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  1. are you sure that you downloaded the vendetta version if so does it look like this when you're about to launch it? https://imgur.com/a/LB3r2iZ
  2. you have to right click the download button and click copy link address and then post paste it into the url bar vous devez cliquer avec le bouton droit sur le bouton de téléchargement et cliquer sur copier l'adresse du lien, puis la coller dans la barre d'URL
  3. iirc it was only parry and block are stats that you couldn't get from fort bonuses on armor outside of shields and 2h weapons
  4. moved you over from scarlet blade general to eden general. this server differs quite a bit from the officials, like we don't have battle mounts, we have beginner gear outside of legacy/heritage/temple knight which boost exp/cp while giving move spd and res, and you can roll for quite bigger bags in both eden gem and crystal altars
  5. you have to pick a form in order to use paladin skills
  6. out of the 2 of them paladin just for the sheer fact defense seal exist and they can heal and buff themselves while the mana toggle removes a debuff per a second. the only thing shielder actually has over paladin is HP and don't even get me started with the shielder's toggle
  7. right click the download button and copy the link address and you should get http://cdn.vendettagn.com/vgn/EEV_Install_v1.rar post that into the url bar and it should start the download
  8. moved this to eden eternal unless scarlet blade also had a Vendetta blazing training armor, but if you're already level 30 and haven't gotten the quest check the quest bubble under the minimap and uncheck the level choice option
  9. right click the download button and copy the link and then paste the link into the url bar
  10. you have to right click the download button copy the link and past it into the url bar which should give you http://cdn.vendettagn.com/vgn/EEV_Install_v1.rar
  11. 1. From seeing my elemental on hit dmg increase with the flat dmg increase from provoke I assume so. 2. Idk if reflect dmg counts sadly. 3. Resistances can be negative but defense can't and if true resistances aren't thrown in the cap on the negative should be the same as the regular cap of 50 physical res and 70 elemental (50 if it's physical elemental dmg). 4. My guess is due to the multi hit nature of this mode that makes it great for BP dmg. 5. We have a forum post for suggesting things on altars and boxes.
  12. please no necro'ing threads, but i've heard of other players having this problem in you might need a vpn to connect from a different spot
  13. So far in the few runs of playing it it's been fun (except Avner), but there is a few glaring problems in this dungeon so far. First problem I ran into is the mob leash range like sand pigs and cursed slashers having less leash range than a Blood knight's mark aoe making it harder to pull them into a clear. Second problem is specifically with the first two bosses (Zark and Avner) when running these bosses you either don't have enough people to dps them in a timely manner or you have too many people which makes you lag too much to cast skills. Third problem (which might be a personal gripe) is Avner's core mechanic, like idk if it's based on how much dmg you do to him or if it's on a timer because the amount of time we get to wail on him with no dmg reduction feels very varied. tbh there might be more complaints but idk since I haven't npc'ed for the first and third boss
  14. can't you get the advance soul from any of the chest that aren't the basic buckets? (grant the rates still feel pretty low)
  15. ye pve is highly slash meta due to how abundant - slash res is. outside a few outlier fights (late game content) slash is the preferred dmg type.as for supports which ones are you looking to play? the ones with buffs and debuffs, the ones with cc, or the high healing ones? edit: i should also add that types of supports can also vary if you planning on just being in pve, or heading into group pvp. i don't find much use for life worshipper in pve except the move speed and hp buffs, but in huge raid parties with an elegant dancer they actually become powerful.
  16. i moved this to general discussion because it's not really a bug but intentional due to the fact if warlock could spam their summons then tribute/ blood conversion would be spammed an unholy amount edit: also this is with any normal class summons that isn't the engineer's missile destruction and shaman's totems
  17. Yes they do Sadly unlike resistances from what I tried defense is capped at 0-999k Same like monsters No but with things like % dmg amp and res reduction you can do dmg well over 999k (which is where p/m-atk cap at) I don't think Wis has a formula for those stats unlike other core stats Now this one don't quote me on since it's been god knows how long since i've done it but if it's the one i think it is where you talk to helena to turn in but it doesn't specify that you need to be lvl70 to turn in
  18. i just realized with totems being able to be healed by totem master's rain skills, and being able to receive the buffs from them, you can now buff grace and blessing totems with other classes like life worshipper adjudicater and elegant dancer. after some testing i learnt totems aren't affected by aura's/toggles the totem summoning class buffs like: shielder toggle, hs auras, gk toggles, murky water, and earth energy
  19. tbh it's been a while since i hosted an event and i forgot that i could host events until judge brought it up rip
  20. From seeing the new content being released with new goodies I was quite excited but after seeing a bit of it in action there is quite a few things that rub me the wrong way. With the Libra and Aries off handed gem debuffs now stick to people like soap lather because now every healer (except lw) can pw by cast even if they aren't using their cleanses, and if you manage to hit all the healers at once with an aoe cc there's a chance those debuffs will be gone over time. Unlike Gal heart Libra off hand doesn't have a cd but it doesn't affect the caster. Now for the 6 piece rant, out of all the set effects the ones that involve latching onto enemies (Leo and Aries) have some of the shorter ranges. Combat Cyclone and Leo's Roar buff share the same range, and as for Aries' Shield as a Shielder I possibly won't be in a 15 meter range from the enemies unless it's the tanky Reaver swan diving the party. Can we make this proc off of attacks and cast because if not I feel like the only classes going to be using Aries 6 piece is Elegant Dancer, Dragon Soul, or Reaver. For the other 4 sets we either got full parties getting wiped by Thunder Elementalist wearing Gemini's Sadness cape, or a cap war between Sagi Anni and Libra Sage VS Aqua and Eis Totem Adjudicators since now there's 2 %hp healing t's
  21. tbh even if we to implement more m-dps friendly mechanics to boss fights conju wouldn't be a good class due to it being a cc machine and it's cc doesn't affect bosses
  22. it does but at the same time do you want rng cc moment like warrior bear? and coming from my time healing with like 6 other healers/supports, a bp, and an ares it will finds it's way to you through 2 class stun immunities
  23. today i'm going to attempt to rank all the certificates based on how useful i think they are. i will be naming these by stats not names, and i'm not listing copies even though it might make them better since cert combos because in reality i don't want to list +10% eva 4 times. S: -8% dmg taken, -20% crit dmg taken, 4% on hit to receive 10% dmg reduction for 5 seconds, 4% chance when hit to inflict attacker with mundane for 3 seconds, 4% to stun something for 3seconds A:+10% p-atk, +10% m-atk, +10% hp, +10% cast spd, +10% ms, 10% on skill hit restore 10% mp B: +10% p-crit r8, +10% m-crit r8, +20% p-crit dmg,+20% m-crit dmg, 2% double hit, 10% on hit to receive 10% atk for 10 seconds, +5 elemental res C:+10% eva, +10% acc, +25% str, +5% block, +15% lck, 15% wis, m-crits give 10% cast spd for 4 seconds stacking 3 times D:+5 physical res, -5% mp cost,+15% atk spd, +8% malice, -8% malice, +15% agi, +25% int F:40% of parries will heal 1k-2k hp, +7% parry, +10% def no touch:+10% mp
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