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  1. If you would tell us your current Level, Equip and your SP then you could get some infos about where you could farm.
  2. Gimax

    Mute information!

    I don't want to quote myself the 3th time with the screen which does not contain the balloon. And saying over and over "Yes, I maybe know, but I talk about ALL the other players who haven't a clue of how long you got muted for, for what, for how long it is going to stay. This suggestion is not only about me. It is still how I started, Nayxa and you putting here some different "ways" in which is not what I try. All I put in suggestion is - Replacing those placeholders/packet names trough messages with timer to be more automated and no need to rely on a GS if you simply just can check it yourself like on official servers. I am sorry but I just don't get in my head why you want to leave it to a GS if you simply can automated it and make it more user-friendly instant of seeing a "/" or "send" as message when you try to do any actions. If you would develope a game @ChavezSempai, would you leave everything to a GS if you simply could just automate it in 2-3 minutes? And also wouldn't you want making the game more user-friendly so people wouldn't annoy GS every 10 minutes which stupid requests you easily could have fixed? And now tell it everyone else InGame who is not checking the forum. You get the point?
  3. Gimax

    Mute information!

    Don't take it personally, but do you read that? Why would you leave such tasks to a GS if you just could implement it and replace those packets name trough a real message with timer and/or reason. This is 5 minutes of work (not even) by just changing a string and replacing a placeholder trough the timer. That is my point - Making most stuff automated.
  4. Gimax

    Mute information!

    And? Still this is a suggestions about adding informations about "when muted" and not a suggestions about "How to make all people read the rules or noticing the speakers". As well, I as developer think it looks ugly to a game if you just see this as output:
  5. Gimax

    Mute information!

    Nayxa, you always see it like this "I know how it works, so not needed". You have to think always about players who don't have any clue.
  6. I honestly don't even really get what he means with drops false. I understand with drops false that they will be disabled.
  7. Since I got muted by a mad GS, I noticed there ain't any informations related to your mute. When trying to say something, it just show the message of a packet that has been blocked, that's it. May adding information related to the actions blocked? Also adding to those messages a timer, or a small UI under character information somewhere which shows you your time until it expires. May as well the reason why you got muted including into the messages. Atm I as example have no clue for how long muted etc. "You can not whisper while muted. Time left XX" "You can not talk in general while muted. Time left XX" .. etc
  8. You're a punishing the player more than a bot user with this suggestion.
  9. Well, how people who never have done Laurena, should get the chance to get seal & powder when not buying. And also, when doing the trading thing, doing 5 Gems for 1x seal or powder. Otherwise the raid is completely free without need to waste time or money to join the raid.
  10. Mh, not even just displaying all titles already, like showing which are locked & unlocked? It's just the fact to no need to look up in forum what titles are there.
  11. I feel like the title system needs to be more user friendly InGame. Maybe reworking it this way: All available titles are already being displayed Show what title is being selected & active Show progress The picture should explain what is meant with that. @Bash This way you do not need to announce new titles in the forum/news feed since not everyone is checking out the forum. (Ignore the same titles, just a example)