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  1. Hello. Above everything I'd like to thank you for the new patch! Overall doing Abyss has been fun. Above what's been said, which I do agree (Specially about Essences, the rewards on mail and Esh-Baal's movement speed). I do understand (I think) what the Esh-Baal NPC was supposed to be. If you do not wish to change the move speed then could some mobs spawn there that we could kill for Souls? Just so we don't just sit down where the NPC spawns for 2 minutes. I'd also like to suggest: 1. Let us use Portal Stones to Abyss - Mostly because we have to go through at least two loading screens depending from where we are. 2. About the daily quest aswell. I have a slightly diffrent suggestion to them. - Repeatable quest: Souls x5 + Mail bag x1 - Daily: Souls x15 + Essence x1 + Fragment x1 If the Essence x1 for 1 boss is "too easy" then perhaps it could be a daily that asks you to have killed the boss x2? While the Repeatable would just ask for 1, perhaps? Once again, thank you a lot for the new patch! ≧◡≦
  2. Dyes Dark Grey ✔️01/16/21 Costumes Mysterious Alpaca Wool Cape(Prime) ✔️01/02/21
  3. IGN: Mina Card: Merry Christmas to all! Enjoy and have fun~
  4. IGN: Mina Vengeful Seraphic Wings (Legendary) ~
  5. Costumes Mysterious British Olympics Cheerio Skirt Legendary ✔️12/05/20 Mysterious Thai Olympic Threads Legendary ✔️01/09/21 Black Kitty Spectacles ✔️12/10/20 Stones Scarlet Aquadancer Luna Rock ✔️12/12/20 Ruby Star Star Stone ✔️12/12/20 Mount Sakura Usagi ✔️12/23/20 Dyes Sweetheart Pink ✔️12/12/20 Pale Pink ✔️01/12/21 Thank you ~
  6. Would really enjoy if Vendetta had Twin Saga again 🙏 I've said so on your previous post aswell, and I'll say it here too! I also tried the other servers... and big oof 🤦‍♀️
  7. Magic/Robust Magician Jenny ✔️08/06/20
  8. Gem Altar Playful Zashiki Warashi (Alpha pet) ✔️07/23/20 Eden Crystal Altar House of Cards, Diamonds Tattoo (Legendary) ✔️08/27/20 Mysterious Vixen Dress (Legendary) Red Lotus Star Stone ✔️07/23/20 Hearthflare Shield Luna Rock ✔️07/28/20 Dexterous/Spectral Magical Doll Palom ✔️08/01/20
  9. Stones Lush Idol Star Stone ✔️07/14/20 Emerald Reaper Luna Rock ✔️07/11/20 Violet Blossom Luna Rock ✔️07/16/20 Grim Fire Star Stone ✔️07/11/20 Please~ Thank you ♡
  10. Introduction Character Name (IGN): Mina Event Title: Christmas Countdown! Type: Boss + Quest Objective: Finish your daily quests for different rewarding bags each few days. These would be up from December 1st up to January 6th. Additionally hunt down <The Rebellious Priest> Caesar for quest items and more! Introduction: The <Silent Elf> Kelly knows what Caesar is planning to do to Christmas. Her plan is to switch his daily potion which allows him to grow stronger with some tea so that he can sleep through his idea against Christmas. This way he sleeps like an angel - not that he is one - and everyone else can enjoy themselves in this warming season. Event Timer: Quests reset daily + Boss spawns every 4hours. NPC/Boss/Quest Level: Quest lv100. NPC Spot: Aven X: 291 Y: 452 (Near the christmas tree that is there when the map changes) NPC Name: <Silent Elf> Kelly Preview: Quest 1 Name: Sleep well, you've worked hard. Mission: Defeat <The Rebellious Priest> Caesar 5 times. Rewards: Dec 1st - Dec 10th: Christmas Essence x1 & Glorious Bag x1 Dec 11th - Dec 20th: Christmas Essence