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  1. Again only vs new players or people who have 0 reaction time
  2. I get your point of view, and believe me when I say that I like the race's differences, but not that big, if I made a post to nerf them or remove them is because I like this game and I want it to be perfect, it doesn't even matter because as long as we get higher levels racials become useless anyways because output from weapons is just gonna be crazy high. But again it would be nice to see all the racials of all the races working in the same way but being different eachother to keep them unique, and not seeing a frog MA with an AOE immobilization wich is a long stun in reality (so even typo is wrong) and a tornado wich you can't really reduce the dmg of, while humans have racials that you can literally use only in pve, if you get what I mean you picked anuran because is broken and u literally said it: it looks disgusting in appearence but you pick it anyways because is broken, like anuran healers have a parry/block reflect and a good HoT when humans have a lower malice ? really usefull I guess in pvp, nope that's only pve and what the out of combat thing, okay if your enemy is a new player or something like that you have a chance to make it works in pvp and probably revive someone maybe or change class, but there's too much difference.
  3. I honestly prefer the stretched version
  4. Clear and fast, I personally prefer the inventory space of awaken as it's more stretched, this one just feels long and not good at least for me, is it gonna change like the one in awaken or nope?I don't know it just feels better to have the type of inventory of 15 slots and not 12, at least on my screen.
  5. I like both so I wouldn't choose between them, I'd rather have them both
  6. well every level has it's own exp need, they could reduce the exp needed to make something 1-60 but increase the exp needed to do 60-80 or something like that
  7. I can't know about that, that's up to him
  8. Timmy 2nd message is from jordan, he literally said that if we have enough ppl that think that's right something is gonna appean, I don't want to remove them either, but please make them balanced.
  9. Infact I said either u remove them or u balance them
  10. @Jordan you can close the thread this is useless, people are complaining since those races got released on Aeria, but looks like there are people who still believe the game is perfectly balanced so nothing will ever be done. Thanks for listening!
  11. Fun thing is 75% of the ppl who are hating this are actual zumis and frogs in game. I'm not supposed to counter a race with a class, a class with a class, don't tell me to counter zumi's racial with a class that's stupid, is not how it's supposed to be
  12. Yes maka, ofc I use +2 weapons, still can kill any of the +10 templars in arena, but for some reasons not zumis wonder why(?) And I'm not blaming it cause I can't, is not something I'm doing for myself, but 75% of the comunity agrees with me and constantly blame the fact racials aren't balanced, some of them are new players some are experienced okay I get it but still you can't compare zumi's racials/frog's racials/bear's racials to human's racials and you can't say anything about that cause I'm right, explain to me in what universe you as zumi have an healing of 2k each 0.5 seconds while I have as human a healing of 2k for each enemy hit, obviously your racial is gonna be good in pve but also in pvp, while mine is gonna be extremely good in pve but what about pvp, why do you have an extra skill wich is broken and I don't ? that's not a thing. My friend there's not much difference in 1v1 and in 3v3, I'm completely fine by not doing anything for 10v10 and tw because even if u use them having 10 ppl on you will not change anything, now I'm not saying remove them for zumis only or frogs only or bears only, I'm saying that it would be better to remove any race's racial skill from pvp at least in small arenas, cause now think about it, you go in 1v1 okay you don't have anyone to prevent you from getting 24/7 stunend by a frog or kited by a zumi or whatever it is, but in 3v3 most of the times this is what's gonna appean, your team is gonna randomly win or lose based on who focus who and how effective it is to focus the right person if they even agree to focus wich doesn't even appean that often, what's sad is most of the times the 3v3 arena will end up in a 1v1 cause half of the team is just there to be there, not everyone is full +10, not everyone has 1000$ to spend each month on the game and again not everyone is an experienced player, now I know that racials become kinda useless while we go up with levels, but right now them are kinda pretty broken. Just yesterday I did over 20 arena matches and almost half of them ended up with me being a MA and a zumi running around healing himself and using sacred light to kill me without me having the chance to do anything, now you say okay but even a human templar can do that he's just gonna run around and use the skill to do heavy dmg and slow me so I can't catch up, the difference my friend is if the human templar wants to heal he has to stop and actually heal, while if the zumi wants to heal he just press a skill and is full hp again while running and kiting, okay you say 3v3 is 3v3 so not 1v1 but doesn't matter it will eventually end up in a 1v1 wich result in the one with the broken skillset winning and not the one wich is experienced and does what he know that he has to do to win (and I'm not a newb I actually play this game from the beta in aeria and I know what I'm talking about), also you say okay I've seen warlocks countering zumi's templars and you say if you don't want to use it it's your problem, but why in the worlds am I supposed to be forced to do something that I don't like cause someone else is enjoing abusing something broken and having fun while doing it, there are 15 classes to choose right? You tell me stop playing MA go warlock so you can counter them, why do you tell me to play a different class from what I like to play and not to do them to play something else instead of spamming arena with yellow classes and abusing that racial that human's don't have, go tell them to go any other class and not only to me, is a game your supposed to enjoy playing what you like, not having 0% chance to actually win with the class that you like, even if a class counters your class it should never be 0% chance of winning never, that's not a thing.
  13. That's actually true and interesting, owever even with high cd, even if you can use them once per day, you can't really compare them to human's racials cause human's racials are good only for pve, I think you can use them in pvp as well but not that big of a deal like other races
  14. That's the point, why am I forced to play a class that I don't want to play cause they do enjoy abusing a racial that is just broken? They have fun, I don't, they will win, I won't. Hope this makes you understand the point
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