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  1. Angeloid

    SP Balancing Plans

    @Elrond Pretty sure Decathlon did a great job in translating everthing
  2. Angeloid

    Possible FPS unlock

    @Bash any news on this ?
  3. Angeloid

    Possible FPS unlock

    That would be awesome If you need some guidance maybe i can help
  4. Angeloid

    Autodrop sistem while solo luring

    It's not really a bad idea, it would just make things easier for some1 farming the only question is if we really "need" this? @Nayxa atm u will need to pick up the useless items anyway since the there's no other way to pick up "specific" items since the drops are usually stacked on each other. To be honest that wont affect your bot hunting at all, you will still recognize them anyway because of the pre set path they are walking constant healing/resting at specific HP number and they will not answer you. I have to agree with Bloodevil it would make bot hunting NOT harder. The only downside which i can think of it would be more load on the server and bugs appearing if your inventory is full and the game would send u the items via the parcel system since there's a limit of how many items u can have in the inbox(which could be a disaster in LoD). The thing with who did the last hit receives the items just needs a little bit more of thinking, imagine u did the most dmg and some random guy comes with a last hit and receives the item. Instead of last hit i would suggest who did the most damage get's a higher chance for the "better" items from the loot table and the who did less just gets some seed of power lol.
  5. Angeloid

    Possible FPS unlock

    Not really, except that the game doesnt feels smooth anymore but that's because im running a 144hz monitor and fps dront aren't that noticeable anymore.
  6. Angeloid

    Possible FPS unlock

    Just wanted to give a little update on my programm, i changed a few things and instead of replacing something u can use it together with the Multiclient without changing any original files. Also i added a few options to lock the fps to 30/60/166/unlimited with ctrl+F1-F4 it will also save your settings so you dont have to press it again on every Nostale start. I don't know if this will ever gets allowed or implemented to Nostale but asking wouldn't hurt i guess 🤷‍♀️
  7. Angeloid

    Possible FPS unlock

    So you mean if you would uncap the fps it would probably gonna break some things or somethign wouldn't work right ? I know that the game engine is very old and some of the animations aren't even 30fps but just having more than 60 fps would the game make much smoother. I mean it's kinda doable but i just dont know if there are gonna be problems if you would do that.
  8. Angeloid

    Possible FPS unlock

    As far as i know Nostale got an FPS lock from around 32~(low settings) to 55(high settings). So i went ahead and did some tests and found a way to unlock the FPS on a user friendly way. I can either make the FPS go high as ur pc can handle it or lock it to 144FPS (since i got a 144hz monitor that would be the best option) which makes Nostale much smoother for me and as far as i know doesnt give u any advantage gameplay wise. I managed to write a code and compiled it into a DLL (i would display the source code, but as far as i know this kind of thing doesn belong into the forum) and replaced a not important file in the Nostale directory(not the most elegant way to solve this ), so it gets loaded automaticly on itself without using any kind of injector. Note that these test were made on the official server(but they also work on vendetta). I could present/explain a little more about this idea but i think that should be done via private messages or something 🤔 Let me think what u guys thing about this idea 😀