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  1. lol, you're one funny guy jordanxD. I don't play anymore but I kept going back and read the forums for some reasonxD.Thanks for all the free gifts and generosity btw. It's awesome. All the GS are doing well too=). That's all and a Happy New Year!!!
  2. It worked! Thanks for the help Jordan. Couldn't do this without ya^^
  3. Hi Jordan. I used a VPN but it still didn't work. I guess I'll wait for the next update... So until than, I'll be a ninja and read the forum news, muahhaha. Or I will use the link provided by NoRunNoGun for the patch 51 when its up:).Thanks for the help anyway^^
  4. ^same here! I don't know what happened T_T. I get a "Init Sound Device File Failed" and "The Repair Process Failed". I also disabled my anti virus and firewall....
  5. Sorry to hear that . You've been very active in the forum and people enjoy chatting with ya. Take care Nayxa.
  6. Got this from gamefaqs:D I am surprised so many are the 25-36 age range, lol.
  7. Great job Jordan! It's fun but hard. I always die, lolxDD
  8. Why do you have to quit Nippa? Even though I don't know you personally, you're one of the best GS in EE. /sad -- Anyway wish you the best in the future and come back once in a while. Take care Nippa.:)
  9. I would like to see this pet in the Crystal Altar or Magic Box. Thanks! Thank you so much for the addition to the boxes Vivi:3. My friend is shy that's why she didn't post the suggestion up. o/
  10. Oh nice. Sorry didn't read the many tl;tr posts because it was too long, xD. I see. I usually run it first lol. Thanks for answering!
  11. Hi Jordan. I have a problem. Whenever I tried to teleport out of the dungeon using the Soul Guardian at the end, it won't allow me to teleport out. Can you check it for me? I don't feel like changing classes just to teleport because I am too lazy, lol.:D
  12. Welcome to the VGN Staff Karah! Hope you like it here and hope we are rooting for you so stay for a llloooonnngg time, k?>:D muhahahhaa
  13. Thanks a lot for the patch Jordan! I was in a slump for about 4 month then this patch came, lol. Anyway, I have a problem. I can't seem to teleport out of Alternate Dimension of Souls. For some reason, it only happens on my alt. Any suggestion? https://postimg.cc/G8WDgLRv/69dec7bb P.S I am glad that Thy came back from M.I.A. He was gone for sooooo long, lolxDDD
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