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  1. Holy fuck man, you are so annoying and always think you are correct & you arent a GS or Above anyone so stop thinking you are & half the time your answers are bullshit, your ego is beyond belief, I am not angry or salty. I find it super dumb a company would try to delete Youtube accounts that promote their game & they dont want us talking about it on here because they are afraid players will quit vendetta since gameforge is coming for them either way. Theyve shut down Servers already & Youtubers next is Vendetta. Anyway im happy im quitting, im deleting all of my accounts & I am going back into the real world.
  2. Why shouldnt it be here, if gameforge is coming for Vendetta Youtubers & Vendetta itself? The Nostale youtubers are the ones who brought a hell of a lot of players to the vendetta server in the first place.
  3. I dont know but other Nostale Youtubers have copystrikes also because of gameforge.
  4. I now have 2 copyright strikes because of GameForge I am just going too quit Nostale before Vendetta gets taken down man & quit Youtube. What a shitty company man, since when has it become illegal to record private servers.
  5. They removed my latest video & I got a copystrike :D!!
  6. Yeah, they started removing my videos :), Shit gameforge man. We create videos for fun & for people to watch but they are so money hungry, they think this will make people play their shit servers when we rather quit then return to original servers.
  7. Oh, I didnt know they could use avenger resistance lol.
  8. Hello I had the idea of creating Champion levels for partners so we can use Champion equipment & Champion Resistance for the Partner. Let me know what you think :)!
  9. What are the best wings for DG?
  10. What if you can prove you are a loyal Vendetta player & you never abused the game & you want a secondary account for your alts or another Main Character & the GMs can make that account with no requirements instead of having to do the quest line over again, I know you said Questing is a part of the game but for people who have done it for 10-13 years, they dont really feel like repeating it again.
  11. See even Teemo The Straight Dog agree's with me!
  12. Everyone finds the " Trade limit " Shit, I don't care for it since my main has passed the requirements, but ive seen many people bitch about it & ive seen players leave because of it. It doesnt mean they are cheaters or botters, its just a shitty requirement to reach. You need to reach lv.83 1.5kk Rep & complete the Act 1.6 Quest line. Please tell me what new players want to do all of those shitty requirements & find it enjoyable because I know of none, just to be able to search for something on the NosBazar or trade someone, If they are going to implement this rule, they should at least have info on where to collect items " IN THE GAME " so people aren't stuck for hours trying to find out where they are & before you say they should just ask someone where they are, some people don't think of that or speak another language or half the people don't even remember or know where these items are located, those are the most basic things in games is being able to trade other people. I don't use my alt because of these requirements, because Questing On Nostale makes your brain want to explode from boredom. I just think they should make the requirements more fun & less boring. Sure they want to keep the bots & Cheaters off the servers & they should figure it out another way instead of hurting the Players or Player Base or New Players ,but they also lose a lot of players because of these requirements & I know you will try to say some bullshit to make it seem like you are right & I am wrong! I still remember when you can enter LOD at lv.1 & people were flipping a shit because you had to Quest + Level to enter LOD at lv.55 its the same boring shit, perhaps if the quests weren't so boring it wouldn't be such of a hassle & keep new players from joining & or staying on the server & to be honest I have noticed a loss in players since I do Populations videos! Yes there is still a nice amount of players but I believe it decreased because of this requirement or people just got bored. Anyway im not here to bitch but to bitch for the players of NosTale Vendetta. The less players a server has, the less motivation you will have to continue on that Server/ Game because it feels empty. I appreciate Bash's work & I understand why he made these Requirements but its a bit much & may keep people from joining.
  13. People on the Vendetta server are noticing 0 New players who are joining because of the " Trade Limit " Ive seen multiple people uninstall this server because of the trade limit & Ive seen a lot of people saying they only see the same people over & over again. I think you should rethink this trade limit since the server is dying & figure out a better way to get New players to join the server but keep the BOTS off the server. I would hate to see this server die, since it has the most amount of players but I also want New players to join & the server to stay active. Some people quit because they dont know where to get a quest item & they cannot open basar or trade someone for that item which is stupid.
  14. PosiTv


    It was my main focus because I love NosTale I am one of the longest playing players of NosTale, so why wouldnt I enjoy an easier server since I bought Nosmall 3,000-4,000$ On UK Server which was pointless because the server is way to hard to get anywhere. So now I have a focuson me because I made NosTale videos to help the community lol wtf? You can check anything about me, nothing will come back as Hacker,Scammer, Gold Buying or Selling. I dont waste my time with that junk, I am a professional Welder for shipping containers, no time in my life to do that & lose my account when I only play casually.
  15. PosiTv


    I wouldnt waste my time Selling or Buying gold idiot! I no longer upload to my youtube I only did it because I was on Long Term Disability from my job because I fell sick stupid.