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  1. lightsenshi

    Where to farm level 45-49

    Actually, it's because the character in question is a Sentinel and only has +7 gears.
  2. lightsenshi

    Where to farm level 45-49

    For leveling from 45 to 49.
  3. lightsenshi

    Davidson Bike

    Again, the tooltip says "Upgradable". I wouldn't have bought it if I'd known that it wasn't.
  4. lightsenshi

    Davidson Bike

    The ones you buy in Enocia for 2500 gold? Well, either the tooltip is wrong or the coding is. It says "Enhancement Possible" but when you try to do so at Catherine then you get a message "This Item Can Not Be Further Enhanced".
  5. lightsenshi

    Where to farm level 45-49

    Yes, the non-agressive ones.
  6. lightsenshi

    Where to farm level 45-49

    Where's a good spot to farm yellow mobs in the level 45-49 range?
  7. lightsenshi


    Yes, I'm referring to more slots for selling stuff. I guess I got spoiled by the last MMO having 50.
  8. lightsenshi


    I'm finding that I seriously need more slots. 😪
  9. lightsenshi

    Christmas Events

    Thank you, I can never remember where stuff is because I'm old and forget....what was I talking about again?
  10. lightsenshi

    Christmas Events

    I am actually confused by the current event, is the guide to it somewhere?
  11. lightsenshi

    Good Job on the Upgrade!

    I like most of the changes that I've seen so far, though I'm having to start from scratch again.
  12. lightsenshi

    Skills Feedback

    I actually like most of the changes I've seen so far. SE is now more capable of completing content than before; and even with only +7 rares, it's not the potion fest it used to be. I can actually get through a quest of "kill 20" without having to use hp/sp pots.
  13. lightsenshi

    Mystery Box Item Requests

    It's probably in the rotation somewhere...but I'd like it if the kimono made a return.
  14. lightsenshi

    dear fk

    I have learned over the years that trying to point out other content to pvp oriented players is wasted effort. Since NB and AK don't have safeguard cubes any longer, I won't bother.
  15. lightsenshi

    dear fk

    And....the waterworks continue. It's amazing how the more whining I hear about pvp content, the less interested I am in it.