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    Server 2

    The fact is that if Server 2 was created, the Server 1 would instantly die. That's the true fact.
  2. It wasn't Bash's account. It was a scammer. Link was fake. You should've made sure that you entered the right link. This is the link of the NT VGN page: https://nt.vendettagn.com/ I'm 100% sure that you didn't enter that page, but the scam one. Due to that: you won't receive your items back in case they were taken. You have to be more careful next time. You can try to recover your account by using this site: https://vendettagn.com/recoveraccount.vgn Don't think there will be still items there.
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    You have to write a ticket, so the GM will review the problem. Link: https://www.vendettagn.com/support.vgn
  4. Not everyone saw the Bash's answer. Also, Bash denied only the idea to obtain icons by the reputation system. This guy proposed other ways of obtaining them. Personally, I like the idea of adding those icons to the PvP Tournament/Rainbow Battle. It would be a nice reward there.
  5. Adnotation: You don't need +10 weapon in PvE if you use Sader Alt (this buffer increases your Attack Level by 2, so basically it makes your +8 weapon +10)
  6. Do you really make a point, that people who came first to server deserve to be on top? If they were collecting rep till now, they would have had at least 2b reputation. They are on the same spot, as players who started 3months ago, because 200mil rep is literally no work. People achieve 20m reputation in officials, when new server starts in 1 week (it's 200m reputation in VGN). 200m is literally 1 month of work by just playing and not tryharding. It's nothing. If you guys think that you are insane gamers because you achieved 200kk Reputation then sorry, you are wrong.
  7. 200kk rep is like what. 20kk in officials. Do you really feel like 20kk rep is an achievement? You can literally get that in 1-2months. In case of top43 rep it must be removed. Also, too many people have already achieved that "goal" of 200kk rep. It would be unfair if they started from 200kk, considering the fact that they could've already got even 2 billions of reputation.
  8. It wouldn't be unfair. 160kk rep is not even an achievement. Neither 200kk is. Imo, it should get reduced in case there would be an update, considering the top43 reputation ranks. Yes, you can. You have to buy Ancelloan Essence in Arena, in the Reputation shop (it costs 5k rep per each and you can buy infinite amount of those Essences). I'm buying them from time to time to reduce my reputation to Blue Nos, beacause its my favourite icon. I reduce it to 500k rep and I don't get a trade limit back. Therefore, feel free to downgrade your rep to your desired icon
  9. Nah they cannot sadly. Tested on r0 Mukraju Robe without shell.
  10. I can tell you just some of the most used ones: Main/Sec weaps: - Crit DMG - 58% - Crit chance - 9% - %Evil - 19% - %Stun/Deadly Blackout/Freeze - 4% - Enhanced Damage - 190 - SLs: Def/Prop/Ene/DMG - 17 - SL Overall - 11 - S%Dmg - 19% - S%PvP Damage/ S%Def down - 33% - S%All Ress down - 17% - A%Ress down Water/Fire/Light/Dark - 14% Armors: - Enhanced def magic/melee/range - 190 - A%Ress Fire/Water/Light/Dark - 19% - S%All Ress - 26% - S%Neg effects - 38% - S%Def - 23% - S%PvP Def - 38% - S% All dodge - 19% - S% Dodge magic/melee/range - 13% I hope it helped a bit. Someone can maybe update the rest.
  11. That's a part of the scam. We've already told you - the guy covered in black is the scammer.
  12. The person above the "GM Bash" is the scammer, who is sending this message to you. You can report him to the GSes, using forum or you can write a ticket.
  13. You can also do Erenias/Zenas on alts and that brings a way better income than IC (which is every 2h btw, It's not giving an income 24/7). You can also do Fernons, which can give an insane income sometimes (more than 300m/h) and the average income in this raid is around 80-100m/h. As Essyx said before, I also haven't heard any good position against the previous IC yet. Still +1 on bringing back the old IC.
  14. Personally I agree on bringing back an old IC system. It was pretty good. For people like Cepik it was a nice way to obtain money and it wasn't actually too much - 20kk for 15mins every 2h. The current IC will be pretty dead, because it doesn't give any income at all. Soon we will also lack attack pots, which were provided by IC mostly.
  15. As you've noticed Swordsman is way less shittier there and there is 1 major reason for that - 45-48c statistics were changed. Swordsman has finally got a soft to the 45c crossbow (the orange equipment's statistic - "Increases damage with a probability , pf x% by x%). This change made his life a way easier. The further SP balance patch will be given when the Gameforge's one comes.