x1 & Joyful Bag x1 Dec 21st - Dec 24th: Christmas Essence x1 & Merry Bag x1 Dec 25th: Christmas Essence x1 & A very special bag for a very special elf. X1 Dec 26th - Dec 31st: Christmas Essence x1 & Delightful Bag x1 Jan 1st: Christmas Essence x1 & A very special bag for a very special elf. X1 Jan 2nd - Jan 6th: Christmas Essence x1 & Festive Bag Glorious Bag contains 1 of the following: Warm Christmas Sleigh (Prime) Snowy Christmas Sleigh (Prime) Wishful Christmas Sleigh (Prime) Christmas Reindeer Puppy (White) Christmas Tree (Furniture from Twin Saga) Christmas Poster Board (Furniture from Twin Saga) Merry Bag contains 1 of the following: Mysterious Pretty Xmas Dress Costume (Prime) Mysterious Fashionable Xmas Costume (Prime) Mysterious Soft Snowman Hat (Prime) Mysterious Xmas Snowman Hat (Prime) Christmas Tree (Furniture from Twin Saga) Christmas Poster Board (Furniture from Twin Saga) Joyful Bag contains 1 of the following: Clever Christmas Reindeer Puppy (Prime) Brave Christmas Reindeer Puppy (Prime) Snowy Christmas Sleigh (Prime) Clever Christmas Reindeer Puppy (Alpha) Christmas Tree (Furniture from Twin Saga) Christmas Poster Board (Furniture from Twin Saga) Delightful Bag contains 1 of the following: Wishful Christmas Sleigh (Prime) Brave Christmas Reindeer Puppy (Alpha) Gingerbread Man Alpha (Costume from Twin Saga) Gingerbread Man Prime (Costume from Twin Saga) Christmas Tree (Furniture from Twin Saga) Christmas Poster Board (Furniture from Twin Saga) Festive Bag contains 1 of the following: Warm Christmas Sleigh (Prime) Snowy Christmas Sleigh (Prime) Wishful Christmas Sleigh (Prime) Mysterious Pretty Xmas Dress Costume (Prime) Mysterious Fashionable Xmas Costume (Prime) Christmas Tree (Furniture from Twin Saga) Christmas Poster Board (Furniture from Twin Saga) A very special bag for a very special elf. Contains ALL: Christmas Tree (Furniture from Twin Saga) Christmas Poster Board (Furniture from Twin Saga) Transformation Time! Heavenly Tea x5 Quest 2 Name: Until next year! Mission: Collect 25 Christmas Essence. (Reward from "Sleep well, you've worked hard.") Reward: Title: Rebel without a Claus. Boss Name: <The Rebellious Priest> Caesar Preview: (Sized up) Boss Achievement: Christmas stays, you can go. Mailed Reward: One of the following Heavenly Tea (Would be kinda like Mulled Wine, etc. Maybe something new to stack, or not! - The Icon would be the same as it is in Twin Saga) Transformation time! - An item that would transform you into Alfred (Twin Saga model). Alike to the bunny transformation item in the archive. Clever Christmas Reindeer Puppy (Prime) Brave Christmas Reindeer Puppy (Prime)
  11. You may have gotten reflected in the middle of the map and maybe duration could "solve" it but don't forget people have achievements dones, 90% mount, cert and the bard buff ;x I see what you mean though. And about nctw changes, as much as I'd like seeing some or even the 10v10 I dunno to what point it'd be added to awaken since that's the reason why classic appeared in the first place. That and not even our awaken 10v10 is queued in the first place, and if it is it always has a few alts
  12. Since Herakles said otherwise before maybe I'm wrong, but I was pretty sure Pet Bible/Pet Battle Theory would keep both slot 1 and 2 of the pets lol Not just 1. I've used them before too, and it was always the 2 slots that were kept.
