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Dark Blood Online!

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In July of 2012 (Can't believe this was almost 8 years ago...) an MMORPG game graced my pc gaming screen which was called DBO aka Dark Blood Online but I wasn't introduced to it until 2014 . Dark Blood was publish by Outspark in 2012 but only last from what I could find less than a year from it's release date also from what I could find Outspark either shutdown the game, shut down them self, and left DBO in a ditch to never bring it back 


Stream ended up picking the game up in 2014! But I don't know the whole store on why Stream took it down while it had many people backing up the game. I'm just gonna say now that I'M NOT the only one who wants this game back up and running. There are many (I literately mean many) people who would love to bring this game back and enjoy it but like me can sadly not....

I didn't know where to post this so I'm posting it hope that someone can see this and pick this beautiful game up that once stole my heart and got me into playing MMORPG games, be the judge for yourself: 



(Also here are the people I talked about wanting it back):


Edit: While watching the video I realized that the game had more characters unlocked LIKE:

The Thief


The Fighter



Plus PVP! (Cause everyone loves pvp)


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Hello, I also played this game and really loved it, I think our best bet is to look for their indonesian server

that page had the last version of dark blood ever, they published until 2017 I think, under the name of Heroes Of Atarsia

They no longer have the game avaiable but I bet they still have the server information?

I do have the installlers for the english steam version, the brazilian version, Chinese version and the indonesian version.

But they are just that, installers, you can not log to the game nor execute them, it would be nice if this game could revive, you can visit a post on ragezone, there has been some progress for information.

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Bash already said it tons of times and im pretty sure he is getting tired about to repeat it every time.


Right now as it stands, I have no intentions on working on a project myself for a good while. Mainly because I am still recovering and will be for a long time, I do not have the capacity to work the hours I once did and may never be able to again.

Sorry if it sounds rude, but its gettin annoying to see game requests over and over again,  when Bash already explained that and why he wont start any new project.




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Might be good, sometimes you need to gamble at this moment the only thing thats keeping the management from going for new projects is the profit and sustainability, it is hard to add new project if the other games even barely survives, adding new projects will cost $$ with no promise of getting it back.

People need to understand the server needs income to keep hosting, its not a matter of skills anymore its about being practical.

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