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  1. The idea wasn't to allow every new player to use all the NPCs. It was to make it so that older players have to go lower cap maps to use NPCs there. That way people see the game is populated and players aren't staying in the maps that are only good for their level. Like removing NPCs for enhancement out of Amara, Viledon, Nemesis, Caregate, and Ellis so that you have to physically enter a pve map to enhance and people can see you are there. Could also remove it out of Barb and mereholt, so players go to Enocia and just use the one there. With the coming level cap increase, it would make Enocia very populated because of people enhancing gears as they get them if they were forced to use the Enocia NPC and all others become unusable.
  2. IGN: GoddessSand Wish for: SW costume Mistress of Seduction.
  3. Vivi who is the GM of the game and not Daddy already said no.
  4. The Utlity skills for SW doesn't share CDs, but I rarely use either in the first place since they are horribly ineffective at lvl 65 except jack of blades which is only good as a one time use when you want to use flare and attempt to get as many people as you can before everybody kills you and is pretty much a last resort kamikaze skill. They could add another level to those skills that you have to not only be a specific level to get but also use RP like the other skills to get. That is as long as the amount of RP required isn't overly expensive to use like many of the other items that they require RP use for.
  5. What if there was a pool that showed up every 2 min that gave the DoT True pain that was really high in spawn areas and in order to clear it out would be too enter the PvP zone of the BG? It would have to happen every 2 min just so that the SW can use their fade skill before entering the BG. Then have it that anytime you die to the True Pain the other side gets a point. It needs to be high enough to kill tanks and medics, but last long enough for the player to jump down into the Map as well as allow people to respawn and gather in spawn area to enter as a group instead of one at a time. Though currently BGs are mostly players killing towers and chests then afk till it's over because it's 1 vs 1. I do assume that in the next level cap you would make it so that players would be encouraged to join BGs for specific loot.
  6. It's not that we are jumping the gun, but wanting to make some points of concern that the staff needs to consider. People are treating it like any other change and that when they have had years of changes and not making people happy with the change people want to make them aware of where things got screwed up so that they don't keep repeating the same mistake. Most of this comes down to players wanting their class to be the class to win it all. Personally I don't really think that the SW should be the class to win it all and would be okay with having the SW atks nerfed if it meant giving the SW more protection so that the class can last longer than a few seconds in pvp with players being able to naturally take down the SW through our buffs. I'm for the SW being able to kill 1 person at a time and not 3 in a row unless they can be killed really easily or are just KSing. I'm also for allowing tanks and ME to last through a complete rotation as long as they don't go back up to 100% HP 1 second later when they can use skills again. I'm also not for players who can last through a rotation while buffed and kill others while they are buffed. I get that those buffs aren't supposed to fully stop you from getting killed, but when you watch a player get attacked by 5+ people and not see any damage done to them and they don't have a ME or are using any skills other than buffs and heals is so very wrong. Well, the same for the lone ME as well when you have 5 people attacking them and they maintain 100% HP just by healing is also wrong. People shouldn't be that unkillable especially when you switch to a different class and that class is dead in 3 seconds while they are fully buffed. A player's buff should work as intended and only countered by those who sacrifice some other aspect of their skill tree to get but not so much that it breaks either class. So. when people have addressed concerns or made comments, it's because they don't like their class getting shafted or another class getting too powerful because some staff member or certain people in the community think that they should be the Ace in the card deck and make others the joker. Mostly it's to point out where the flaws went so not to repeat it again.
  7. I'm not worried about it as it doesn't change the stats or how the game gets played. Only funny to have it go from a SW class to WH class icon.
  8. It's actually very weird as some items also show a change in classes when you use I think the mech or cyberskin. So, while you are not using the either the mech or cyberskin they show the correct class, but the second you engage one(not sure which one) they switch classes.
