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  1. Arena changes

    Also, can we get a rework on the Arena of Talents coin trade thing. I don't have any ideas in mind but the rep boxes are pretty much useless with how easy rep is to gain and the perfection stone box since you can quite easily get manes/claws from sp raids and erenia/zenas.
  2. Damage To Large Monsters

    Need to realise these stats are pretty much useless what is the need for stats like these if you can't even make use of them that often or ever.
  3. About the Patch Notes

    I dont know whether there is a suggestion area for VGN but if possible could we find out what the new patch will bring to the game even if its like 2 hours before the maintenance just so we know what is happening.
  4. Making undisturbed permanent for Mage

    Honestly with the amount of defence a mage can stack with golden wings + bally + mp shield and if you are feeling extra rich a hermit tarot. Only way to justify undisturbed being permanent is by mages losing something in return.
  5. Arena changes

    While we are on the topic of arena changes. Is it possible to revert the current arena map to the old one the one currently used in fam arena. SInce the current arena is very buggy with the first step on the side near the portal not counting as part of the safe zone.
  6. A MAGICAL LOTTERY! [Numbers]

    IGN : fatte Numbers: 7, 8, 19, 21, 75