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  1. I have a little knowledge about the Lv 30-39 cap and the Uni based gear is a good starting point, imo are better than the rares (if you enchanted the uni, im not too sure if you can still enchant them if not then stick with the rares for now until you can get better uni gear) you want to aim for upgrading you knee guards and suit the most because the give you more defense.
  2. In July of 2012 (Can't believe this was almost 8 years ago...) an MMORPG game graced my pc gaming screen which was called DBO aka Dark Blood Online but I wasn't introduced to it until 2014 . Dark Blood was publish by Outspark in 2012 but only last from what I could find less than a year from it's release date also from what I could find Outspark either shutdown the game, shut down them self, and left DBO in a ditch to never bring it back UNTILLLLLLL!!! Stream ended up picking the game up in 2014! But I don't know the whole store on why Stream took it down while it had many people backing up the game. I'm just gonna say now that I'M NOT the only one who wants this game back up and running. There are many (I literately mean many) people who would love to bring this game back and enjoy it but like me can sadly not.... I didn't know where to post this so I'm posting it hope that someone can see this and pick this beautiful game up that once stole my heart and got me into playing MMORPG games, be the judge for yourself: (Also here are the people I talked about wanting it back): Edit: While watching the video I realized that the game had more characters unlocked LIKE: The Thief The Fighter Plus PVP! (Cause everyone loves pvp)
  3. I don't know if someone said this or if this is a bug but the Whippers pull has been acting up again (Maybe it's just me) but i've noticed that when i pull a character that it locks off of them which is annoying plus there's some kind of rendering thing going on with the Little Maid outfit. It only seems to look "nice" when you have any setting higher than mid
  4. So exp parties are non existent for me no matter how much I shout for them, people aren't interested (which I understand) but then that has we wondering about potential new players. I get that doing the quests are a way of getting exp and it gets boring after a while for numerous reasons so then people want to get to endgame but can't because of the time and effort they have to put in just to gain just ONE level, so is there a better way to get to 65? Or make an easier way to get there?
  5. It sucks that pvp is the only reason why people only stick around
  6. As the title says are there any people alive on FK side? whenever I try to do a Tarturas dungeon or exp teams all I get is crickets and it's understandable because people have a life outside of this beautiful world of Scarlet Blade but I would at least like some people to do the new dungeon with. Yes, it's possible to solo but I get tired of it.
  7. I tried everything you said and it didnt fix it
  8. UPDATE: it's not just my Little maid outfit either
  9. Little Maid costume problem! So I don't what happened but this is what the little maid outfit looks now on my characters. I don't know if this is for everyone else or just me. Every other cstm is fine but the little maid
  10. I'm actually okay with the new patch. Sure it was a little hard for me to figure out how to use my WH in the dungeon because I thought I need a DPS Character but I don't (Currently fixing my status for it). I like the idea for the jewels dropping like they do in the new Tarturas dungeon because those uni jewels are really expensive and i've been rocking rare level ones and two since the beginning of the game and maybe have one rank two uni here and there My only thing (now this is just my opinion) is I can't really find blueprints or maybe they just only drop in other dungeons and I hoped they dropped in Tarturas
  11. Here's the thing..... i would never buy something that expensive which is why people like me WAIT until the prices go down or farm for it ourselves
  12. Thank you everyone, I really appreciate the feed back!
  13. So as of lately i've been thinking that only dps classes can really complete the Tartarus dungeon without really breaking a sweat but i'm always open for discussion or to be proven wrong P.S. I'm just trying to look for help or advice on how to complete it as a WH if that wasn't clear
  14. actually i dont have any uni rank jewels. im not a lowbie but i got many ways to go