  13. Stones Sprite's Newgrowth Star Stone ✔️06/16/20 Verdigris Aquadancer Luna Rock ✔️06/11/20 Azure Reaper Luna Rock ✔️06/23/20 Abstruse Zodiac Star Stone ✔️06/11/20 Golden Idol Star Stone ✔️06/23/20 Golden Aquadancer Luna Rock ✔️07/14/20
  14. Stones Scarlet Luna Rock ✔️06/06/20 Pink Dream Star Stone ✔️06/06/20 Purity Fire Star Stone ✔️06/04/20 Ivory Starlight Luna Rock ✔️06/04/20 Sprite's Miraculous Star Stone ✔️06/09/20 Gleaming Blossom Luna Rock ✔️06/09/20 Dyes Chocolate ✔️06/04/20 Lemon Chiffon ✔️06/16/20 Sunlit Orange ✔️06/11/20 (Once again, thank you! ~ )
  15. Costumes Cream Donut Legendary ✔️06/02/20 Strawberry Donut Legendary ✔️06/04/20 Dyes Dark Grey ✔️05/30/20 (Thank you for the dyes this week <3)
  16. Just to complete what was said about, usually the order for the altars should be: 1. Thursday (Or when maintenance happens) 2. Saturday 3. Tuesday
  17. Dyes Blush ✔️05/23/20 Rose ✔️06/09/20 Lilac ✔️05/26/20 Orchid ✔️05/21/20 Lavender ✔️06/06/20 Costumes Serene Melded Marvel Wings (Legendary) ✔️05/21/20 Majestic Melded Marvel Wings (Legendary) ✔️05/21/20 Legendary Maid (Legendary) ✔️09/10/20 Mysterious Swordswoman Threads (Legendary) ✔️08/20/20
  18. If this is for Eden Eternal boxes are changed weekly when maint happens. So on thursdays - unless maint is delayed \o Correct me if im wrong tho
  19. Dyes Lace white ✔️04/30/20 Rosewood ✔️05/05/20 Salmon ✔️05/02/20 Costume Mysterious Female Mecha Pilot Suit (Legendary) ✔️05/05/20 Serene Melded Marvel Wings (Legendary) ✔️05/21/20 Majestic Melded Marvel Wings (Legendary) ✔️05/21/20 Thank you.
  20. This is just a small suggestion that I developted by fun~ Even though I'll mention it quite a few times: Main challenge of this idea would be the drop rate. Dungeon map: Haven of Oblivion (Twin Saga: Bosses would have the same spawn place as there and not like EE's Map) Required lvl: 120 Weapon lvl: Either 110 or 115 (Suggestion) Max players that can enter: 3 Idea: The challenge wouldn't be the dungeon or bosses themselves but the RNG behind possible drops or bosses spawning chances. (Explained below) The dungeon would contain 2-3 bosses per entry, but 6 bosses total. Maybe on weekends there could be the chance of a 7th boss - Mostly for the people that do work and have a limited time to play(This same boss could come with a higher spawning % chance or not). I'm still not sure if the limit per day would be 0/5 or 0/10 - Would depend on the RNG numbers chosen for the drops + aditional option showed later on this post. Just like in Sky Tower/Daylight Forest the bosses appearance would be 100% random but unlike these having fixed floors/place for each boss, there would also be the chance of having the same boss twice/thrice in the same dungeon. Which on itself can either be a blessing or not: If the party is looking onto X Weapons/Boss and gets it to spawn 2-3 times, amazing. However if you wanted Y or Z Weapons/Boss and you get X 2-3 times... Plus the chance of that happening again the following entry/days. Which may or may not lead onto "Boss calls" appearing again for this dungeon. To not let people "check" for bosses, the 2nd and 3rd bosses would only appear after the 1st and 2nd were killed. This way only 1 boss can be checked (Also the reason why I made required lvl 120 and not 115). My suggestion for the bosses mechanics would be something alike to current GOP with much more HP. Basically somewhat "challenging" but at the same time fairly friendly, just so you wouldn't just run through them as fast as 110 Trials (Without WB option). Obviously that would remove the option to use 4T Pots. Fairly easy mechanics but requiring a decent amount of time to go