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  1. ChavezSempai

    Pet's Loyalty Visibility

    I don't understand why you are against an idea that he is trying to give, to give you a simpler indicator / advertisement than having to open a window and enter into the description of the pet to see the Loyalty. It seems a bit contradictory for you to say this now, but before you said the opposite until Bash opined.
  2. ChavezSempai


    Without a eq of 92-93 is hard to kill the mobs, for that I recommend asking for help, there will always be someone who can give you a hand.
  3. ChavezSempai


    Hey, first of all, welcome to the Vendetta family! My recommendations for the new players that are starting, is that they take the game calmly and don't rush the End-Game. Since you are new and you are lvl 88, I would recommend you to do LOD or desert quest until you get lvl 89 with 50%, since then there are the first half of Act 6 quest. Surely you ask yourself, Why up to that point? Well with them you can get to lvl 93 as long as you get to lv 89 with 50% or more. I emphasize the lvl 93 because the eq is lvl 92-93 that serves to open many doors, as the Raids of 5.2 and lure in volcano. I invite you to see the following guide, so that you have a basic knowledge of how to get money until lvl 99. Any other questions you may have, don't hesitate to contact the NosTale Staff, or visit the other sections of the forum. Finally, this is a table of contents with the threads that may interest you the most. That your stay here, be of your pleasure. Greetings~
  4. ChavezSempai

    Table of Basic Stats of Class(no skills)

    Thank you for your contribution to the community, this may help to understand a bit the climbing of the characters!
  5. ChavezSempai

    Nerf to PvP Accessory

    You had that opportunity, you still have it and you will continue to have it, because that has not changed. It is very easy to talk about spending on eqs when you only have one SP +15 and that is enough for PvP. We know it and are always in consideration, as happened with Fernon equipment. It is understandable and we were aware that this would happen, society often refuses to change.
  6. ChavezSempai

    Nerf to PvP Accessory

    There are two situations that YOU raise but there are HUNDREDS of situations where they can be used. It will not change anything, it's still all the same. Do you want a difference? Now it will take a little more time for the PvPs, is that bad? He said about changes to SPs, nothing more.
  7. ChavezSempai

    Nerf to PvP Accessory

    I'll simply say ...? Currently, it is your decision about how you use it and against what people. There will be combats in which you will need and there will be others that will not. 1% in this game and with his RNG is very dangerous. Are you aware of that? This topic has already been touched many times and has been explained about this, therefore we do not discuss it anymore. Some people must learn that there is a world and another 7 SP's to use, that not only should one be used for everything and already.
  8. ChavezSempai

    Nerf to PvP Accessory

    In some you must dispense with them, you can not live all the time subject to them when we add a lot of things and are simply left something unbalanced in the past. Now you can play and choose between which to use. Laurena's Jewelry Example: If you have 2000 damage in your base (when you press P), with the Laurena's accessories you will get +120 attack, so finally your damage is: 2000 + 120 = 2120. PvP Jewelry Example: If you have 2000 damage in your base (when you press P), with the PvP's accessories you will get +10% attack, so finally your damage is: 2000 + 10% = 2000 + (2000*0,10) = 2000 + 200 = 2200 You still get the most damage with the PvP accesories, only now it will come into play if you want to use more defense or not.
  9. ChavezSempai

    Nerf to PvP Accessory

    The effect is still there, right? It has not been removed from the accessories or removed from the game.
  10. ChavezSempai

    Nerf to PvP Accessory

    Laurena's jewelry gives you damage and defense, you are fulfilling what is necessary.
  11. ChavezSempai

    Nerf to PvP Accessory

    If it's so small, then why don't you use the Laurena? It is assumed that Laurena's jewelry should be the best available in the game.
  12. ChavezSempai

    Blacklist for Special Pet Food pickup

    I'm just going to ask, if you have a point to discuss, you can create another thread because you are currently moving away from the topic when the boy is asking for opinions about his suggestion. Please keep the topic of the thread.
  13. ChavezSempai

    Blacklist for Special Pet Food pickup

    That it takes time to do it doesn't mean that it can not be done. "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney.
  14. ChavezSempai

    NT- Mystery Box suggestion

    I wanna be a FAIRY with beautiful WINGS!
  15. ChavezSempai

    A report system

    I can understand the point you want to refer to with this suggestion, it's a good idea yes, but currently I do not think it's necessary for the community in general and I'll give the reasons why I believe it: In comparison to the official server, we have almost a GS connected 24 hours a day and which can answer questions and other things that are required in-game. In official servers, to contact a staff you must go through tickets or IRC, in which normally you lose hours and hours so that they do not solve anything, unlike here where you can easily come to the forum or directly asking a GS for your personal discord, since most have their DMs open to receive queries from players. Certainly, the ticket system is very similar since they use a lot of GMs for it, unlike we are usually 1-2 GMs and a Head GS answering a ticket every day, which maintain an average communication of 3h-4h per answer. To conclude, we certainly have better facilities for players than official servers and here I can demote a couple of players satisfied by the reception to the player: