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  1. Hey Anima here. This Suggestion is really small. Could you please maybe add something like a display next to "Quote of the Day" for Last Online Status for every Member ? Is easier then to monitor everything . Sincerely Anima
  2. AnimaLibera


    Nice Idea, i think there are a lot more Stuff, what do you can do with a Guild. But in all is this a good suggestions to improve the "Family-System" . Because right now to being a Member from a Family isn't worth at all. You can only do the A4-Raids so far. There have to be more than only this Stuff, more grinding Stuff. "Spawn some Event Bosses" this sounds really nice. But this shouldn't be randomly to be honest. This should be triggered from the Family-Head , i mean the Family should farm enough "Points" to open the Gate to the "Dungeon" for this Boss, its kinda grinding points for fighting a Boss . There could be some new custom bosses or already old Bosses . After clearing the Raid , every Member should get an Amount of Gold and some other good Stuff , depending on the Damage You can only trigger the Bosses every 6h. I mean , Nostale needs a better Family-System
  3. Good answer. This is a good way to balance PvP. But my answer to this Thread. You can also do it like this way ; Give everyone the same EQ in RBB , but the ppl can use the other own stuff, like res/hat/costume/mask/sp/fairy
  4. Aha. Youre playing PoE ?
  5. They do the Daily Quest from Soraya in Nosville. You just need 1 Needle and 1 Wool. And repeat this with some Chars. But well, it's not really Necessary if the Drop Rate could be better.
  6. Why is this botten depending on this Channel? Right now people use other channels too for botting. To be honest, this argument cuz of "bots" doesn't make sense. Well, I don't need that channel really hard, but a lot of other player, who are not that strong like me, would farm with pts.
  7. Well its a known Problem. People reported that already. I guess we have to wait til a fix.
  8. AnimaLibera


    You will never stop these "Bot Player" with human work for 100% . If you want to stop this, you have to implent a defense System against Abuser/Bot Player. In other Hand, you will need a lot of People for your Suggestion.
  9. Well i would never say "no point in doing the RB accessable for the lower levels" . Everyone should be able to play PvP. I know Battleground matchmaking in some other games aswell. they regulate that with the Level aswell. So if you see youre too "low" just increase your Level to do RBB with better Equipped People. Give everyone a Chance
  10. It would be a lot better and quieter, if it's possibly to make fair teams. For example do : C25-C44 and C45-50 This would be a good appeal for People to raise their C-Level , to play with the People in the High-Level Area. Some Feedback here would be awesome Your Anima
  11. In my Opinion , you will drop the Value of this Item really rapid, if you guys want a feature like this. All the People, who using a lot of Alts would abuse this Feature for sure. In other hand , i agree anyway, because I opened more than 100 Bags and still no Accessory.