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  1. Clearly Nostale Vendetta is not dying due to the amount of users logging in, as people have said above, all channels seem to be fairly active. Although I have heard that Official is looking into getting private servers removed, which I hope isn't the case. The players of official seem to just be mad that VGN is the most populated nostale server right now.
  2. That's crazy, they must've reverted it on official then. I don't see why seeing as Reaper is one of the worst SP's in the whole game. It needs the swing speed because any pvp with him feels sluggish. its really sad to see an SP be abandoned like this, Its never used in either PvP or PvE so why ruin him even more? I just hope something is done about him, same with SP's like Blue Mage and Gladiator.
  3. At an attempt to make Death Reaper viable continues, I've come across another problem. Finally got my Death Reaper from Caligor today, went to level it up and found out that the updated Swing Speed AND the Basic Alternate Swing from official isn't even on this server. Hopefully this can be implemented in a future patch?
  4. Pretty much, I wanted to find out whether using skills activates any of Laurena's beast attacks or if its random. @Bash
  5. Me and a few other people have been wanting to make this post for a while now. Not using skills on beasts has become the norm since it made its way on the official servers. But has anyone actually tried de-bunking this? I just find it weird because no other Mini-boss or Boss requires you to NOT use skills (unless its a debuff). @Bash is there any way you could find out whether this 'theory' is true or not?, If its just a myth then Laurena raids will be much faster in the future.
  6. It would be cool to see equipment that has buffs (pre-recent patch) but they are randomized when betting like shells are. Obviously these buffs shouldn't be too broken but it adds more RNG to the game and we all know that RNG = replay-ability
  7. As Nyet said, its currently the final pieces of gear you can obtain. for now. Would be nice to see some custom equipment, but balancing it would be quite tricky.