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  1. it takes a week if you just farm it... yes it's a pain 4th time i think i quit the game 5th time fuck i need weed to do this shit
  2. we know and we know it can bug stuff as it come's to live server.
  3. no neft all lower level gears so vivi can balance dungeons. as now thos settings are p2w and it's the problem in game as they are still p2w. as it stands now you need to make level 50 toons to farm SG dayly.if a new player trys to go bg "it's one shot" what comes to AT SS meh AT no point to run "only in team mode" new players die in 3th boss and if they make it last boss it's rip ther SS meaby after Month's off gold farming to encant gear and gear as broken dungeon. if you cant fix thes issues just nerf the gear and have new players enjoy the game as now it's a skip boost them out off that hell hole
  4. fk end game @ my play time 14 max rg end game @ my play time 45 max
  5. if it jump back sec you hit enemy"first hit" it's a old bot running. i remember bot did that in ASB it's like a back flip 5 meters ore more
  6. if you need a boost just in FK chat
  7. we all wait for this. so long time from last in game event.
  8. sad to see you go. i hope the best off luck to you in irl.
  9. i still remember my DMHC whit +8 gear sometimes is more fun whit low gear now we just need Grace back playing =D
  10. Zenetic

    Discord and GS

    @ Norleras only deez as ninja is perm poop
  11. so yeah this potion is buged it have negative drop rate and gold is 0
  12. i'm stuck in r2 unis and lingerie jewels so thos are the only thing for me to try in this game
  13. ok tho i'm not sure if i can kill a boss in nemesis but thx for this info but i have to say i did ask a lot off ppl and they all say ther is no lingerie jewel in nemesis but hey meaby rare
  14. now GS are saying lingerie jewel are luxury item... but still you need em starting from viledon... so the word luxury is a lie atm. only max level players have a access to lingerie jewel so it only Support the strong stay OP....... how many times we have heard they balance things but still restrict even in aeria they dropped more <----- that sounds so wrong
  15. well make a random Events AK whit out loot 20vs20 just pure PVP fun to SB players and in other note can we have 55 AK back !