  9. If this is the formula for spotting a SW then maybe look at some of the issues around this. Spotting Distance (meters) = Detection - Concealment If Spotting Distance is +50 you can always see that player. SW's have to put 2pt in fade just to use the skill tree, those 2 pts give the SW +10 in concealment in fade only. The PU when they use conceal they get +15 in concealment with 2pts. The WH and PU with detect gets a min of +20 detection and only need 1 skill pt to get it, the SE that gets +25 with 1pt, and ME gives everybody +23 including concealed SW's. With matching skill pt to skill pt and pt 2 skill pts for these players - WH +24, PU +25, SE +30, and ME gives everybody +24. Those who invest with just 1 skill pt in detection will give players in a 1 to 1 pvp the PU and WH will have +10, ME +13, and SE +15. Do the math for those who match SWs skill pt to skill pt. However in pvp it will give +43 to SWs, DEs, MEs, PUs, and CBs, with WHs getting +63, and SEs getting +88. That would result in spotting distance for everybody to be +33m up to +77 and they only used 1skill pts to get it while the SW used 2 and renders fade utterly useless at that point spread. The SW lvl 55/50 mech is their saving grace of being able to fade to give the SW +40 concealment making everybody have +3 detection, while the WH gets +23, and SE is still up there at +48 in arkana and that is far exceeds +50 when they mech. For lower levels the SW doesn't get the added mech concealment so the concealment to detection is broken at lower levels. Players say that the SW shouldn't be able to conceal themselves and have high attack, but I also feel that if players can see the SW they should also have lower attacks as well not maintain a 2 to 1 advantage in skill pt loss for SWs to them. Mind you the SW, CB, and DE all get the benefits of detection without losing any skill pts for atk or def. The SW can't invest in concealment to have it work in pvp, and from what I gather the game is large group PvP driving not 1 vs 1 and characters should be built around large group PvP not 1 vs 1. Currently there are a few characters that are skilled for large group PvP while others are skilled for 1 vs 1. The SW has been skilled for 1 vs 1 pvp which is under skilled for certain aspect especially the concealment and you can just forget completely about the concealment in large group pvp all together. From what I gather, the SW is supposed to be an assassin class, but how can they be an assassin if in PvP they can't conceal themselves? I swear that if somebody says that it's not fair for the SW to be a hidden assassin then you might as well not force the SW to use fade or any concealment to use certain skills since they think it's not fair for us to be a hidden assassin. While the SW should be allowed to target and kill 1 player at a time with a conceal skill tree, we shouldn't be able to kill multiple players in a row. So, there should be a change in skill CDs for a SW to go in kill and leave before they can kill again.
  10. Not all reverse engineering works smoothly enough that you can recompile it correctly. All it takes is the reverse engineering and making a 2 where there should be a 1 and it screws the whole thing up and you have to go digging to find out where it was that messed up and know exactly what it should look like in the first place. Then Imagine that being done more than 100 times and you are supposed to intrinsically know at each location what is the correct code. Then you have values that if you make 1 adjustment at one spot you have to make another adjustment at another and you don't know where that other location is so you have to also dig through it. So, like they said that they can do only so much because you touch one thing it can screw up the entire code because they don't have source code with the pseudo-code with it; let alone being able to translate that from Korean to know exactly what each line of code does. I'm sure that you think because hackers can reverse engineer the game to make adjustments to cheat that the GMs can do the same to add new content. The thing with hackers is that they are doing it to isolated situations and making adjustments to specific codes. To add new content they have to add all new code lines that has to be complied and work with the game as a whole. Vivi already tried adding new BG maps, but when she did, it screwed up the BG system because there's more to it than just adding a line of code. We got lucky to have Suer, DV, DS, and Seona Spawn DG added to the game, but that doesn't mean she can just start adding and changing the game without consequences because the source code is needed to identify exactly where all the places needs to be changed. It can take a person years to find out where they keep screwing up without source code that it isn't even worth the time and effort to do for a game that has so little player base.
  11. Naw, I think when you assume something that you end up making an Ass out of U and leave Me out of it. Though I heard that it was you make an Ass out of U and Me.
  12. Quick point, the reason that you aren't allowed to convert them is so that you do things to get passes for the DGs at your level. If you want to run a 60+ DG you need to enter a BG, kill a boss, or some other task. They don't want players skirting those tasks and just run DGs. I have done so many of those tasks however that I gathered so many pass cards that I can run dgs for months without running out. Mind you I don't run DGs every day. I could do 2 runs of each DG a day, I would probably run out some time around mid of 2022. That's without converting pass cards. The part where you still need the standard pass cards for higher levels is to complete both guild quest to level/rank up your guild as well as run them for achievements. It takes 5 runs a day for 10 days to complete a DG achievement and depending on the DG will depend on how many pass cards you need to enter. The newer DGs just require 1 of the legacy or TT pass cards, but the older DGs requires anywhere from 1 to 7 of the standard pass cards I believe before you can enter. That means to complete 5 runs a day you should have at least 350 pass cards to get 1 DG achievement done. At least that's what I think the highest amount you need to enter either The Archeron, SS, or AT. So, don't be so hasty to disregard the standard pass cards. If you think you don't want to get those achievements, that's fine, but it's easier to get those achievements than some others if you want some of the achievement point achievements that give you the title like The One or The Infinite. So, the converting these cards aren't really in the best interest of the game when you want players to participate in certain activities.
