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  1. You can craft some food with "campfires" (idk its name, but Eva sells it in her shop) that give you points for your sp, or, just go to glacernoon and farm penguins there, to get basic SP point potions (right now glacernoon is empty, and boat ticket cost just 3k). Isn't hard IMO of course.
  2. First of all, the forum only in English or with a traduction to English, even Google translate. Second, holy moly, my mother tongue is Spanish and even so I didn't understood what you were saying... But, with SLs you can have easily 100 attack and for example 80/90 hp-mp, so, if you what to put even more points to attack, for example 150, the points used for just that would be extremely huge, because every point you use in high level attack/defense/hp-mp/element exponentially increases its cost, so, then we will have to increase the maximum level of SP to much more than 99, and I doubt it happened, but good luck. Traducción: Primero que nada, el foro solo en inglés, o con al menos una traducción al inglés hecha por Google traductor. Segundo, no te he entendido bien, procura expresarte mejor, incluso teniendo español nativo me ha costado lo suyo... Bueno, a ver, con los SLs puedes tener 100 de ataque y 80/90 hp-mp, por ejemplo, entonces, si lo que quieres es aumentar el máximo de puntos a por ejemplo 150, gastarás demasiados puntos en llegar a esos valores, por que como sabes el costo aumenta exponencialmente cada ciertos puntos. Entonces, para conseguir eso las SPs deberían tener un nivel máximo mucho mayor que el actual nivel 99, lo cual, dudo mucho que pase, pero, buena suerte con tu sugerencia!
  3. I'm agree, maybe it would be great to just make it like in OpenNos, where you has to put your skills for every SP just a single time, then, the order will be forever remember and automaticaly change when you use another SP. And ofc, you could press tab and place potions or other items you prefer as you like in the 2nd bar, since both bars are saved exclusively for each SP.
  4. Yeah, take away the defense increase that every +90 crossbow receive and give them softcrit, why not?.
  5. Hi, today I noticed that Slugg now has a shop, and, he sells a Large Warehouse, which cost 99 Building Blocks and 99 Rare Woods and Rare Metal, but, because in this server, the minigame capacity was shut down, is impossible to acquire items that are exclusive from there, like legendary materials, building bricks, neither before needles, which is currently in bash shop, but not other exclusive items, sadly, so, because the extra large warehouse is a not tradable item, it will be great if @Bash decided to put CB in his shop... Rare materials could be crafted with material refinator selled on teoman, so there is not impossible to obtain rare materials, but, not CB or legendary materials (for experience potions)... I think if would be cool for those who dont want or cannot to buy VGN by his own...
  6. 6.2 Tidelord, everything else but pvp, archmage.
  7. Edit: Ragnar psp is OP too for this week!
  8. I agree, just because, like me, there are some people that only have a small period of time to play, and because I'm a bad lucky guy, is when the server is crowded, and, is kinda hard to get some spot to farm in 6.1 (and when you get it, idiots come to annoy, just because we know that there is no such rule that says the "spots" are "private", creating beautiful discussions that just make me lose even more time...), that's why when I level up to c50 It was the last time I went through that place (and I was happy for that, but, somethings, I miss the 40kk/h worth )... Your suggestion is just a good complement for the game, but, sadly, it will never be added, cuz bash just wouldn't want...
  9. Short answer, no, I would be good, but sadly, it doesn't.
  10. Shadow gem (also called shadow stone, but is the "old" name xD...) never disappoint, It is definitely effective in pve, already, in pvp 1v1 it weakens a bit, since almost everyone (competitive chars) has 220% resistance to double element or 180% to quadruple element... but, is okay anyway, You will not go wrong if you take that trophy.
  11. It is certainly something that leaves you thinking "what the fock?" however it is an "error" that is old as the SPs themselves, which is present in te game since before the DG attacks with the gun (cuz by 2012 or so, it was attacking with the wand), and that even passed a full change of SPs without even changing that sh*t, same case with the Blue, are rare things that gameforge never changed, it's funny, but, I'm not against it being changed from a once for all, at least here, in vendetta... Maybe one day Bash could change that, and also, others SPs... lel
  12. It has always been said that the dropping of items is not affected unless you have more than 10 levels upper to the mob's level, therefore, in theory, you should be able to be up to level 44 and nothing would happen with the drop rate in this case, due to that the garg is level 34 (if I don't remember wrong).
  13. it's safe, is just the "encryption mechanism" that makes a false positive