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  1. Watch no game no life: zero, it's a gem
  2. Closing this thread but not hiding to remind everyone what happens when you don't read the giant big yellow announcements in game
  3. If Bash had to address every rumor he would spend his time doing that instead of doing patches. And i've heard that vaccines cause autism. People say Earth is flat. Do we really need to explain that things you read on the internet are not a reliable source? Closing this thread
  4. Thanks everyone for joining, hope you had fun! Next time I promise we will have better organization, I tried my best but I was alone and it's hard to moderate 50+ people in arena. I will PM the winners! (scores are wrong I forgot to keep them in mind sorry)
  5. These are the brackets, good luck to everyone The matches will start in normal arena ch5 at 16 pm
  6. Downs-Damages (i'm registering in his behalf because he's not able to, 200 IQ)