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  1. Imo to those hats: Jennifer = disagree. DragonRider = disagree. Caligor = increase from 10% to 12% It is a stable change and according to the difficulty.
  2. Sounds really good to minimize the bad times in Rainbow Battle. I'll suggest to add this button after 2 minutes so you already know if you wanna stay there the whole Rainbow or wanna do a surrender.
  3. As far as I remember and unfortunately, we couldn't carry out these kinds of changes (and that we thought a lot of times). I don't know if this change can really be made, it would have to be evaluated and tested. It isn't an exaggerated change and in the end it benefits the MA so +1.
  4. I like your idea, really love to decorate my miniland, can't place more items cause i reached the max
  5. I invite you to visit our "Guides & Tutorials" section where you can find a lot of guides, some related to what you are requesting, e.g. there was a time when it was like that, but we are currently improving the experience of all those new players entering the server.
  6. I invite you to read the following thread which can help you with your doubt.
  7. Just wait, everything good takes to come ;) In the long term, it must be thought that this may take up more space on the screen and could disturb a bit visually
  8. Class rework ideas will only when GF performs the rework, we will not touch the classes until then. The fourth class was a special occasion and it is separated from that cycle, because in GF currently that class has no future, unlike Vendetta where it has many areas.
  9. Welcome to Vendetta and Eden Eternal! Any questions you may need, your support team is here.
  10. try to recover the account from the website and see if it is the user, or if the email is registered in the system. If the error persists, you could wait 24 hours from registration and then register again.
  11. It would lose a bit the essence of buying VGN, it is one of the most essential to store things without using the bank. In addition, Mini-land items are not tradeable in general.
  12. Whether currently used or not, it is still a way to go up and should be maintained so as not to change the normal flow.
  13. I really liked this part, cause is what the AoT and AoM need to be playable. I just will change the part of 99+48 to do AoT only to AoM, cause that's the biggest problem right now... People just playing against 5 more alts and get the free rewards. AoT need to keep right now, cause is a good way to lvl up. I would add an IP restriction just like the Rainbow and the Raids. Rewards part: Goldmedals: 1 Medal: 1 essence of turik or sellaim/eperial/woondine (so with 50% winrate it would take 160 days to grind for all essences for 1 fernon fairy) Big Nope. 1 Medal: 2 Rainbow Pennys Maybe yes, changing 1 Medal > 3 Medal 10 Medals: 1 Abyssal Essence Not sure about that, need to change the value. 100 Medals: New Years Lucky Pig Big Nope, Lucky Pig is a Beta Item. 150 Medals: Maybe the new wind wings I think no, keep the Titan Wings. 200 Medals: Afro Hairstyle + Colorbomb (not sure if its the correct name for it, would be an idea for an "exclusive item") Not sure about that. 500 Medals: Spiky Hairstyle + Colorbomb (also not sure about the name) Not sure about that I would appreciate it as a way to get these rare hairstyles as there is no other way to get them right now Silvermedals: Pretty much consumables only, like runes or potions Need to be changed for proper rewards.
  14. Weapon Skin - Steampunk: the best one to get dmg in PvE. - Raquet: The best one to the whole dmg in PvP. - Bell: The best one to get a bit of defence in PvP. Pet Erze is the best one to PvE, cause will help a lot the mage with that debuff. Bally/Pig is the best one to PvP, cause give you more def and atk. If you can't pay a Erze or Bally/Pig, so the Fibi is the best option.