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  1. Zenetic

    Discord and GS

    @ Norleras only deez as ninja is perm poop
  2. so yeah this potion is buged it have negative drop rate and gold is 0
  3. i'm stuck in r2 unis and lingerie jewels so thos are the only thing for me to try in this game
  4. ok tho i'm not sure if i can kill a boss in nemesis but thx for this info but i have to say i did ask a lot off ppl and they all say ther is no lingerie jewel in nemesis but hey meaby rare
  5. now GS are saying lingerie jewel are luxury item... but still you need em starting from viledon... so the word luxury is a lie atm. only max level players have a access to lingerie jewel so it only Support the strong stay OP....... how many times we have heard they balance things but still restrict even in aeria they dropped more <----- that sounds so wrong
  6. well make a random Events AK whit out loot 20vs20 just pure PVP fun to SB players and in other note can we have 55 AK back !
  7. Zenetic

    Pet Chat!

    1.let's jump to suer i need to grow 2. can i hug you. love your costume 3.yes pvp. I can lick your wound's later
  8. GoddessSand you know ther is some A holes in 40-49 but no that meany tho 1-2 they are what they are sad ppl...
  9. Zenetic

    BG > RP >SG

    RP LOST needs a big nerf this is tru but all the other points are bad if you Remove all rewards in winning BGs. why go ther then hell no Make SG(NT) obtainable/purchasable exclusively with RP. if you do this then all RP mobs and RP chips need to be removed from the game
  10. if you are in FK just ask Zenox to help you level