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  1. Hello. Above everything I'd like to thank you for the new patch! Overall doing Abyss has been fun. Above what's been said, which I do agree (Specially about Essences, the rewards on mail and Esh-Baal's movement speed). I do understand (I think) what the Esh-Baal NPC was supposed to be. If you do not wish to change the move speed then could some mobs spawn there that we could kill for Souls? Just so we don't just sit down where the NPC spawns for 2 minutes. I'd also like to suggest: 1. Let us use Portal Stones to Abyss - Mostly because we have to go through at least two loadin
  2. Dyes Dark Grey Costumes Mysterious Alpaca Wool Cape(Prime) ✔️01/02/21
  3. IGN: Mina Card: Merry Christmas to all! Enjoy and have fun~
  4. IGN: Mina Vengeful Seraphic Wings (Legendary) ~
  5. Costumes Mysterious British Olympics Cheerio Skirt Legendary ✔️12/05/20 Mysterious Thai Olympic Threads Legendary ✔️01/09/21 Black Kitty Spectacles ✔️12/10/20 Stones Scarlet Aquadancer Luna Rock ✔️12/12/20 Ruby Star Star Stone ✔️12/12/20 Mount Sakura Usagi ✔️12/23/20 Dyes Sweetheart Pink ✔️12/12/20 Pale Pink ✔️01/12/21 Thank you ~
  6. Would really enjoy if Vendetta had Twin Saga again 🙏 I've said so on your previous post aswell, and I'll say it here too! I also tried the other servers... and big oof 🤦‍♀️
  7. Magic/Robust Magician Jenny ✔️08/06/20
  8. Gem Altar Playful Zashiki Warashi (Alpha pet) ✔️07/23/20 Eden Crystal Altar House of Cards, Diamonds Tattoo (Legendary) ✔️08/27/20 Mysterious Vixen Dress (Legendary) Red Lotus Star Stone ✔️07/23/20 Hearthflare Shield Luna Rock ✔️07/28/20 Dexterous/Spectral Magical Doll Palom ✔️08/01/20
  9. Stones Lush Idol Star Stone ✔️07/14/20 Emerald Reaper Luna Rock ✔️07/11/20 Violet Blossom Luna Rock ✔️07/16/20 Grim Fire Star Stone ✔️07/11/20 Please~ Thank you ♡
  10. Introduction Character Name (IGN): Mina Event Title: Christmas Countdown! Type: Boss + Quest Objective: Finish your daily quests for different rewarding bags each few days. These would be up from December 1st up to January 6th. Additionally hunt down <The Rebellious Priest> Caesar for quest items and more! Introduction: The <Silent Elf> Kelly knows what Caesar is planning to do to Christmas. Her plan is to switch his daily potion which allows him to grow stronger with some tea so that he can sleep through his idea against Christmas. This way he sleeps like an angel - not
  11. You may have gotten reflected in the middle of the map and maybe duration could "solve" it but don't forget people have achievements dones, 90% mount, cert and the bard buff ;x I see what you mean though. And about nctw changes, as much as I'd like seeing some or even the 10v10 I dunno to what point it'd be added to awaken since that's the reason why classic appeared in the first place. That and not even our awaken 10v10 is queued in the first place, and if it is it always has a few alts
  12. Since Herakles said otherwise before maybe I'm wrong, but I was pretty sure Pet Bible/Pet Battle Theory would keep both slot 1 and 2 of the pets lol Not just 1. I've used them before too, and it was always the 2 slots that were kept.
  13. Stones Sprite's Newgrowth Star Stone ✔️06/16/20 Verdigris Aquadancer Luna Rock ✔️06/11/20 Azure Reaper Luna Rock ✔️06/23/20 Abstruse Zodiac Star Stone ✔️06/11/20 Golden Idol Star Stone ✔️06/23/20 Golden Aquadancer Luna Rock ✔️07/14/20
  14. Stones Scarlet Luna Rock ✔️06/06/20 Pink Dream Star Stone ✔️06/06/20 Purity Fire Star Stone ✔️06/04/20 Ivory Starlight Luna Rock ✔️06/04/20 Sprite's Miraculous Star Stone ✔️06/09/20 Gleaming Blossom Luna Rock ✔️06/09/20 Dyes Chocolate ✔️06/04/20 Lemon Chiffon ✔️06/16/20 Sunlit Orange ✔️06/11/20 (Once again, thank you! ~ )
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