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  1. I feel like going to NB is nothing more than a chore at this point as RG, we have low numbers participating already and it doesnt help that people like EmilySears/SexyChibiusa switch sides as soon as they see theyre gonna start losing. There seems to be zero incentive for anyone to stay. The "reward" for "participating" (getting stomped on) in NB is 4 measly pvp medals and a few cyberclusters and winning side gets not only (correct me if i'm wrong since i havent seen a victory screen since i FC) SG, double or more pvp medals, AND the loot from Asmo, Headsnatcher, and AI. At some point you have to realize going to battlegrounds like this knowing full well you're going to lose discourages players from joining the battlegrounds at all and this is why we have reached this point. Everyone just sees one side or another start to get steamrolled and "oops my game crashed and i accidentally joined winning team" This is ridiculous. Although this is not from today it was from less than a week ago. The number was 4v15 and then EmilySears died ONCE, raged at us for 10 seconds because we couldnt stop 10 people from targeting them, and proceeded to join the winning side. TLDR: Going to bunker as RG is fucking pointless and theres no reason to go if there's no incentive to.
  2. That would work as long as it's in a low lvl area and near a spawn
  3. Yeah i know this issue has been discussed many times and i know it's difficult to make items to make you lose xp or lower the amount you gain BUT what about a self Dmg item with a low or non-existent cooldown something like a cybercluster but it does only dmg to YOU but to stop abuse from players who dont wanna give enemy side RP you can set it so it's disabled in PVP areas or something like that. For example Item does 30%-40% of HP in dmg or just a ridiculous amount of dmg that you cant survive without gear maybe 4k-6k raw dmg since even lvl 59 characters without pet on and no gear arent usually above 6k unless if they have a high HP build. Maybe you can even set it so it's only usable in dungeons or something so they cant be abused in PVP situations
  4. i still dont see why Ellis is blocked off for 60+ even though it says 49+ not 49-59
  5. help with what, leveling by accident? i think that would need a rollback so i would be fine with just making a new character to use at 59 i just need to find a fast way to get there without using 50 xp boosters
  6. I was at lv 59 and was farming DMHM and i was at 97%. I thought i would be ok but halfway through the run i leveled up and now i cant go to Falev's Central Base to farm the dungeon there even though it says 49+ and all the dungeons 60+ i know of need legendary passcards which are hard for me to get cause bad luck getting into BG and also getting absolutely beat by players with full +12 spanned and uni r2 gear. Am i just not finding the right place to teleport from or do i have to level a new character to go back there, and if so where are some spots i can still use to power level characters at 60
  7. my issue was just i dont wanna take a selfie, send them a picture of my credit card, AND a picture of my driver's license. i've never had to give a website a picture of me and a full license to spend money, i was just asking if there's another *less sketchy* way to buy ap
  8. this was supposed to be FOR pgc, mint is an option to pay but the site that sold it was absolutely ridiculous
  9. I was looking for a way to buy AP since super rewards doesn't work anymore and i found a thread that said offgamers website sells mint global cards, i tried buying a $30 one and the site asked me for a picture of my driver's license, a selfie, and a picture of my credit card. now listen, i'm not about to give a website I've never heard of in my life enough info to open up a bank account on its own. Also it took my money BEFORE asking for all of this info and now that I cancelled the order it says it will take 2 weeks to return my money, what kind of bullshit scam is this site running where it takes your money and wont let you use it nor give it back unless if you wait 2 weeks or send too much information TLDR: sketchy site took my money and i want a safe way to buy AP
  10. Lately i've been farming The Acheron but all i seem to get from there is 1 uni scanner per run or most of the time i get nothing if im not running some sort of drop booster outside of the pet chip lv. 1 and it feels kinda mundane to run this place only for nothing to drop and since im kinda stupid i cant figure out what the acronyms everyone uses are except Drasilmarsh Hard mode but that one only drops crafting items and the cost of the cards outweighs the value of the loot to me TLDR: i dont know where to farm
  11. I was just chillin in mere when some chests just started rolling in and once they disappeared i went towards where they were floating and spent like 10 minutes breaking one box and another would pop out until they were all gone and i got nothing from it, was i not supposed to find/break them???
  12. i thought major mechs were NT? name is Hollow btw
  13. man how am i supposed to get one without paying 20k then since no one does viledon bosses