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The Doctor is in!


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Hi Everyone! :)

My name is Nathaniel, most people just call me Doc or Nate. Been playing SB since Feb 2012, with a small break in between, until Aeria closed shop. I'm Canadian (and I don't apologize for that :P) and unfortunately stuck in the city as xXxDzlxXx (RIP me) :P

I'm sure lots of people see me online lots. I have a good job (property insurance broker) that's a nice and slow pace and gives me time to play at work (yes, I always have my work done first). I'm 36, married, got a couple of spawn (7 yo daughter, 4yo boy). I am slowly breaking them into gaming (console gaming first) and no, they don't play SB >.<

I mainly play a medic, feel free to PM me should you need any medic advice. I am a battle/DPS medic myself, but know many build types for various styles of play. Also, medic is the hardest class to play properly (key word is PROPERLY)! I also know WH quite well. Currently made a PU farmer toon, so just the two toons at the moment.

Feel free to PM me in game or harass me on Skype (just search DrDieLess).



Nate aka DrDieLess

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