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  1. Thanks for your opinions so far. I agree that it would be to easy to just put the books into a shop, didnt really think about it. I also agree with the suggestions some of you made that would make books not tradeable and/or with the once that say it should be limited for 2 characters/ip.
  2. Sounds pretty fair I guess
  3. So what about people that can't do fernon? They wont get the books that only drop there?
  4. So you want to create bookraids? What about the Perfection (manes, claws) and Equips that drop there Idk exactly how many books there are, but there are quite a lot
  5. It is really hard to get to all of the A6 Books by farming them because people just camp at the boss or just know exactly when it spawns. There also aren't many books on NB (especially Hp Books) so they are expensive as hell. So what about putting them on a shop for a fair amount of Gold?
  6. Just use Amulet of Reinforcement, it reinforces up to 3 times (you can buy at vgn shop)
  7. If you do that, you can disable alts overall on channel 1 : -) Ah well, so you couldn't play with 3 charakters in arena anymore - my bad