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  1. You posted it in the Scarlet Blade Forum section before it got moved to banter. So it was in a specific game section.
  2. Bash already told ya in this thread https://forum.vendettagn.com/index.php?/topic/7020-game-request/ that Dragomon Hunter is a game that he will not bring to vgn. Vgn doesnt need a new game at all, specially if the team doesnt feel ready for it. Also, as Jordan mentioned in this old Thread and as everbody should know who played Dragomon Hunter, this game wasnt a success at all. Yeah it was fun as long as it did last, but the low player population on official and private drago servers was one of the reasons why the game got shut down. The current games are also not dead, we have low poulationye, but its far away from being dead. Also , why is this Thread in SB Section?
  3. Thats not only on Whippers, i have that Bug on all of my Chars, after i used Skill Resets. πŸ™ƒ
  4. nuu, i bought the derpy pet for its look! πŸ˜‚ but the pet skin i used recently on it, just ruined it πŸ˜…
  5. I can actually use them on my Skillbar. πŸ€”
  6. Thats weird tho, maybe you broke the game πŸ˜… Well i can just speak for myself, that i already dropped uni costumes from the bosses and from the specific mobs in that left room naraks and wanteds. But its weird since the droprate/loottables seems to be the same on both factions, as Daddy said. πŸ€” But today i wasnt lucky aswell. Didnt drop anything, no uni costumes, no lings, just some legendary passcards. and lots of hypo buff packs. πŸ˜… Guess just a bad day for me to drop something cool 😎
  7. Nah thats not true, i already got Naraks and Wanteds there from the mobs in the left corner next to the Boss and i am RG. They do not drop often tho, but they are in the loottable of those.
  8. Ty Vivi, dont worry tho, shit happens sometimes πŸ˜„ And also a BIG TY for the Teleporter Hyperchip Fix! ❀️ Well the mass of mobs tho, i think the first time when i entered the dungeon and i saw that horde of mobs, i was standing there like 5 minutes just to think if i can sneak around them or if i will get the aggro and just die πŸ˜‚ Actually i decided to attack one of them and got all 5k mobs on ma azz haha. But yeah, you can sneak around them carefully so they shouldnt be a problem at all 😁
  9. i was thinking the same as Daddy tbh. Maybe its just too much drop boosts @GoddessSandπŸ˜… I actually checked out the event dungeon yesterday the first time and i only used the 5% drop lollipop. I had no problems with droppping Uni Stuff, like the 50 Shades of Black Costume and other unis. @Daddy y i tried to kill them too, one by one, but if you hit one, you have the aggro of all and you just die, like GoddessSand said πŸ˜‚ And about the SP Jewel drops, i dont know whats the sense behind this massive sp jewel drops. First i thought it was a bug but it seems to be intentionally for whatever reason. I also wonder about the 50% off in AP Shop. Doesnt seems to be started yet? But i do agree with GoddesSand, about the Enocia Event. I like it aswell, since its something different than the usual Boss Fights in recent events. Overall the event is really enjoyable and i also want to say thank you to the Staff for the hard work on it to give us some Halloween Content! πŸ₯°πŸ‘»πŸŽƒ Greetz BoxBox
  10. i have 6 accounts here, 5 from hotmail/outlook and only 1 from gmail. I never had any issues by creaing accounts with hotmail.