through 1 entry. Suggestion: Something like a ridiculous number for the HP of the bosses. No demonfire/totem/bloodsword or alike skills would be allowed. Now for the bosses and their drops. The bosses and their drops would be devided by categories. Boss/Group 1 would drop Essence A (Which would be used ONLY to craft/fuse: Pikes, Hammers and Staffs) BP: Pierce + Nature Essence Color: Green Boss/Group 2 would drop Essence B (Which would be used ONLY to craft/fuse: Daggers, 1-Handed Swords and Rapiers) BP: Strike + Fire Essence Color: Red Boss/Group 3 would drop Essence C (Which would be used ONLY to craft/fuse: Sickleshots, Bows and Guns) BP: Slash + Holy Essence Color: Yellow Boss/Group 4 would drop Essence D (Which would be used ONLY to craft/fuse: Cestus, Katanas and Shields) BP: Pierce + Ice Essence Color: Blue Boss/Group 5 would drop Essence E (Which would be used ONLY to craft/fuse: Clubs, Greatswords and Axes) BP: Strike + Lightning Essence Color: Purple Boss/Group 6 would drop Essence F (Which would be used ONLY to craft/fuse: Guitars, Grimoires, Maces) BP: Slash + Dark Essence Color: Black/Grey (Possible 7th boss would contain ALL essences in the drops. BP: Nature + Lightning + Holy) However I'm still not sure what would be the best way to actually make the actual weapons. Fair disclaimer, the weapons would have FIXED 100% ATK/MATK. To compensate they'd be just as good as awakened weapons (with a tiny feeling of lv95 weapons). Option A: Crafted with blueprints(specific weapon) The blueprints would be ONLY obtained through a NPC. This NPC would have the same system as, for example, lv50 trials. The dungeon would have a Repeatable quest that would give 10 Tokens each time. The player would need 1000 Tokens to buy the blueprint and that's where the entry numbers could also come into play. If the dungeon had 0/5 limit per day you would need 20 days to make the weapon - assuming you had perfect rng - but if it was 0/10 you'd just need 10. Possibly less days if we count maint days. Which, to me, sounds like a good amount for the blueprint. Specially if I remind that the actual challenging part would and should be getting the essences for those blueprints. And I am aware this is a private server but I was going to suggest the drop rate to be the same as vases/chests enchants drop OR the same as the mounts/backpack treasures in Sky Tower/Daylight Forest - Which most players probably would prefer. The amount needed of essences to craft through blueprints would be 15. Crafting success rate would also be 100% - Again focusing the RNG on the essence drop being the hardest part. Crafting EACH weapon would also have a Foundry Achievement (15 Points ea) and a diffrent Title(All stats +12%, PATK, MATK & GHEAL +3% and Move Speed +5%). Option B: Fused in Arcane box (Random per Essence) This option would require a smaller amount of essences to fuse - Needing only 10 essences. However to make up for that, the option would be completly random. For an example: You have x10 Essences C. When you put them onto Arcane box's Material Placement area you'd see on the "Product" Area the 3 weapons (Bow, Gun and Sickleshot) where you'd have a 33% chance to get 1 of the possible weapons. Now I am aware there would be 1% left. Knowing EE's RNG I do not want to suggest making that 1% a failure chance however to fight that math problem: That 1% would be the chance to get the 10 Essences AGAIN. (Hopefully noone would be stuck in that 1% loop though...) With this option there would be NO Achievement or Title at all. (Not sure if this system is possible in EE, but to make up for it after you've defeated the dungeon x100 times you'd get an achievement