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  1. PosiTv


    It was my main focus because I love NosTale I am one of the longest playing players of NosTale, so why wouldnt I enjoy an easier server since I bought Nosmall 3,000-4,000$ On UK Server which was pointless because the server is way to hard to get anywhere. So now I have a focuson me because I made NosTale videos to help the community lol wtf? You can check anything about me, nothing will come back as Hacker,Scammer, Gold Buying or Selling. I dont waste my time with that junk, I am a professional Welder for shipping containers, no time in my life to do that & lose my account when I only play casually.
  2. PosiTv


    I wouldnt waste my time Selling or Buying gold idiot! I no longer upload to my youtube I only did it because I was on Long Term Disability from my job because I fell sick stupid.
  3. PosiTv


    @Bash How exactly am I a Gold seller or Buyer lol?, Have you seen how shitty my character is & I wouldnt waste my time with that trash for a game that I only play casually. 13 years on NosTale & I have never Bought or Sold Gold, Thanks for insulting me! There is a reason why I dont feel like redoing the entire first Act1, Ive done it so many times that its painful to redo it when its forced to do it, there is a reason why so many people skip the quest line, its completely boring. Posted Thursday at 11:16 PM Gold Buyer/Seller confirmed.
  4. Suck my dick bro, people shouldnt have to do quest because of shitty assholes who abuse the game.
  5. Meh im quitting, the game is getting worse & worse with each update plus the servers are always going down or offline, I enjoyed it when I first joined this server & completely supported it but my thoughts have changed!
  6. This is pure trash, I wont be investing my time into quests, there is a reason why I skipped them completely because the quests are trash plus ive did it at least 50 times no joke, I think my time with NosTale is done 2006-2019!
  7. This new quest shit is garbage, its almost making me want to quit for real, Ive done these quests so many times its going to burn my fkn brains out going through this shit again for the 50th time, I am closing NosTale I cant handle this man lol xD!!
  8. The ship sucks donkey ass, it shouldnt even exist & if it does the timer should be like 1 minute not 5 wtf..
  9. If we are going by what you are saying 10 huge recovery ,3 attack pot + 40k gold x 5 rounds, that is 2.2kk and if you get more per extra round its probably closer too 3kk, I find that a lot of gold for 1 player for 15 minutes, I doubt you would get 3kk per IC with the old method unless you are lucky with your loots. Of course you got solo players like Cepik who used to make 20kk per IC who are crying like babies now.
  10. I am just stating fact's about how you abuse characters for your own gain, end of convo peace.
  11. Somebody is just making sense & it isnt you xD!!!
  12. Man you are dumb, anything over 1 player is a " TEAM " and for you too make x28 accounts lv.80+ just proves you are a character abuser & yes youve already told me to not come on channel 6 too disturb your IC, it just shows me how badly you want too clog up the channel you are on so no one gets a chance to make gold on that channel, people like you deserve to be banned for abusing characters to clog up an instant combat. People typically have 2-3 character not fucking 30 stupid, you are beyond abusing characters, 2-3 characters is normal x30 is fkn retarded & many would agree with me & I dont pay attention to details of x30 or x50 characters & you just proved my point by how desperate you are for solo IC'S with 28 Alts + 2 main characters to CLOG UP INSTANT COMBAT ON CH6 Which deserve an automatic BAN for abusing IMO!! Making x28 alts lv.80 is not hard on this server & using 2 characters is beyond easy, dont feel special because you are just an abuser, END OF CONVERSATION!
  13. Bro, ive been playing NosTale since 2006 Beta. Ive seen & experienced everything this game has to offer xD! IC is pointless unless you are a low level to make some low gold & if you solo it you are just greedy telling players to leave the channel, when you dont even own the game, people who normally solo IC are toxic as fuck & I like the new method of the items going into inventory and not on the ground because players earn less that way, since there are x50 players per IC you get what max 5 loot per round? They need to make IC more team based & Better rewards to make it more interesting to do. Soloing IC shouldnt even be a thing! Since its supposed to be team based, there is a reason why it makes x50 players join in at once, unlike you who has x30-40 fkn alts too clog up the IC so no one gets into it. They should honestly ban you for abusing your alts too clog up the Instant combats.
  14. Feeding your pet is fucking annoying though seriously.