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  1. --
    Name: Dang
    Birthday: Old enough to do anything=3
    Birthplace: Maryland
    Eye Color: Dark brown
    Hair Color: Black
    Right Handed or Left Handed: Right
    Your Heritage: Vietnamese
    The Shoes You Wore Today: Slippers
    Your Weakness: Many, especially failure
    Your Fears: Many, don't wanna jinx it
    Your Perfect Pizza: Supreme!
    Your Most Overused Phrase On an instant messenger: Hey there
    Thoughts First Waking Up: Woot! Not another day...
    Your Best Physical Feature: Its for you to find out:)
    Your Bedtime: Anytime I feel like sleeping
    Your Most Missed Memory: Childhood friends
    Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi
    Pho or Lo mein: Pho
    Single or Group Dates: Both
    Green Tea or Nestea: Green tea
    Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate
    Bubble tea or Coffee: Bubble tea
    Do you Smoke: Nope
    Do you Swear: Only when Im madd
    Do you Draw: Yes
    Do you Shower Daily: Of course
    Have you Been in Love: No, not really^^
    Do you want to go to the best College: Yes
    Do you want to get Married: Yep
    When: Whenever I'm ready
    Do you believe in yourself: Sometime
    Favorite anime: Kenshin all the way baby!
    Type of music you are listening to right now: Korean pop
    Do you like Dogs: No, I used to...
    Can you fight: Nope
    In the past month have you Drank Alcohol: Nope
    In the past month have you gone on a movie: Nope
    In the past month have you gone to a Mall: Nope
    In the past month have you played a great RPG game: Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne
    In the past month have you been in an accident: Nope
    In the past month have you been killed and than come back alive: Many times in my dreams
    In the past month have you gone Skinny Dipping: Nope
    In the past month have you Stolen Anything: Nope
    Ever been Drunk: Nada
    Ever been Beaten up: hehe by my sis, she punched me in the face. I was shocked and we both laugh afterwards. And my brother gave me a bloody lip, lolXD
    Ever Shoplifted: Yep, a long time ago when i was in middle school:D
    How do you want to Die: Die old and happy
    What do you want to be when you Grow Up: Everything, the best I can be
    What country would you most like to Visit: Everywhere!!! Especially Heaven....but not yet though.
    In a Girl I am looking for...
    Favorite Eye Color: Any colors^^
    Favorite Hair Color: Any, I like it all:)
    Short or Long Hair: Prefer long but any will do
    Height: Shorter than me or the same height as me
    Weight: Any
    Best Clothing Style: My style!
    Big eye or small eyes?: Doesn't matter
    Number of CDs I own: Many
    Personalities from a girl: Funny, smart, gentle and kind
    Particular Ethnics?: Any, as long as we're both happy
    Number of things in my Past I Regret: Many

  2. impactiko

    Christmas Event 2018 [CLOSED]

  3. impactiko

    About Guild Towns and Buildings

    I feel the same way. I don't want to abandon my guild to do the crafting when no one is there to repair the towns. I just made 11 alts today and learned that I need to have at least 10 players at the same time in 3 consecutive days and my comp can't handle that many multi-clients, lol. But anyways, I will find a way to get it to work somehow^^
  4. impactiko

    Christmas Event 2018 [CLOSED]

    Thanks for answering [GS] Armades ! Don't worry, I will use contents for this game and in-game related stuff^^
  5. impactiko

    Craft rework/help

    I spent almost two years on this game and viola! No achievements, lol. Well if you include wisdom and int and I mostly play as a bad tank in this game, then it will be my first time doing achievements :D. I'm still a nub if I compared other players to mexDDD
  6. impactiko

    Altar/Mystery Box Suggestion

    I am luvin the cow suit one-sies! The costume is great^^. Any other animal costumes? I checked but it wasn't there, so I guess it's a noxDDD. Can we get a chicken or dinosaur costume in the future. Doesn't have to be now. Just a consideration that's all, lolxDDD
  7. impactiko

    Christmas Event 2018 [CLOSED]

    Are we allow to cut out our character from the game and make something out of it? For example, like this: screenshot windows 8 For this wallpaper I made a long time ago, I used a scan and cut it out via photoshop. Then I manipulate the image and it turned out like this.
  8. impactiko

    What are you listening to ?

    Your love it feels so good And that's what takes me high Higher than I've been before Your love it keeps me alive Thought I should let you know When you touch me it means so much ~
  9. impactiko


    welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay:D
  10. impactiko

    VGN Points

    Yes. You can get free beginners kit from the event tab from the Eden Eternal page. Go here. At the top of the Tab section, you should see "Event". Click on it to see if you can get the items. If not, other people can help you. lolxD
  11. impactiko

    VGN Points

    This may help you.
  12. impactiko

    New Run Map

    Thanks for answering Jordan! *whew*. I am a glad and a happy camper that it's last, because i don't want it to come out so quickly, lol. I really like the 100 level set. It's so awesome. 😅
  13. impactiko

    What are you listening to ?

    Use a helmet Vivi to make sure that your brain wont explode:D. You're such a genius, lolxD. Evil puppy will be there to watch your timely death>:3. muahhahah
  14. impactiko

    New Run Map

    Will the Lvl 100 Awakened sets have any effect on our already fortified Lvl 100 Weapons and Armors Jordan? Will it go back to the normal stats and do we have to upgrade everything again? Just curious what you will do with it, that's all...
  15. impactiko

    What are you listening to ?

    It's the circle of liffeeee