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  1. They were 2 long years playing NosTale Vendetta and I really enjoyed them all in their measure, some days more than others that certainly. My period as GS of NosTale was good, I met the first line of Teammates, the second generation (including me) and the third last, with all their welcome and farewell to the members. At this point, I don't know what will happen to me and each of the players that I could play with and those that I missed knowing, but I hope they find a new place, maybe with some old friends or maybe with new ones friends but whenever everything goes well, don't put long f
  2. I invite you to visit our "Guides & Tutorials" section where you can find a lot of guides, some related to what you are requesting, e.g. there was a time when it was like that, but we are currently improving the experience of all those new players entering the server.
  3. I invite you to read the following thread which can help you with your doubt.
  4. Welcome to Vendetta and Eden Eternal! Any questions you may need, your support team is here.
  5. try to recover the account from the website and see if it is the user, or if the email is registered in the system. If the error persists, you could wait 24 hours from registration and then register again.
  6. Weapon Skin - Steampunk: the best one to get dmg in PvE. - Raquet: The best one to the whole dmg in PvP. - Bell: The best one to get a bit of defence in PvP. Pet Erze is the best one to PvE, cause will help a lot the mage with that debuff. Bally/Pig is the best one to PvP, cause give you more def and atk. If you can't pay a Erze or Bally/Pig, so the Fibi is the best option.
  7. Nothing of that has been touched that I remember, maybe you are doing something wrong. In my case, I never did the timezone thing. You can try if you want, returning the change and see if this solves it.
  8. Why the network support team is confirming it, maybe? The game is encrypted to protect it from uses of unauthorized third-party programs and to request a certification of the file for all the antivirus is complicated and cost.
  9. Welcome to the VGN Staff, I hope your stay here will be best and for whatever you need, in your process of adapting to the network, don't be hesitate to ask.
  10. For example: If you have 1800 damage: 1800 * 7% = 126 1800 + 126 + 100 = 2026 In the other way: 1800 + 200 = 2000 With the 7% pvp will stack with the AA, sin and DH, in the other way just with the bow. that will help you to see better the difference.
  11. Ideas can't be limited by anyone, you just have to let yourself go. The only limitation you could get is your mind and nothing else. First, this is not League of Legends, we don't have a system where we can implement something like that, and second ... If we were to make a joke, don't you think we would keep it a secret? As a final note, this will move it to general since it isn't a suggestion but rather a topic to be discussed.
  12. c25 or c45, you need a good wand with the sls to make a good DG Set. If is for PvE, you need to set up with both weapons the next SLs: 25+ X 20+ 25+. For example: 27 11 21 27 Get the Overall SL 11 on your wand, so you can get S % dmg on your gun. That's a good stats, just missing the critical dmg, remember dg is the best one for his critics. recommendation of stats: - Enhanced 90+. - S % dmg 13%+. - Critical chance 4%+ - Critical damage 45%+ Between clvl25 and clvl45 is 80 points of damage of diference, so : 80 * 200% = 240 with the +10 you get 240 mor
  13. This is a small guide to help you with the problem of putting Whitelist applications to allow their execution. Tips for NosTale In the case of the Firewall, exclude the patcher.exe file located inside the NosTale Vendetta folder, once selected in the list it will appear as Launcher.exe. In the case of the Antivirus, exclude the entire NosTale Vendetta folder. First option - Whitelisting with the Windows Firewall Step 1: Click Start and type firewall Step 2: Click Windows Firewall. Step 3: Click Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall (or, if you
  14. Without a eq of 92-93 is hard to kill the mobs, for that I recommend asking for help, there will always be someone who can give you a hand.
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