  16. Hello and welcome! Hope you'll have a nice stay here ~~
  17. Shadow Stone>Hourglass overally in PvE because reducing ress gives more damage. On Fernon tho you don't reduce enough ress (unless you rely on RNG Erze's 5% chance debuff). Pure damage, aka Hourglass is better. The option, which gives damage to monsters on lower level than you, also works on 99lv mobs, so also on Fernon. Considering that Hourglass effect stacks with Steampunk, Reindeer, it is a better choice for these raids. You mostly rely on pure damage on this raid, so Hourglass is the best choice for pure damage (it gives 7% DMG, 25% DMG to mobs and 100enh damage on r8).
  18. Basically Lv on Land of Death - the family exp area. Don't do the mainquest anymore - it's a waste of time. LoD times guide: NOTE: Current serv time is displayed at the right corner of the main page: https://nt.vendettagn.com Overall LoD guide: I'd suggest you to level up there till level 89-90, so you get lv93 from a6 quest for sure. Quest can be obtained without making the previous story line - you must enter on A6 map from Graham NPC (centre of NosVille) and you will automatically start the quest. If you have any more questions, you can check the table of contents also - you may findd a fitting answer there:
  19. Oh, and also, sadly, you can't do that. You must switch your skills everytime you switch SPs.
  20. Mage currently has the similar tankiness to Swordsman (on Seer SP). Volc, TL are also nice SPs. Playing class is a matter of preferences.
  21. So you have already done whitelisting the game in antivirus & firewall? Click 'Verify'in Nostale Vendetta client. It should work. Best regards~
  22. Hey there! Your problem is probably caused because of this: To handle with this problem, firstly, put Nostale Vendetta on the whitelist in your antivirus. Secondly, check this thread and follow the guide: After you do everything, click 'Verify' in Nostale Vendetta client. Hope it worked Best regards~
  23. Hello~~! Welcome to VGN! Have a nice stay I'll answer your questions right now: * What's the EXP rate exactly on VGN? 20x exp rate. On Champion Level exp rate is the same, until you achieve c30 (this will be explained later). I'd suggest you to do quests till ts55 (including this ts). You should have around 83lv. Then, level up on LoD till level 89-90 . After that, you must do act6 quest, which will take you to level 93. You can always ask people for a help in that quest - mobs are pretty hard at this point of the game. Thanks to the leveling to level 93, you have an access to the better equipment, therefore you can start making some money by raiding (for example: Ibrahim, Volcano Raids). NOTE: Remember to buy an equipment from Bash NPC (equipment seller one). He is situated in Nosville, at the right corner of the map. * How many players are online at any one time? A lot. I don't know the exact number but yeah, you can see a lot of people playing. Obviously a way more than on officials * What's the latest version of the game you guys have? How far behind the original servers are you guys? We are pretty near to officials. We don't have some features (example: Martial Artist class) from officials since some of them are useless/needs to be changed. We also have some totally custom things, which exist only on this server (for example: Rainbow Battle Rework, Title System, Trophy System, custom pets) * What about cash shop items? How do you get those in VGN Nostale? Some of them are bought in Bash NPC (he is situated in the right corner of the map). Some of them are bought from the NosMall, for IRL cash. Obviously, you can buy them from the player (Example of the things from NosMall: Scrolls, Magic Carpet, Amulets, Perfumes etc.) We also have a Mystery Box system - In NosMall there are 3 Mystery Boxes with different legendary rewards. Those rewards changes weekly (for example you can find there: Onyx Wings, Elemental Wings, Fibi, Inferno, Costumes, other pets, other mounts etc. etc.) * Could someone explain to me this (99+50) level system now? We never had this years ago.This is basically an additional level. It's named "champion level" - CLevel. At the level 88 you get an access to the special maps - act 6. You have plenty of maps to exp your Champion Level (you'll almost always find a spot for you!). Exping there gives you normal level also... and a lot of income in gold Advantages of leveling your CLevel: - Access to the new resistances - Access to the new, op weapons and armors - Access to the new raids (people won't take you for raids on a6 without a proper equipment) - Access to the new acessories - Access to the passive books - they increase your base statistic. Without them, the game is unplayable in PvP aspect. Basically, CLv is must-have. NOTE: When you achieve c30, your exp ratio on champion level will be x5. * Also would like to know about this Martial Artist thing. How does that tie into the game? Currently at the VGN we don't have this class released - it hasn't been done fully on officials yet. It will be released when it's fully done (every SPs, equipment etc.) * How are bots in VGN Nostale? I saw you guys are doing a lot to try and remove them but I know how hard it can be... Well, since the last patch, we got an encryption released. That means that bots actually don't exist/occur rarely. Hope I've helped you a bit. If you have some more questions, you can ask them in this thread. Best regards~~
  24. Hey there! Since this patch, the multiclient is enabled in the client of the game : Basically, instead of running it in Sandboxie or any other program, open Nostale Vendetta 2 times (or 3, 4, 5 etc., how many times you want). Hope it worked. Best regards~