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  1. depends of sp and situation. For sader pve i think is better calamity because sader not have much skills. with calamity have +2 speed 100 energy 5% dmg etc all time , with onyx have +1 speed and 20% chance for skill.
  2. if at least bash unlock nb for 1 day for obtain items in nb, this mode we have time for do requirements and we not lost items...
  3. only i reclaim items on nb for give to my artist ( me and for rest of people in same situation ) i will do requirements but need more time .... and people with requirement done tell me that they can't trade and use nb
  4. i asked other people's with requirements done but they can't trade or use nb more info :
  5. thank goodness people start to see that there are restrictions, I do not know, i have lv83 + 0 MA I give xp in your martial artist in volcan and A6 and you give me xp in my artist ( i don't abuse of game, i use for save gold in different player and don't have tentations for spend, i need for set c 45 -.- xd ) # save_items_bazar here something more information:
  6. i open topic with same topic, @Bash i can not complete of requirements before i lost my items on nb :
  7. Hi, i make this because i think that i am not the one. In patch 37v not say nothing about restrictions for Martial Artists, i amb agree with restrictions, but this is other time... much people use martial artist for sell items on nb ( that can't open) and save gold or items. @Bash can you open a few days 1 or 2 days as the last time for people can pas items and gold please. pd: restrictions for MA are 93+30 and 2,5kk rep. ( i can't make restrictions before of lost items on nb -.- )
  8. Dragon knight costume Reindeer costume Frost warrior costume Puppet Master's
  9. that is the little discussion that i said but someone say that is ban not is ban ... i think that not is fair for archers
  10. Hello everyone this raid have a discussion between players for finished with this i propose the following: Now we have to wait the shield of Ibrahim (duration 90s) for killing boss. My suggestion: The shield of ibrahim (duration 90 or dissaper after just kill commanders Shoran and Shay). If you don't kill the two comanders you have to wait 90s If you kill the two commanders befor of 90s, the shield dissappear. This mode the teams can kill commanders and not need wait 90 seconds.
  11. Agree +1 and bash can add new symbols for example: obtain 30kk rep and kill 1000 mobs. or for style
  12. you can farm seals for sell more late the cuby to slade
  13. In the past someone said for add the symbols de reputation that missing but i don't know why but they were not added. · I suggest increasing all range of reputation x10. For to add more value the obtain a different symbol. I think that not afect to sp's, new requisite for trade and fee bank. I don't know if simthing more afect reputation. · For example: Green Elit 2.500.001 ~ 3.750.000 ---> 25.000.001 ~ 37.500.000 Blue Elit 3.750.001 ~ 5.000.000 --> 37.500.001 ~ 50.000.000 Red Elit > 5.000.000 --> > 50.000.000
  14. I don't express myself very well in English, i say that my suggestion is weak (bad explained) i don't know much about possibilities for effects. ( I have corrected the phrase.)