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  1. Even with a high end PC you'll get lesser FPS, there are some maps and weird spots where you gonna get shit fps, you'll probably need a VPN too, depending on your location and ISP, you'll gonna have bad time connecting to the launcher from time to time. Even with good Internet package, 300+ ping is my usual ping, there are certain time of the day that I get less ping 150 ~ 250 ping, you'll have to get used to it, pretty decent. Game mechanics wise, tons of bugs with no fix because we dont have the source code, if you plan to stream throughout your leveling phase you'll have to bear the defeaning silence, you'll rarely see a single soul at any time of the day, if you do, it's just some asshole camping newbies because they suck at pvp on higher level map. Imo if you wanna stream then you would be better recording or livestreaming NB and AK or maybe some BG. Prepare to invest atleast 33k AP for your pet and pet chips, throw in a couple of more to sell for some quick gold for your actual gears. Give SB a try but dont expect much, probably the only players you'll see are those people who love and enjoy the game prior it's official shutdown. Bonus tip: If you have tits then your best option is to pick Free knights faction, there are lots of simps there who are more than willing to assist you for a little attention and some UwU, someone is bound to send you an unsolicited dm on discord anyway.
  2. Theres a hidden class, unparalled by it's potential to make G, It's called the Wallet Class.
  3. Make Napalm stackable and cooldown shorter like an hour, making it 1 hr cd still achieve the same restriction as intended, you can use napalam only once during AK or NB. Permanent Warehouse and Bagpack storage for a higher fee. NPC that automatically finishes all the Skillpoint quests available only at level 60. Faster Pet XP rate. Crafting NPC for pvp supplies: Napalm II, Cluster II, Pvp skillstorm, Golden chrono. No absurd payment like 100k rp per Item.
  4. I know alot of people who does 🤣 but can't take it if it happens to them lmfao, this ruling came in a little bit late, good choice tho. Would have been fun seeing Sabin and company getting banned repeatedly for harrassing Pan 😂
  5. Sell it all to me I am AP hoard😊
  6. Dont touch my grizzly bear ty
  7. Insert one comma there: run in compatibility, with your OS *Insert OS*. Coz you didnt specify what youre using, it works backwards, normally you should put windows 7, vista or xp since SB was built to run on those OS. Go to SB options and look for the one that has something to do with auto attacks, you get that "error" because you didnt put a skill point for that first skill on your 1st column, people usually reset skill to remove that one point there anyway so your toon seems fine, you must have forgotten how to SB.
  8. Right click > properties > run in compatibility with your OS version, put SB on firewall and anti virus exception list.
  9. Beau

    Photographer Contest

    Angel of Death IGN: Yevon Faction: Royal Guards
  10. The only good thing about AP is the pet, pet chips , warehouse,bagpack and probably some aesthetics like grafting tool and costumes which doesnt give you any advantage lol, other than that pretty much everyone will beat you to pulp even if you spend like 123456789 AP in this game. By the way play on RG so I can buy all your AP 😘
  11. It was fun till all that synchro shit and other stuffs like pendulum were added + all these weird themed decks 🤣 back in the days setting a monster in def position and a trap card is considered a good move, yugioh nowadays gonna destroy you on first turn lmfao 🤣
  12. Heres a the link of her youtube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCPX1nnPkdMLOirp7JhQKTvw She gonna upload videos of NB and AK make her famous 😎
  13. Yeah I want to FC my Piggy Bank, it's hard to transfer stuffs from different faction good thing Pan helps me alot.
  14. @KawaiiNyanNyan I was actually being nice and helping him see things a little bit clearer, making him realize that simping wont help him lose his virginity, just kidding 😎
  15. Bruh the mf is confused and said the last he saw me I was an FK 🤣 when months ago all of us are playing in HG in party and were trash talking FK together 🤣 just plain stupidity or just blind simping.
  16. It's okay, hush now child. You're clearly salty af from the looks of it, I get where you are coming from, you are mad because we are hunting you, when we dont even complain when you kill afk players in base 🤣 when you gonna cut people on spawn point during large skirmishes and getting mad when you got ganked? When you get curbstomp and cant do shit and gonna call 13 v 16 a zerg? Sounds like Lessica. It's all fun and games until their own BS get shoved back to their asses😎
  17. This you getting salty about zerg and complaining about trashtalks right? We had 2 pvp amara where you guys had more ME and WH in hauler side you got bukaked and stop showing up lol if you are salty about that then just forget it we just playing for fun, talk trash at times but it isnt personal, do you even realise it is you who is hating now? Everything you say is just to make yourself feel better and just keep pointing fingers at irrelevant stuffs that is not even true just to save face. If you came here trying to make it look like FK are righteous beings then you can simp somewhere else
  18. Lmfao you tunnel vision and just remembering stuffs we do wrong, last time I check you are complaining zerg just from this post alone 🤣when did I left NB? isnt it you guys who always leave or wont show up if you got your ass handed to you alot, you should ask people around instead of coming up with a conclusion of your own and just keep saying stuffs to keep yourselves feel better, all I see here is salty kids crying lmfao 🤣 like I said dont complain zerg if your main pvp only depends whether 1 specific person is online or not lol
  19. I've been an RG longer than being FK now and it seems your judgement is pretty clouded, you're indenial just to prove a point🤣 clearly you guys doesnt like tasting a dose of your own medicine, You should have known better. The fact you are seeing the area messages when we are supposed to be doing PVP and you are mostly on FK sounds weird af dont you think? Like I said, it's your own fault for eavesdropping and dont take it personally. If you cant handle it, try playing Hello Kitty Online where everone is nice and caring.
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