and possibly a title - Twin Saga style.) Also the Essences WOULD BE Tradable. So you could sell unwanted essences and/or trade for something you'd wanted. This is mostly to make up for the possible scenario: Party wants Boss 1(Staff) + Boss 2(Dagger) + Boss 6(Mace) but for some reason the spawned bosses would be Boss 3+Boss 3+Boss 5(Guns and Clubs categories). Information about the weapons: Unlike lv100 awaken weapons there would be only 1 option per weapon. There would be no healing rapier + damage rapier, for example. As said previously, FIXED 100% PATK/MATK. Weapons would be gold rarity and they'd have a glowing effect of the same color as the essence needed. Example: Dagger would glow red / Mace would glow black / Club would glow purple / Etc. Examples of weapons: (They may sound a "bit" broken, that's why I'd like to say again: biggest struggle SHOULD be the RNG to even get 1. All effects mentioned are already in the game, just diffrent weapons and levels. Again some would be class specific while others should be fine in "any class".) DAGGER: Normal attacks have 25% chance of triple hit effect. Your attacks have 5% chance of increasing EVA by 10% for 5 seconds. RAPIER: Mcrit 5%. Ice blessing's healing +10%. Attacks and Casts have 5% chance to proc G-Healing 733 Pts for 10 seconds. 1H SWORD: Blade Acrobat's "Sword Dance" range +5meters. Berserker's "Mind weaver" range +5meters. Your attacks have 5% chance to decrease enemies' Slash resistance -20 pts for 7 seconds. MACE: G-Heal 5%. DMG Taken -5%. Casts have a 2% chance to increase WIS by 665 pts and all elem resis by 10 pts for 7 seconds. CESTUS: Crushing Uppercut DMG +20%. Your attacks have 5% chance to decrease target's block by 20% for 5 seconds. CLUB: Move speed 5%. Attacks have 5% chance to decrease enemy's DEF by 20%, lasts 10 seconds. KATANA: PATK 5%. Move speed 5%. All skills have 5% chance of decreasing target's -10 pts slash resistance for 7 seconds. GREATSWORD: PATK 5%. Has 5% chance of recovering 10% HP when attacked, lasts for 5 seconds. AXE: Each attack stacks 2% PATK - Stacking at 5. Attacks have 5% chance of increasing STR +500 pts and AGI + 351 for 5 seconds. PIKE: PATK % MATK +5%. Dragon warth +15% DMG. Your attacks have 1% chance of decreasing target's Fire resis -20 pts for 5 seconds. HAMMER: DMG Dealt +5%. Move Speed +5%. Your attacks have 5% of decreasing target's Strike resis by 10 pts for 10 seconds. BOW: PATK 5%. Normal attacks have 20% chance to trigger a double hit effect. Attacks have 1% chance to decrease target's DEF by 10% for 5 seconds. ARTILLERY GUN: PATK % MATK 5%. Attacks have 5% chance of decreasing target's pierce and fire resis by 10% for 5 seconds. GUITAR: G-Heal 5%. Eva 5%. Has a 10% chance of recovering the HP of teammates within 20meters for 5% HP during 7 seconds. GRIMOIRE: MATK 5%. When casting a skill theres a 5% chance of increasing MATK +20% for 7 seconds. When attacked theres a 10% chance of decreasing the attacker's Move SPD -20% for 5 seconds. STAFF: MDMG Dealt +5%. When casting a skill theres a 1% chance of triggering a double hit. Additionally when casting there's a 5% chance of decreasing target's elem resis by -20pts for 5 seconds. SHIELD: Block +10%. G-Heal and P-Heal +5%. When attacked there's a 5% chance of decreasing all damage taken by 15% for 5 seconds. SICKLESHOT: Reaver's "Shattering Wave" +25% DMG. Attacks and skills have a 3% chance of removing one debuff from the target.
  21. I'd like to request any of the following pets: Floral Haruka (Preference) ✔️07/23/20 Summer Ren ✔️05/28/20 Night Luna ✔️04/30/20 Tiger Cub Haku ✔️04/23/20 Star Maiden Sakura ✔️06/25/20 Basically any dagger 15% pet.
