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  1. Bloodevil

    Snow White Tiger Costume (Permanent)

    It's been useful for a long time, beta players got benefit from it for over a year and they will always have an extra fancy costume. It's natural to replace old items as time goes by! I think it's already special by the fact that no one else can obtain it
  2. Bloodevil

    Some missing news ;)

    Don't worry about that, we don't implement useless things, the reason those wings are not yet implemented is that they clearly need a rework which is not easy to do since wings can easily alter the balance of the game!
  3. Bloodevil

    New Content from Community

    We have a suggestion section , however things such as new maps (maybe this one can be accepted), extensions of story line and big changes like an increment in Max Lv are usually automatically rejected since they require a lot of work from Bash and most importantly can ruin the balance in the game. I know you asked an answer from Bash but i can pretty much assure you that he would say the same thing
  4. Bloodevil

    Chat filtering (mainly regarding the Speakers)

    As Squizzy already said, you can disable speakers in "game configuration"
  5. Bloodevil

    Some FC adjustments

    We can fix the price to a higher value but it's nonsense to leave it unavailable, it's in the game! I don't see why i shouldn't be able to craft it in a decent amount of time if i have the money for it. I can agree with you that 2b is too low, alright, we can fix the price at a higher value as long as the fairy becomes available for people that can afford it! It's indeed very good but around 4b should allow you to increase your strenght, i don't see anything wrong here
  6. Bloodevil

    Hunting TS rework

    I think your idea is close to Bash's idea of dungeons for high levels (i don't know if you read about that: but designed for low levels. I really think we should give it a try, bots aren't able to create TS as long as i know and this kind of farm would be less boring. +1
  7. Bloodevil

    Some FC adjustments

    It doesn't have to be necessarily easier in terms of gold needed per fairy, i think it should be more available rather than cheaper. We could fix the price of essences giving them a decent value (3-4kk IMO), i mean like this you'd still need to spend more than 2b to make 1 fairy only. And considering that with 2b you can get a full set of erenia fairies i don't think that it would be unbalanced. The problem here is that the fairy is unavailable even if you have the gold for it! With this i don't mean that i'd like to see 999x essences in bazar either, just a little more available (this would also help the FC situation)
  8. Bloodevil

    Some FC adjustments

    This would be very nice in an ideal word where people don't abuse the system unfortunately I think score-based prizes are not a good idea since they don't really represent how "good" a player is, too easy to get a good score and being a bad player, you know what i mean.. Anyway Other than PvE based changes do you (everyone not only perse) have some ideas to bring more people to FC? Let's use this thread instead of making a new one, ideas from community are always well accepted Also Edit: i agree with @hollowknight but he already knows since i suggested the same things several times ahaha
  9. Bloodevil

    Top 10 Rewards on RBB

    I don't think we need bigger rewards in terms of gold/valuable items, don't get me wrong: i don't think that it'd be too much if we increased prizes for 1-3, we're still talking about something near 1kkk, which is not that much on a 30+days period and for the 3 highest scores. Still, i don't think we need to do that in order to increase the competition, a player that wants more money dedicates himself to farming rather than RB! I really like the idea of cosmetics in terms of rep icon/title, it's a nice little thing that rewards your work and can't really be abused in anyway possible
  10. Bloodevil

    Gambling r7/r8 accesibly

    Are you suggesting that people who farm all day/shop and people who don't farm/shop should have the same gear? I can't follow your train of thought
  11. I made this suggestion once and many didn't like it, +1 anyway
  12. Bloodevil


    Super easy to trick, you can just make new characters everyday so everyday you will have some characters ready to go when the others are banned, also this would annoy a lot new players!
  13. Bloodevil

    some suggestion against bot

    You can send the video to me in PM, next time just contact a GS in-game/forum
  14. Bloodevil

    Fernon Fairy uniqueness.

    That’s why i’m Suggesting to make it more accessible man, I think we agree and you’re misunderstanding