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  1. Cant believe Rest in Peace Wolf He was the one who guide me Punisher class... its always fun to PVP with him...very good guy ...i am in shock hearing this .... to fellow SB players Please take care avoid gathering and pls wear mask properly. n wash hands regular intervals...
  2. Just WANTED to say show up for PVP thanks
  3. √Sparky- Punisher Spectator Recording PVP battles Next time will participate early
  4. I am using a non gaming laptop i dont crash often even in ASB even with spam naplam or balls spawn..... I crash if Ram is utilised in a bad way.... Recently i crashed when Recording video at max settings and max graphics on game XD but true i suggested Nemesis looking at player base which is quite low..... All we can do is test on test server idk how it handles player base on tht server
  5. https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYiaKwvKbYsxvsJL7WsJOZBJ_WBhkVAtc
  6. I agree but crashes happens almost everymap also viledon map is second best but if new map can be introduced then it's good....like the one in suer but small size
  7. Some Suggestions 1. for Me Nemesis PVP map if no new map can be made with revamp 2. Making the guards Not one shot but deal huge dmg to avoid spawn camping( can be changed to One shot if ppl spawn camp more) 3. Adding Item NPC near PVP area 4.If possible probable PVP gears from BG only and using some Special Rank points earned from PVP rather than farming NPC. 5.Improving New bie experience so they enjoy fast pace game and default NT gears not nearabout equal to +10 stats 6.Lvling up from 65 to 68 through quests and killing a fixed amount of mobs daily to attend the required experience to lvl up rather than introducing hours of farming at one area....which not only consumes time but makes sleepy...and tiring More Exp from PVP map and BG like from rewards which can be gained extra if player done those fixed amount of killing mobs daily 7.Bike enhance +12 :v at 195 More thinking will edit once done Thanks for keeping game uptodate
  8. WISH - Big bertha PU IGN- √Sparky
  9. Delete Resurection from game :<
  10. That doesnt mean u play 18hrs ....fugging braindead kid
  11. Am a Doctor anything else u wanna say
  12. How can u ? u have no life 😧 This is needed I tried finding on RG side but medic is so less available .... Some Insane pulls of sniper making it so annoying Addition of some MM would be great for some squishy Arkana
  13. https://imgur.com/a/UqaYFry Twice already just after Boss dies Mother DC u from server
  14. I wonder if thats at max graphics with lightfx on or not....too much glare
  15. Well both have same mindset so its okay 2020 fortheloser
  16. Whoever said PU gets nerfed....get ur mindset fixed first.....u think PU is just 3-4 shot ppl but it's hard time with ppl having dual set to tank...if at all u are not using insane passive boost of pu or FS or cocoon n just relying on skills to hit i doubt u just either last hit someone in mass PvP or just tickling the tanks in front line just for ur pleasure that yes am supporting the PvP with my attendance... Now with medics having insane buffs and cleanses it's hard for pu to hit anything Just don't rely on Duels to provide skill feedback that's it... 1v1 anything can happen slow them dot win mass PvP slow cleanse dot cleanse debuff cleanse all u got is hit aoe so medics are busy healing multiple ones and have a chance of getting on or two of them
  17. Well about PU being in frnt ….no one wants to be u wait wait wait...".NEED WHIPPER FOR NB ...dang none let me tank instead or all hide in AI...." That's what we do balance stuff most time when ppl disappear from PVP.. About being PU using slow n dot yea its fun ...for but for 1v1....so in mass PVP all u got to hit s tanks infront line once u stepped into 4-5 whippers aoe line of pull u dead....once u FS while it last 30secs most enemy will be dead(bcoz we cant go to front line to hit squishy classes) by then n u have to cancel it n wait 1min CD to get some decent dmg... So to take down some heavy fat class class.... Also everything highly depends on how player plays their class....u cant always just say DE is OP PU is OP....it just the player who build it … n how they use it..which skill to be placed where DE cant simply just go n frnzy with army of DPS waitng at back....that would be foolish Same as PU just cant use FS n hit like that when army of whipper waitng to TAB u n PULL... TRY TO SAVE GAME increase player base and get the values and put to suggestion n rather being keyboard warrior and sitting n suggesting without playing shit in SB not worthy of suggesting here.... All cannot be OP just by giving them max gears and stuff u need that Frontal lobe of urs
  18. What the use of New patch when community itself trying to destry the game.... Chose the winning side swap to win... It was best to keep those gears NT atleast ppl worked for it...with nearly everything tradable hard time to get decent PVP now....
  19. My view until now in this patch regarding PU... ATK-better abit compared to before u decide whether to go skill build or mech build.... I just duel against Whipper and Defender Whipper-Too was bit tanky on double buff with tank set ...but when they start atackign theres no escape whatsoever u get locked ...but not all whipper can do that only some of the best ones ... Defender - Defender was 50/50 in duels I cud survive some if I use enfeeble ...but if a defender has AK wing bonus he can kill me easily.... On damage part on Defender without iron skin and mech I cud easily kill them with full rota /// If on iron skin I can take 3/4th of there hp ..while if they go mech its hard around 1/2 may b... Suggestion- 1.Since our FS is main dmg dealing in mass pvp ...n its Immobilize debuff is hard at times tried eva build but stil got pulled...n no way escaping back.... CD-1min can be reduced to 55 or 50secs ...as buff was reduced 35 to 30secs... 2. MOB is great improvement but with so many variety of builds possible now the debuff of -900 void hurts with just mere inc in eva acc n ch acc... May add a great ch eva boost so cant be CC at that time but could get normal dmg n ch dmg but cant b CC... 3.Increase in range of Wildfire dmg on mech
  20. Pings translator for better decoding XD
  21. 15days with everything boost and no farming just online forever in Suer may b ...but we can't miss farming n pvp
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