  22. Character Name (IGN): Mina My primary entry is Amaris. I did add Marisa just for fun. Amaris: Boss Name and Title: <Ruby Star> Amaris Boss Model: Passive Buffs: Every 10 seconds Amaris will receive a buff that will make her immune to all direct damage. Can only be removed by the NPC Player's 1st skill which has 10 seconds cooldown. Skill 1: All players within 20 meters of selected target will receive a debuff of 10% DEF, All Resis and ACC. Can be stacked 3 times and cannot be removed. Skill 2: All players will lose 25% HP per second and can only be removed by the NPC Player's 2nd skill - This skill is like Cleric's Purifying wind but only for this DOT. Skill 3: Boss will heal up 10% HP per second and reflect 200% of received DMG. Can only be removed by the NPC Player's 3rd skill. Countdown Skill: A wall of lazers (Just like in Twin Saga's Sapphire Keep) will appear one shotting any player that it hits. Addicional information about the NPC: Once the player becomes the NPC they have 5 seconds to position themselves in battle. After those 5 seconds the NPC cannot move until the boss is dead/themselves dies/remove the NPC buff from the buff bar. Once NPC they are immune to the bosses' Countdown Skill 1. Trophy Name: Amaris' Crystal Core Trophy Description: This crystal allowed Amaris to be alive once again through illusions and dreams. Up to this day, she keeps seeking anyone who will allow her to be live through them. Trophy Icon: Boss Achievement Name: Life is nothing but an illusion. Trophy Achievement Name: Crystals and lives are no diffrent. Dungeon Name: Aurora Sanctum Dungeon Map: Same map as Palace of Dreams but with purple shades. Dungeon area: Number 1. Boss Quotes In Game When a boss is casting a count down spell: "Well then, I'll just have to show you the true power of the Queen of Sanctopolis" When a boss is first attacked: "What's this smell? It's a disgusting human! Fouling my sacred palace!" When a boss is killed: "No, I don't want to go just yet..." Marisa: Boss Name and Title: <Sapphire Star> Marisa Boss Model: Passive Buffs: Chibi form: Every 20 seconds Marisa has 1% chance of healing 5% HP and removing all debuffs. Human form: All attacks will deal tripple hit damage. Additionaly will deal 10% HP and 5% MP to all targets within 20 meters every second and 10% MP to all targets within 50 meters every 5 10 seconds. Skill 1: Casts "You don't belong here!" debuff onto a random target. This debuff will automatically kill the player within 10 seconds if they do not go through a portal behind the boss (Kinda like in ShaleT, Dragon expe 95, etc). Going through this portal will remove that debuff however will also remove 10% of all your resistances for 20 seconds. Skill 2: Marisa will summon Fina and Samuel to battle. Both can be killed. Fina: Buffs Marisa 10% ATK and debuffs players 10% ATK. Samuel: Buffs Marisa 10% DEF and All Resis. Aditionally makes Marisa immune to all melee damage. Skill 3: Creates an area of effect which will deal damage 5% HP per second that lasts for 10 seconds. (Almost like Asmo's flames in GOP). Countdown Skill: During 5 seconds Marisa will cast her transformation onto her human form. While casting Marisa receives 30% more DMG. Trophy Name: Marisa's Crystaline Tear Trophy Description: The Queen knew she could not save neither her sister or herself yet she fought till the last moment. Her last tear became as beautiful as a diamond. Trophy Icon: Boss Achievement Name: Stubborn Royalty. Trophy Achievement Name: Lonely till the end. Dungeon Name: Aurora Sanctum Dungeon Map: Same map as Palace of Dreams but with purple shades. Dungeon area: Number 2. Boss Quotes In Game When a boss is casting a count down spell: "So be it! I won't feel any guilt killing you then!" When a boss is first attacked: "Out of my way! Unless you want me to kill you too!" When a boss is killed: "What is... this feeling... Is this all a dream...?" Map Information: Number 1: Amaris' boss area Number 2: Marisa's boss area Number 3: Instead of having to run through all the map to face the first boss, players will spawn here. Number 4: Possible boss area + Portal to exit DNG.
  23. Magic/Robust Summer Ren ✔️05/28/20 Stawberries n' Cream Popsicle Legendary ✔️05/07/20
  24. Mount: Azure foxfire kitsune legendary Weapon: Firework fan legendary ✔️01/24/20
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