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  1. ChavezSempai

    Which channel is it?

    Take a screenshot, do the same.
  2. ChavezSempai

    Mute information!

    First, that before existed but I do not know why it stopped being. There was also what warned that you were still muted like a balloon and people did it on purpose for bullying. What could be done? Yes, I read it and it's correct but, my doubt is ... If they muted you at 11:20 of 7/12, you will not know that at 11:20 of 8/12 it will be over? As long as you stay online, of course. I have given you measures to keep you informed of your mute and your doubt, but your intention in this post came differently from how you started. And in the other case... You can whisper to any GS as long as it's not in your same channel. Also, there are the alts acc.
  3. ChavezSempai

    Mute information!

    You can always ask a GS how much you have left.
  4. ChavezSempai

    Mute information!

    This is NOT so, the mute is more really because of the seriousness of the offense. Harassment and Staff disrespect are paid mostly with 3 days of mute. In addition, we often give a couple of hours mute for light things just for the person to reflect. Harassment: Mute Rules: If the gs does not notify you of your mute, you will know that it is 1 day, although it is common for a GS to inform you that you will be muted and for how long it will be.
  5. ChavezSempai


    Welcome fresh meat 😛
  6. ChavezSempai

    receive all sales

    Closed at the request of the user ~
  7. ChavezSempai

    future of the server?

    Really I do not see that this is so, since many changes are being made progressively and above all reworks to things that perhaps do not receive as much daily use or maybe there are people who do not even know / knew them. Since the release of Act 6.2, the increase of players has been very high, to the point that the channels exploded with so much activity (A bit literal at the beginning). So personally, there is still Vendetta for a good time and it would be best to enjoy the now while we wait for us to see what are prepare the Staff for future patches.
  8. ChavezSempai

    11 Years of Sunlight. THATS ENOUGH!

    I'm darkness...
  9. ChavezSempai


    When Winter is approaching ~
  10. ChavezSempai

    Mystery Box Item Requests

    unique lingerie 47 (?)
  11. ChavezSempai

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

  12. ChavezSempai

    The Lost Act of Nostale(Act 0)

    I'm going to move this to the section that belongs, since a suggestion must be complete. If what you expect is feedback from the community, it should be in General Discussion.
  13. ChavezSempai

    The Lost Act of Nostale(Act 0)

    Eew... No, I disagree. Did you even evaluate everything that can happen with that? You must know all the aspects into the game and how it can balance or unbalance it, if you do not take it into consideration, it does not work.
  14. ChavezSempai

    PSP for SWORDMAN + Partner EQUIP

    Both Aegir and Maru serve to shine as a sword, although personally prefer the maru to avoid damage. The sword of the 90 fake does more damage than one of the 92 and almost the same as a 95 to +8. I would recommend just upgrading a bit of rarery to that sword and it will be enough. As for the shells, do not focus on that now, when you're +25 you can think about that. (I lvl up to +30 without shell).
  15. ChavezSempai

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the VGN family and that your stay here will be the most pleasant.