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  1. GraduateGoon

    Arena improvements

    People always have something to complain about when it comes to arena. UK players got attacked just because they were from UK server and majority of them got stronger and crushed arena. Then players on forums cried, pushed for a change and the entire arena set up changed, and it made little to no difference. The only thing that happened was people went, farmed and got stronger which is something you should do rather than complaining. If you want a chill time go nosville or whatever, have you ever played a PvP based game where it's not toxic? @Bloodevil You dying to a mentally ironic person puts into question your own level of IQ. There's literally no rule book for arena so the person who kills you for being in a family isn't in any way wrong or to be pitied, he's just playing the game the way he likes, as he should the same way you aren't in the wrong for being weak and dying to them. I'm only remotely interested in the new patch as it's something new to see but to be quite honest arena got ruined the last time people begged for a patch.
  2. GraduateGoon

    Iron skin

    It would affect pvp you do realise that right people who main archer would have to deal with 65% long range defence for 6 minutes.
  3. GraduateGoon

    Vote for new gs

  4. GraduateGoon

    Search by price in NosBazar

    @Huey #StopBeingLazy JUST DO IT
  5. GraduateGoon

    Search by price in NosBazar

    It's not a matter of price range though, there's more to it. He probably also means that he can't filter the type of box he wants and has to go through countless number of pages to do it just to TRY and find the box he wants. It's a major waste of time, not a matter of laziness.
  6. GraduateGoon

    Damage To Large Monsters

    Need to realise these stats are pretty much useless what is the need for stats like these if you can't even make use of them that often or ever.