the reason why. Fast forward 3 months later, its now a dev issue? I know Jordan is dealing with Eden but the reasoning keeps changing. To where we don't 100% know what is the real issue is. People volunteered to become a gs to help because Jordan said he needed helpers. Some people was even talking about starting a go fund me page for the server because they thought it was a financial issue. Is it 100% a dev issue or is it more than that? Again, I'm not talking about launching the game, I'm talking about why the reasoning's keep changing. We're fighting for this because we know the benefits it can give us and vendetta. But giving us different reasoning is making us have doubt / not believe that you're on the same page as us. Can we stick to 1 reasoning pls
  10. Can you elaborate on that? You first said those two games is something you'll consider, but then said both games are highly unlikely to arrive here. So is that saying even though you'll consider them, it doesn't matter because they wont come to vendetta? Because you said I had bought a dev server and had the game working on it we were fully committed to launching Grand Fantasia here at VGN but it's just not feasible we cannot put more effort into more games when our current ones require more attention. Eden Eternal is being ran fantastic by Vivi and Jordan's dev work. Scarlet Blade is having a major patch incoming and I am always busy on NosTale working on stuff. If things had played out better including IRL affairs such as education, work and obviously other launches of games we might have committed to it. We will however not be launching a game the first half of this year at VGN as our main priority is working on the ones we currently host as we owe it to our existing members of the community that effort. We understand that vendetta cant host another game atm; but its like one day where you're all up for gf (telling us maybe in the future) and the other where there's 0 chance of it happening. I am confusion
  11. Even though I was also disappointed with the decision that they made, I was actually happy that Bash did clarify the reason why they turned it down. And its 100% understandable that they want to improve their other games b4 they invest into another. I believe ppl felt at the time that all they're efforts they put into wanting a gf server all went down the drain. Some of us thought that they would invest into another game since Swia came out. But now we realize ( I hope we do ) that atm VGN just cant launch another game. Hopefully when they do decide to launch another game, it will be GF. And if it is then they will definitely succeed Also I wont be surprised if more ppl keep showing they're support for a GFV. Since we know its a high in demand game atm.
  12. But it’s Aeria. Anything Aeria touches turns to shit
  13. What I think people fail to realize is that no matter what Aeria or .to do (updates, events) if the server is p2w it would never be successful.
  14. I don't think you will ever stop repeating yourself when it comes to a high in demand game like GF. You must realize that you're not talking to the same people you have been back when this forum started in July. Don't be so harsh on them.
  15. I think because to get the thrill of playing gf again even before 100 cap. But that's my opinion on why
  16. LOL i read it wrong sorry dude but yah i'll totally agree if we start at 80 cap that would be awesome
  17. Okay, now I’m understanding you more. While I do agree the pvp will most likely be active if they start us at 80, for me personally, I actually love to pvp in the lower arena just to have fun. Now I do admit, there needs to be a limit on how much a low level person is allowed to do when pvping. Such as how far they can fort a item, what pots they are allowed to use, stones, etc. People already have the ability of making a character so op, that they dominate in a level 30-50 arena. In my opinion, it kills the fun in arena. If vendetta can make a limit to what people can and cannot use in a lower arena, it can really attract more people to pvp in lower arena rather than worry about someone coming in and dominating everbody single handily.
  18. Not reducing the cap. They’re talking about having everyone start at level 80
  19. @ #4. Yea no One of the reason of having a brand new Grand Fantasia server is to have a fresh start. And for some people, they love the joy of starting over. The feeling of coming to a brand new game/server is a feeling that no one can take away. People set goals for themselves as well as working hard to peruse it. Grand fantasia is a heavy grindy game and yea, it can be boring as hell. But at the same time it's what makes the game so fun and memorable. You worked so hard to get where you are, and now your hard work is paying off. Starting at level 80 will take the joy out of the game because a big part of your journey is cut off. Not to mention when you start playing the game at that of a high level, the game can get out of sync. There are some people on the .to server who complained because the exp was so high (Not the Sprite Exp but the Character Exp) that you cant finish some of your quest in a area without becoming over leveling or being forced to use a capsule that made you not get exp at all. We would like for some type of balance in the game. Grand Fantasia is a game that was meant for you to build your way from the bottom and hopefully up to the top. Like I mentioned before starting at level 80 is doing something that the game wasn't built on doing and it would be wrong to go against it. It can mess up certain things like Fame, Sprites, Class Skill level and Quest. But that's my opinion. For me personally, I want to play the game casually in the beginning and enjoy every moment I can, before pvp becomes a thing on that game.
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