  13. Well, there's I think two things that they can do to fix that. 1) move AK back 1 hour to it's normal time or 2) move Urka spawn time up an hour to match AK's start time.
  14. Guild hall bug just like dual logging was better for the game more than it hurts the game if it even hurt the game in the first place. When they removed dual logging it didn't even solve the biggest issues with it only pissed off other players trying to power level their own character to a level at which they want it to play. These players already have the means to gear their characters at the level in which they want them, so ya free gears are useless to them and I can attest to that since I have several characters at different level caps that aren't using the free gears. If you think that fixing this bug is going to fix the game, you are wrong because there are several players who don't want to go through months of questing and exp farming to level another character to end game. Besides that I am pretty sure you would have to have source code for that since guild hall isn't the only map one can power level a player in as it can be done in Suer and DV as well as Viledon and Amara.
  15. Well, you didn't need to comment here and to you what is a personal attack? I don't recall calling anybody names and telling people that they are wrong is not a personal attack, it's just saying that they are wrong. If you can't accept being told you are wrong, then you are acting like a snow flake. Players just point out where each other are wrong and not calling people names, unlike another certain somebody would be doing right now if they were allowed on the forum.
  16. Which is why I made the thread now to hopefully prevent the need to make more changes to skills later. From what I know there are a lot of players that spew off anti SW rhetoric and how the class needs to be nerfed. The Lvl 54 cap skill tree has several flaws in it that should be addressed. Discussing current skill tree is pretty moot point because this skill tree is being destroyed as skills will all revert to what they were back at lvl 54 cap. Though my only issue with the current skill tree with the SW is the lack of decent ch-eva/eva buffs amounts due to every player and their mother having ch-acc/acc buffs in some natural use of an attack or defense buffs with them. Discussing any aspect of this skill tree when it's not going to be used is pointless.
  17. Well, please enlighten the SW players how we should be playing an Assassin class without being assassins? Unless you say that we can be assassins and then show us what that looks like? I don't even know why I am bothering to discuss this with you when you don't play let alone play using the SW class to even know what the hell you are even talking about saying that it's the player who just sucks not the class.
  18. Well, you are assuming that the SW can do all that you say it can without issues and you are wrong. And in the level 54 cap ME's, PU's, SE's, and WH's used detect skills to one degree or another often maxing them out.
  19. Which isn't supposed to be the role of the SW class. They are supposed to be able to get to the other side atk and get out. Most of the time they get there and die making the SW class useless.
  20. So, how many players like the current AK times since they changed from the original time? Yes they are different. AK time before DST used to be 8pm Tuesday my time and 8am Saturday my time. When DST happened it made them 7pm Tuesday and 7am Saturday my time. But when they reset the AK times they moved it to 9pm Tuesday and 9am Saturday. Though the Saturday times is better for me because I can get more sleep, the Tuesday time I think effects players in Europe more though it does cut into me going to bed earlier. So, what is everybody's view on the current AK times and do they need to move it back 1 hour?
  21. What if every NPC for enhancing, AH, jewels, etc... was removed from every map and placed in Enocia base. Okay maybe not every NPC, but ones that are all found in Enocia any way can be removed from the other maps except for guild hall access, item merch, and Pon as well as keeping any NPC in place that has a quest line attached to it unless you can change the quest line. You would need to add the jewel NPCs and Random stat NPC to Enocia since they aren't in that map. The idea would be to have players go to Enocia so that it can have a more populated map for the new players to see the game isn't dead as well as get players in other level caps to see there are more players than just them.
