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  • VGN GM

Hey Guys,

We've decided we are going to begin working on a Classic version of Eden Eternal here at VGN. I appreciate this was a suggestion turned down at the end of last year by myself but after several requests and a lot of nagging by Jordan I've decided to allow this project to go ahead (people can change their mind).

We have a lot of ideas that we believe can really create a Classic experience and will be working very hard on executing this accordingly. We hope to share those ideas with you all in the coming weeks as well as screenshots and possibly videos previewing our progress.

Now we did have a thread open that was created to ask for your opinions. Unfortunately that thread just became an area for people to just send a lot of hatred because we threaten their current project. We're sorry you had to witness that and if you have any suggestions please let us know we're all ears.

Under no circumstances will this project affect our current Eden project. We will be designing a roadmap as well as explaining that the project will not be taken into unnecessary directions. The idea of this project is to bring back that feeling of the classic game and we hope everyone will enjoy it.

Please watch this space as we unfold a real Classic experience.

Thank you all, Bash.


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  • VGN GM


Progress so far on the Classic project has been successful. I'd like to thank everyone so far involved for their amazing efforts and we are really steam rolling through this to deliver a true Classic experience.




We hope to be providing more previews and information this week!

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