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Boss locations, spawn times and drop tables


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  • 3 months later...

This tool has received a serious upgrade.

  • rather than one big list of all locations and loot sources, you'll now see a full-size overview screen and can navigate through categories, maps etc
  • there is now a search function - lets you find anything easily
  • each page has its own link, allowing you to share links to specific locations, monsters or items
  • images and details for all maps and items, and most monsters
  • now supports multiple spawn locations across multiple maps - if you can find a monster on more than one map, you'll see [<] and [>] buttons to cycle through them
  • you can now select any timezone to adjust spawn times or BG times to your local time

This is currently working for the newest versions of: IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

The link stays the same (here). If you still want to use the old version, it will stay over here, but may be removed at any point.


It now roughly works like this:

  • on every page, you'll have a history, a search bar and a time zone selector at the top
  • below that, there's (usually) a section with 4 parts:
  1. a map with spawn locations (if applicable)
  2. an image of the monster or map you've selected
  3. details (currently usually name, level, type - HP for monster - rarity, trade-ability (?) for items)
  4. spawn type and times
  • below that, the content highly depends on what you've selected:
  1. for maps, you'll first see monsters that spawn on this map, as well as other maps that can be accessed via portals - below that, there's a list of all items that can potentially drop here
  2. for monsters, you'll only see a list of items that this monster can drop
  3. for items, you'll see a list of categories that this item belongs to, and after that, a list of monsters and maps where this item can drop

That's about it. Wew.

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