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  1. so does group provoke that's why they have a glyph that makes it generate alot more malice when used
  2. for lvl8 gem crafting you just buy the blue prints from guild towns and craft them in an alchemy pool and enchanted gem is a lvl60 racial craft from the frogs
  3. tbh from my time farming partial enchants 1 thing stuck out to me the most, same level partial enchant chest not in the same back pack space. i can see if it was like oh i got 5 partial chestI here, 8 partial chestVI here, and 3 partial chestII here, but nope i got 3+ rows of partial chest trying to get lvl1-2 partials. can we make them stack like potions before we open them?
  4. 1. for rat/frog bk racials zumi is +5% parry and +5 elemental res and aunarun is +10% atk spd 2. wait that's still a thing? 3. copy paste kp i'm guessing 4. this i'm curious about as well due to the other greatsword having more viability since holyblade is both mdps and pdps
  5. tbh 100t was easy once you realize you have to start bosses with a cc, and then cc them at around 20% hp so that they don't do their own cc spam or quintuple hit skills *stares at blade, isolda, dug, and marquis saad*, but i feel the main problem about 95t and 100t is nobody bothers asking for help because it's older content so they doubt people would help them leaving them near gearless for when they join up in 110t
  6. yea turn my fx down to 0 to see people to heal with placed aoe healing and now i got to deal with this crap smh
  7. if it does work for all sweet jeebuz +15% dmg to thunder storm on an already heavy hitting class
  8. smh judgy now i'm going to have to double ta trophy on top of the tk combo on zerker b4 the fix
  9. tbh what happened to gm is basically what happened to shielder jordan slightly nerfs it and tries to make it different then someone digs up an abandoned class to fill that role and actually better than before the change (in this case holy blade instead of paladin)
  10. i'll keep that in mind and hopefully it was just a cale proc when hit below 30% hp, but on a fun side note i found out lw buffs work on kage and crolla so now we can see those big guys run at them with near 900k hp gaining 2% of it per second with some p/m-atk
  11. today i learned that soul chaser is unusable if you already have a knock down immunity on you. not just the knockdown immunity, but also the heal meaning if a reaver is in play on enemy team there goes your trump card unless you have an elegant dancer in your party
  12. welp first time doing an actual run of dragonside sanctuary and compared to abyss dungeons this is alot more easier.... why!? for ds the hardest part for me was human eis which tbh isn't much when you realized she's a suped up version of diane in hoo but with minions, and maybe thunor and that's just due to the field that drains hp and mp. now for abyss 3 of these demons have insta kill mechanics, one of which is especially annoying due to a cc combo thrown in before hand that can hit the spawn, and another one where if your pet despawns while in combat with it will set it off instantly. tbh the third one isn't bad you just lure the other bird through a portal and into the murder circle, and watch it evaporate while the cc doesn't go through immunities unlike a certain fox's... >_>
  13. tbh it's due to the fact runners have to be somewhat geared in order to survive should yield better exp/cp rates then the open maps where you can do the delivery stuff with starter pack gear and a +10 tk weapon
  14. tbh all these except for the block cert change sound great, but if you're a healer without using the real defensive abyss set like guardian knight or breath of life you most likely going to be below 40% block r8
  15. hammer for dps shielder and zerker because of green giant and mace mostly for me wanting to use 100 awaken mace on shielder. for gk b4 the hs got reworked it would apply both bonuses the attack skills gave with toggle meaning it would have the frost flourish knockback with current ice knight's blessing effect if it kept this effect. for old samba i mean the aoe cc instead of wis/dmg reduction. tbh that was placed on here due to seeing enhanced dos and ta stuff but yeah a majority of 85 weapons aren't used unless you an ed but 95 weapons are still widely used for healers and ba
  16. i'll start the ball certs: luminary certs: crit heals now proc the cast spd buff, and all cast proc the mp cert cleric cert: 10% mp is now g-heal pdps certs: a pdps version of luminary cert but for atk spd (don't know where it would go though) classes: awaken mimic: it's existence zerker/shielder: hammers and maces added to weapons it can use it's skills with gk: hs works like old hs with the new toggles giving a ranged knockback lw: soul chaser song cleanse 5 debuffs when it goes off ed: old samba is back gear/misc: enhanced 85/95 weapons +5% g-heal on fire meteor that's all that i could come up with
  17. tbh i think the disarm spam is linked to the fact ae does too much dmg with no build up or res drop so now people are dropping pw's and heals for disarms and dmg reduction. i thought disarm went with the mundane immunity but that might have just been luminarie's.
  18. tbh with 110t's when they first rolled out you had people with 95 awaken gear or 100 gear doing fine especially if they had a hs or totem master with the maul t's. for monster stones these things are bonus gear so i wouldn't expect much, but if you throwing in other procs like disarm tienro t or death fighting staff (which is ironically a lvl50 orange club) they start to stack up and add insult to injury
  19. it's in the buff bar from what i seen on bosses idk if it's in the buff bar for players
  20. is this thing suppose to be in buffs or debuffs?
  21. i'm going to be blunt judgy yes it's bugged but 20+ debuffs is still 20+ debuffs but damn that is broken af p.s. i just hope we aren't going to see battle medic ae's til it's patched
  22. tbh i doubt it's people looking down on healer t's but that there's already so many options people aren't feeling up to the 35 soul grind like illustio's offering has the skill heal amp, willow one-eye's broken soul has the overall healing boost with the +35% g-heal boost, and some healers like groing full crit heal so you also have sluaw's wicked eye, viserion's fang, and alucard's medallion
  23. i wish i had this rng instead of 2-3 minutes of jumping for a guitar proc
  24. yeah conju is such an unhealthy class even if you got an item to morph you out of worm morph like alpaca gem it has another long cc, but even if you do survive the 3 sources of dot you can't catch them since they got capped ms even without mount. now for the healer thing it's quite simple people either try to deal with healers with a ton of cc or dmg but not both so if you cc them for like 2 minutes but have no dmg they'll just survive though shield blocks, and if you are focusing on dmg they will just heal as much as you do dmg since nobody is stopping them
  25. tbh the pvp exclusive pod buffs would be nice in regular tw but the main reason weekend pvp is usually dual or non existent is the lack of incentives and for tw case the reset on monday mornings
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