  22. well, your current values of detect vs conceal are horrible and not even worth using. Especially when the SW can't conceal with them if they use it and they lose valuable dps if they do. Not only that but there has been a large lack in actually making eva/ch-eva useful to the SW as every class easily gets added acc/ch-acc buffs with either their atk buffs or def buffs making the eva/ch-eva pretty useless. Other classes, with the exception of the PU, have better paths of tanking the SW aside from the SW being able to kill SWs while buffed, so why can't the SW survive better while they are buffed? I can't name one class other than the PU and SW, that can be killed when fully buffed. That should never be the case. The SW even has the shortest buff for surviving out of all the other classes. I'd like to see the SW have a better chance of surviving like others. When a character can kill an SW while the SW is buffed, there's something wrong with either the buffs of the SW or the skills of the other player. Sure let the player stun us, but not be able to use a full rotation stun lock and kills us while buffed. Name another character besides the PU and SW that can't tank a player while fully buffed? I'm not wanting it to be an more OP than the next class, but there really needs to be some means to not make it useless to play. I've always felt that if a player has higher acc/ch-acc power, they should have lower atk power.
  23. Let me help clarify the reason of the free gear. It wasn't to replace the gear for that level only to help players through the start of that level and onto the next where they don't want to stick around and want to keep moving on. The gear was created so that you can still farm for a more permanent gear that would be better for you to pvp and pve in that level cap. The free gear allows for the pve, but if you faced somebody that got the gear set for that level cap and enhanced it to the max, it will be a tough competition for the player with the free gear to win against the player who went for farmed gear for that cap. The idea was to help players have an easier time making it through each level cap as well as an easier time farming for gear for that cap should they choose to stay there. The daily quests was to give an extra exp bonus instead of farming the hell out of the mobs trying to gain exp. Though there are ways to help players gain experience faster than doing the normal mob farming at that cap and quests, they are there to help the players who want to take their time through each level and see progress over seeing no progress and just repeat. These dailies are something that the level 60+ cap has, through they are pretty redundant after you get to lvl 65 with 100% exp, they are pretty much useless along with the rewards since players usually skip the thought of using pve uni gears and just go straight to the pvp gear types. I mean why waste trying to enhance pve to +12 when you are going to want to switch over to the pvp gears anyway since the pvp gears have the exact same stats as the pve and have the added pvp bonus stats. So, they could do a better job with the dailies and rewards for the 60+ cap. The reason they created dailies for the higher level players to go back to the lower level maps was to help show that the server has people in it so that new players could see it's not dead.
  24. With the coming of a level cap increase, what is the plans of the SW class? Does the community really want to nerf the hell out of the SW class? I keep hearing that SW's need a nerf, when really the SW lacks any sort of protection because everything is geared to benefit classes built around ch-resist, void, and crit-void while eva/ch-eva/crit-eva are too easy for people to get past. I've come to a realization that ch-eva and eva in the SW's current state are pointless with players running around with high enough ch-acc/acc that it renders ch-eva/eva utterly useless not to mention the DGs are all catered to eat through any ch-eva and eva that it makes no sense to even have it. I decided to go straight up DPS with very little protection since basically all there is to do in the game is farm and ch-eva/eva are pointless in TT and you can survive easy with high enough dps and ch-resist in the other DGs. BGs are normally a 1 vs 1 if they occur at all and the SW in dealing with guards in TP won't block their attacks to go straight for the chests like other classes and we need to kill at least 1 guard before the chest. After that there's no pvp to worry about blocking the other player so there's no reason to increase the def there. In NB it's either the other side has too many people and no protection will save you or your side has too many people and you don't even need to use the protection. With the reverting skills to the level 54 cap skill tree, which every SW can attest that that cap was pretty much a large nerf to the SW class. Yes, the SW class can deal a lot of damage, but given the state of the defense abilities of the other classes it needs too. So, when you consider the future of this class, just because players voice a hate of this class doesn't mean that the SW needs more nerfs. Players who don't even frequent the game daily or been gone for the past 2 months and greater only showing up for the event and leaving again certainly shouldn't be giving any input about what to do with the game. They decided to stop playing and shouldn't be talking about any specific class or the SW class that they never played with. There are so few active SWs any more that maybe a proper skill tree for the class could help it be a better class for players to play over choosing a PU for farming and a WH or SE for pvp, though the ME is always a good support class. If you ask me that's what the game has come down to is those 4 classes.
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