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  1. i think that is possible fix sistem reputation and bash know about this but he told that in this moment he have other thing more importants for do in Nostale befor fix reputation sistem that is only estetic from +1kk and +2,5kk .
  2. I see that this is not going to change and people like it that way (me too), i don't say nothing more @TheHealersGod i know, was a prank @Elrond i don't want depende from monk/holy , i want run free for all map and not wait in corner for remove bad debuff, 5 min ? give me your hack
  3. i want say that Bash is waiting that Gf make some change in sp for look if they make a good job or make a shit work (like ever) , and this moment Bash told that he will make a big balance of sp's. This mode only wait.
  4. After i tested raid ( +20 raids) . i have other new vision: · If lime juice remove bad efect from boss and not need monk/holy in raid ? · And reduced a little life from boss for "delet" last round when boss have 1/4 live in red ( reducing life from boss your team can finish the round befor , this mode reduce time to +-6min) What do my dear haters think? @Elrond @TheHealersGod
  5. I don't watch this mode, simplenty he reduced the obtain from gold in some items, but this not it implies that you need make donations, you can progress in all the game without $ (maybe something slower), at diferent from GF server that you can't progress in all the game without $. For my is annoying, Bash not is a man that make thing without think well befor, and this time only write in 1 phrase, that he change price from some items and not say nothing more. what price ? what items ? we can search other modes for that not afect all people and yes more the people that sell gold ? ( i undertund that is a quick mesure for avoid future damage) but when you go to sell items the game not say the new price, i can sell without realize... And if is for seller gold why change vacon horn o vacon tail (700gold and 1,4k) among others, is ridiculous not is better put items not tradedeable and only can sell to npc and not in nb and shop ? @Bash the people always want the easiest way, but too there are people good. i m sure that you not ask in game to Elrond for use your hack because you know that we go fast to write tiquet for tell you.
  6. ACT 6.1 DROP: crystal of valance 700k = blue soul 160k = fragment of fernon 250 gold = golden and silver thread 50 gold = unidientified metal 50 gold = damaged orichalcum 500 gold = intact relic OF 100K TO 1k relic of first tives OF 25K TO ~1k baccon horn OF 1,2K TO 60 GOLD baccon tail of 700 to 35 gold the game not say new price the moment to sell
  7. i don't say for add alts to raid ( in my opinion i don't like use alt in raids ) but i really feel this raid is any slowly for my like. xd
  8. Increase number of players that can join raid to 12 or 15 I feel the raid really slow with 10/10
  9. fisrt day : wow a lot of people (all lv 20) second day: meh less people third day : hello ? someone here ?? (...) ford day : fusion of servers xDDDDDDDD
  10. JAJAJJAJAJAJJAJAJJAJAJJAJ GF not change never pls and people hating vendetta requirements for trade XDDDDDDDDDD
  11. can farm angel feathers in maps mapple woods and fir forest , here obtain a lot of sotnes P and wings that can sell in future, seeds too and half moon npc bash 15k/u no need more and plis 3 min for pts x 50 times = 150 min not is much (The most hard is do act 1 )
  12. lv83, 1kk rep and act1 done , if is only change reputation i don't say no but not is much hard obtain 1kk , you can do raids ( you can farm seals, not there are restrictione of level) and open you raids, cuby is fast , and do ts from stone letter P 50-60lv obtain 30 gillion and 18k rep in 3min easy.