  11. You know nothing about me and still you judge, and es, you are actually attacking in your posts, you just dont wanna face the truth. I played Offi GF since closed beta until the shut down/merge of EU server, after that i joined US Server for around 4 and a half years. So dont fucking dare to say i have no clue about GF. I have been invited to teh Discord Server when it just stated, but i refused to join, because of people liek you. 10k players are a dream, Thats a fact and even Jordan says the same. Stop lying to yourself or the rest of your GF community. You guys are rude and disrespectful. You try to sugarcoat a game that was released in.2009. Its glory times are over. Also, no one currently wants to deal with your pushy and toxic community already. Even as a player i wouldnt want to deal with toxicity and unnecessary stress. You are just talking nonsense, to yourself and to all the others and you are minimizing the chances of a GF Server at to 0. An if i see your argument about whats best and what not for vgn, i just see how delusional you are. RL comes first, no matter what! And the best is always things, that they do enjoy. Its their lifes, their free time, their health, which they sacrifice , not yours. And who do you think you are, to tell me or anyone else, to never come back to this Topic? This is a public forums. If you cant deal with a rejection, than its your problem and maybe you should be the one, who shouldnt continue posting on this topic.
  12. Dude are you drunken? Even if you have 1,5k people on a discord server, you cant guarantee that they will stay. Most people quit after a few weeks after release. And dont tell me its not true. I have seen this so many times in different games over the past 10 years. The other thing is , i dont know where you wanna get 10k people from. Thats nothing but a wet dream that wont come true. GF had its glory times, but its the past. It will never shine again like it did before. This game is simply too old and there are a lot better games to play, what people actually do. And no, you are wrong, Vgn is not a business, it is a hobby, since they do it in their free time, they do not get a paycheck at the end of every month, so you are wrong + they have rl jobs. The right thing to do is, that they have to care about themselves and their lifes. About what makes them happy and what they enjoy. Not what some random people wants on internet. It sounds hard and rough, but its the truth. I mean at the end its their own decission what they gonna do with their freetime and Server right? You actually keep forcing them, trying to push them into the direction you want, without thinking whats best for them. And why should they open a game, if they have no knowledge about it? You say there are people who would like to help, but how can vgn staffmembers know, if they can trust them or not? This Thread already showed how "pushy" the GF Community is - in Bash's words- and would be in future and as Bash also said, people wont agree with decissions they make on such a project. Tbh as Jordan already mentioned, i would prefer to get back Nostale or TS, instead of having a GF Server with such a community already. And to quote you: We understand that you guys wanna have a GF Server, but life doesnt stop if you won't get one. And btw. RL is never an excuse!
  13. 100% agree with this. @everyone else You maybe have 2000+ users in discord, but thats no guarantee that 2000+ players will play the game in longtime. Most people give up at a certain point and just quit, for whatever reason and poof, half the peope will be gone within the first few month's after release. Saw that too many times. And as i already said tons of times, healthiness comes first and you people who try to force them opening a complete different game and put pressure on the staff, need to learn to respect somebodys decission. The Staff never said yes to open a GF Server, but still you just made a discord server with 2k+ people and created hope to all of those people, even when Bash said multiple times he just cant run the game, because he was already having health issues at this point and still yet you keep up the pressure on him and if you dont get what you want, you are going to act rude and disrespectful, like a child that doesnt get his lolipop when he wants. And tbh this was about to be expected. I wouldnt wonder if they will just put down the chances to 0, about the GF Server, since you guys are actually selfish, because you only think about what you or the "community" wants, but not what would be good for the Staff themselves - like getting rest and their health back- or even their own interests and things that make them happy. Healthiness should always be the priority in everybodys life, no matter what! I personally would not open a game/server if i have never played the game , so pretty much having no clue about the game itself and if i have no interest on the game or passion for it. And its nothing wrong about to have no interest or passion for a specific game. Its like apples and pears. Either you like it or not.
  14. GF is a complete different game and as Jordan said, EE classic was 100% his own passion thing. Maybe no one has passion to open a GF server, which is absolutely okay, you just cant like every game tho. So i can understand he opened EE classic instead of a GF server. I myself was asking in 2016 or 17 for a GF Server, even made a poll and lots of people voted for it. But i accept a no, if the Staff isnt ready. I can understand a lot of people want to have GF back, but honestly guys, give them a break. They already do enough to keep 3 games running and RL and Healthiness first!
  15. Probably a hint for a halloween event? πŸ‘»πŸ€”
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